Just a Mexican Stand-off !


The serious looking gentalman pictured below is not the antagonist of this story. He is the hero in the most classic sense. The country, his country, my country is laboring under the weight of mass muders that come as a basic American fad.

School resource officer Blaine Gaskill rushed to stop gunman at Maryland high school

It is refreshing to see an American male act like an American male and shot the son-of-a bitch and save the innocents at his back. Thank you Mr. Gaskil!.


Gettin’ Frisky


In my life women have been the custodians of the better parts of humanity, restraint, modesty, humility, patience and empathy among many other assets. The obvious power that women have,over men, from the nipple to the, classroom  and their lives set up a conflicting dynamic. The content is rather disturbing. At times, when she is describing her mistreatment, one is put off and angry at the abuse. But then she begins to sound an apologist for the motives of the abusers. Either this is a truly confused person or  a victim of  the “Stockholm syndrome” and has develop an amicable relationship with her captors or, she was well on her way down the road toward indoctrination before captured.UK: Survivor of Muslim rape gangs says rapists would quote Quran to her, believed their actions justified by Islam 

Even bimbet, Bridgett Bardot. from the distant past has an opinion on the Migrant population. She knows, she has been a part of the history of eastern Europe during the great melt-down of world War II,  she  witnessed  all the cultures of Europe in jeopardy of destruction, I admire her , she has backbone.Legendary actress Brigitte Bardot slams Islamization of France







A Christian in Sweden

I remember a time , when I was young and callow, that the plight of men and women of other nations was their business. Such suppression of large swaths of there own population was the business of those who dressed like “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” At least it wasn’t in my back yard! And I really didn’t care.

A Threat to the Peace of the State


Where is the van full of chunky red headed women who should be screeching to a halt outside the church of asylum, scurrying out of black vans in black tactical gear?

Sweden Tries to ‘Starve’ Out Christian Asylum Seeker


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But where is NOW, (National Organization for Women)? As a matter of fact, in all the countless abuses of female rights, safety and freedom that occur in droves each day, you will find not one representative of NOW. Could it be that our morals only are of the NIMBY variety (Not In My Back Yard)!


The Rust-Belt Resurrected



Trump gets stand-up kudos for kicking the economy in the Henie and getting  results. One’s mind is boggled with the lighting speed of the deregulation and tax relief in POTUS first year in the oval office! Such activity, (life) is unusual  Such political tachycardia is a little unnerving when congress usually creeps along at the lightening speed of a glacier! They keep stethascopes in the congressional cloak room! …….(humor)


The authors personal experience testifies to the fact that wages have been paralyzed for at least 3 decades….. well the wages are on their way up again as per the robust economy born of Pres. Trumps financial action in his first few months in office.



A surge in manufacturing after a 49 year decline brings to mind world war two. America came from a non-military pre-war condition, and had most of its pacific navy sunk at the bottom of Pearl harbor.  We put our women to work in the armament, steel and technical positions commonly held by men so the men could ship out to both a war with  Japan, Germany and in a Cameo appearance of the Italians, (always a good army to follow when on is looking for weapons fired only once or twice and dropped only once.  Everything from newspapers to rubber tires were rationed,  (victory gardens) were popping up in every spare foot of planting space.

Within a few months we had rebuilt our Pacific navy, and engaged in massive war in two theaters of conflict.

Their tanks were better than ours. It would take an average of four of our tanks to one of theirs to get a kill.  When queried, German tankers said, “When we destroyed one of your tanks three or four more would soon appear.”  Put simply, we fought a war on two fronts on opposite sides of the planet and out manufactured our enemies.I have worked in pipe fabrication of rather complicated power plants, usually we fabricate what we are sent. WE made the steel. We literally out-manufactured our enemies. We, with the assist of the other democracies of the free world, won the war.

We won, in part, because we made our own steel,  hewn from raw iron ore from our own mines to fabricate tanks and guns, we out produced all others. Through a series of bad trade agreements, and overly rambunctious environmental regulation we have shuttered most of our steel mills and now, the generations of steel milling craftsmen are dead and gone. We could not, I believe, pull of the same hat-trick now as we did back in ’42. What do we do?

Thank you President Trump. I had doubts, but I didn’t waste my vote.