Hey Guess What!…..We won!

I must declare guilt on my own art in not fully FEELING our victory over ISIS. Most of the reports were headed by the Iraqis as the primary protagonist in the story. Not much news concerning the U.S. advisers and special forces that were present, just the occasional news-belch about progress against the enemy and not much more.

KLIKDAPIK for a good little article about the win against evil

C’mon Billy Bob! You Git Back in the Shack Right Now!

It was once said, back when Russia was the “Soviet Union”, that a wall would be necessary to keep the west OUT of the Communist country once they discovered what a great deal communism was……..How many defectors have been reported as running across a border to get INTO North Korea? Or any other communist carnival?……ZIP


Desperation. How would you feel if one of your unit defected in a regime that put soldiers to death with anti aircraft artillery? You were on a detail from which a fellow “comrade” attempted and succeeded in escape ?











Iron in His Words


These days I am drawn by those who speak with a straight tongue. Czech Pres. Milos Zeman, supports the U.S. view of the mass migration of mid-easterners throughout Europe. In a time when Anti-Semite views are on the rise in Germany as well as other European countries. His assertion that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel and that Israel is a good model for the rest of us to follow are are particularly radical proclamations.

Conflicts based on ethnicity  and religion are old hat to eastern Europe. The term “ethnic cleansing” came into use  during  previous conflicts in the region.  Mass murders and mass graves,  (still occasionally discovered), as well as deliberate mass raping encouraged by the leaders of the Serbian forces have left some critical baggage that present leaders in the region still lug around.


Forced Conversation


One of the great quests of Islam is the re- identification oof whatever cuture it has decided upon infecting. What was once a Sikh, Buddahist, prebyterian etc, etc., ad nauseum will be a Muslim through a process of slow coercion. The best  an invded culture can expect, if the victims decide not to become Muslim, is to be made a dimmih, (lower class entity.) THese dimmihs (anyone who is not Muslim) are destined to be actively humiliated as per the Quoran,  which commands that dimmihs are to be * “made to feel their shame”. 

Example:*If a non-Muz asks for a place to stay for the night, a good Muslim might make him sleep on the floor as a sign that he is being “:made to feel” his second class status.



 In order to supplant one culture with another a waiting game is installed with  migration, overpopulation, (having more babies than the natives),  and destruction of the history of the conquered country by destroying it’s monuments and literature.

This forced conversion is a spiritual rape. It is spiritual bullying of  a religion, that in one example states “there is no compulsion” in religion. 


Mohammed the Bringer of Peace


Yes; the old testament of the Christian Bible is full of massacres and murders. Yes; 1400 years ago Christians tried to regain possession of Jerusalem through the crusades. Yes; there were massacres involved and much violence initiated by the Christian hordes. With this in mind, one can point to a comparison of the progenitors of the religions. Christ, (of the New testament) never raided caravans, never murdered anyone and never kept captive women as sex slaves or sold anyone into slavery. Christ’s message was to “love thine enemies as thyself”. As the spiritual center of the Christian religion,

Christ left a man of peace as the model for those who followed him.  Mohammed, on the other hand,  left a murdering, raping, thief and warrior as an example to follow. Read the article linked above to flesh out the picture of Mohammed the prophet of Islam.


Social Network


It is like being a witness to a fools parade. Where all are clowns with bullhorns. Much noise but no message. we cannot understand through the din of idiots, on bullhorns; preaching confessing and complaining.

Former Facebook exec: Social media is ripping apart society


There are too many who suffer under the delusion that they know something. 

The immediacy of face to face interaction is gone. The charm of face to face interaction is gone.  The depth of understanding that comes with face to face interaction, with each look, each twitch, raised eyebrow, smile, smirk, and frown is no longer there to help flesh out the meaning and give greater depth to our discourse.

Above all, it is the remote nature of sending messages through the network that erodes the restraint that comes with in-person conversation.Courage is easy as we snipe at one another from a distance.  Imagine a world where we can lie with impunity to a LOT OF PEOPLE, and the hurt we wreak upon each other can go unchallenged.

Now you enter a room and no one greets you. You speak and no one replies. Everyone is staring at  little screens. Conversation, once thought to be an art form, is now nothing more than an intrusion. There is something wrong with a society when one can walk into a room full of people and feel like a ghost who has not been told they are dead….No one looks up , there is no “Hello, how are ya” , no eye contact. Just a room full of mannequins riveted to their tiny screens. 


By Warriors for Warriors



I turn a deliberate blind eye to much of the Bible, otherwise I would have to pack it up and move away.  Don’t even bring up the old testament!   The basic principals of the new testament have been the foundation of modern western civilization. In line with the wisdom, “Ye shall know them by the fruit of their labor”,  the difference lies before us in Hamas reaction to the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem.  Ismail Haniya, the leader of Hamas called for “Three days of rage.” in reaction to President Trumps news conference announcing the embassy move and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The evidence of a intermingling of Christianity and Islam as evidenced by artifacts such as the menorah, pictured here, pointing  to the porous nature of belief systems. It is a given that Mohammed’s spiritual inspiration is a composite of everything from Christianity to Bedouin polytheism.  I do not dispute the  validity of the Muslim religion.

As a matter of fact, religion is a non-issue in addressing our present Jihad problems. It is a case of “not in my back yard”, (NIMBY). I don’t take issue with any systems of belief as long as violence and the oppression of others is not an issue. But any group that carries baggage that includes violence and the domination of others is not welcome.



How Far From a Shared Reality


This picture of Al Franken gives one the impression that he is a man of depth and dignity when he is but a clown.  Ironic!

As a psychologist I have worked with many narcissistic individuals, (mostly criminals). We all have a narcissistic aspects to our personality. But this is different.  Working with those who tend to get a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I have run into many who cannot see past their own experience.  As a population they tend to be attractive and often very successful in their careers, but their only fidelity is to themselves and their only reality is the reality they promote for self-aggrandizement.  The gentleman pictured above is the type who flip when caught and begin weeping for themselves, claiming that they have been “wronged by the man”. He is far from objective reality, unable to see past the horizon of their own experience.


Hadrian’s Curse Exorcised


The ghost of Emperor Hadrian, sits in the shadows and laughs as the world struggles with the conundrum  he has left to us. During the Roman occupation of Israel he decreed that the area would be called Palestine, after the enemy of Israel, the Philistines, who vanished from history 600 years earlier.   The Jews are the only unified people who have laid claim to Israel from a thousand years before Hadrian’s decree, and for two thousand years since.  This guy……Donald Trump has verbally declared recognition of the disputed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the relocation of our Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. This move got cat-calls from most leaders in the middle east. In its typical peace-loving and cosmopolitan manner the response was a call to arms by the Palestinian authority for  “3 days of rage”. Wooo! We are all so surprised!  It is a gutsy move on Trumps part but  this  move has been promised by every president for several administrations.  Trump has had the audacity to do what no one else has…he has done what he said he would do.

This good. Thank you for supporting the only democracy in the mid-east; Mr. President!