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The video below Is an introduction to a man who had a gentle spirit and beliefs that ran the gamut left to right. He was shot dead where he stood, in broad daylight.  LAST WEEK he was shot. The main stream media has relegated the story to the obit pages. I guess there just wasn’t enough combustible material to the event to warrant their attention……..he was black. His assailant was black. Neither was a policeman. They say, “If it bleeds it leads.” 

I surmise there is not enough potential  for hemorrhage, not enough potential for  riots and various sundry acts of wanton destruction to sell air time or news papers.


I turn on TV and out tumbles an orgy of fire setting and window smashing,  Screaming crowds of geeks in black tactical gear and black masks laying waste to .American cities.. Like babbling fools the left resort to the most vile tactics with police targeted by mobs slinging shit and urine.

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From what hole did the denizens of ANTIFA crawl from.?

Why are they destroying the monuments that honor our founding fathers.?FACT CHECK: Was a Bust of Abraham Lincoln Vandalized in Chicago in ...

How can those who migrated from their countries of origin to live in America, condemn America?Ilhan Omar condemns Trump for spreading 'lies that put my life at ...


You cannot pull a flower from the seed and make it grow. Just as love must be nurtured, not coerced. We have grown as a country and as a people. At first we were just fine with slavery,. then in time we could not live with our fault. and learned. We paid for the lesson in the blood of more than six hundred thousand Americans in the civil war.. We attempted genocide to take indian lands but then we came to our true selves, and the better angels of our nature opened our hearts to our dirty deeds. it now. A child has no patience. They want what they want and they want it right now I would rather share the yolk with you and pull our load together, rather than fight you for another step.



I can’t understand the motivation of the mainstream media in supporting so many obviously untrue beliefs in what appears to be a concentrated effort to sabotage Donald Trumps presidency and facilitate the installation of a socialist system that would destroy America. All valid statistical evidence gathered illuminates the obvious, most African-Americans are killed by other African Americans. Please take a moment to hear the issue addressed by Larry Elders. 

Elders is a frank and thoughtful gentleman.  A TRULY RIGHTEOUS DUDE 

It’s hard to be Humble

My partner in crime passed this bit along to me with a quizzical look. 

are we to see the personal characteristics listed by the Smithsonian institute as positive or negative in defining whiteness in our culture.With a glance one sees that all of the aspects listed on their {whiteness manifesto) are desirable perasonal chacteristics. yet both Deb and I had a “how dare they” response, and then the follow-up ” Hey! those are positive qualities.”

I am still a little concerned that someone is pulling a joke and I just missed the point. You just don’t hear that much positive about being white anymore

HMMMMMMMMMMM??? The "Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness" chart was shared on the National Museum of American American History & Culture's website

Hirsi V.S. Omar

Ali Hirsi has been at the forefront of the modern crusade to protect western culture from foundering under the weight of muslim migration.  reared in islam, handed off in an arranged marriage where she was little more than a hostage. She is a victim of genital mutilation as well as the form of psychological bondage.that comes with a religious belief system as dehumanizing as Islam,

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Responds to Ilhan Omar's Call for 'Dismantling' US 'System of Oppression'




Teachers react to the state reps. ordering schools open and instructors back to work. The article reads like a satirical entertainment piece. As  I read it the fact that adults, in full possession of their reason, scratched wills and power of attorney etc. on their Etch-a -Sketches. For most red blooded Americans the end of summer vacation was dreaded. But these instructors are in a whimpering funk over the prospect of returning to work. Like a small child who has lost a beloved pet.when-a-student-comes-to-school-sick-teacher-memes

Children have been getting a 99% pass as they appear exempt from the wholesale ransacking of vital organs.  There are many formulas for conveying information from instructor to student. Of course, DOING SOMETHING AND GETTING IT WRONG ia better than  DOING NOTHING but  wait FOR A MIRACLE… 

The melodrama being acted out in reaction to the prospect of returning to school is an example of distorted reasoning.  The level of influence instructors have over the intellectual development of our youth, such sophomoric slop is terrifying to the marrow.