DRIP,DRIP,….had enough yet?

“CANDY IS DANDY, BUT LIQUOR IS QUICKER!”  The above pictured clown is praying that he gets tortured by Americans rather than ISIS.  As Code pink tosses and turns in their little beds. Visions of a deep penetration into the soft quivering psyche of the guilt- hungry Limo-Libs, climate gurus, vegans, tree huggers, ad nauseam, ad infinitum, dance  in their ganglia.

The extreme of both sides of the political equation are working through their personal pathology. Forget them, they will always see the clouds as portraits of themselves. They will scream at a spot of dull brown in the rainbow of their world ideal. They equivocate everything because it absolves them of having to make a judgment about anything. They respond to trigger words not values. Serious minds pass them by. Well, I take that last statement back. Now they own the communications world of Hollywood and eastern seaboard mainstream news outlets. They are the custodians of COOL. And that is all that is necessary in the ol’ US Of A!




                                                                                      NOT WUNDERKIND 

Devil Baby Attack [Video]


                                                                                                      BEELZEBUBS BOYS                                                                                                                                                                                                                            President Barack Obama listens in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, where he spoke about ...

                            VLLAD!  HELP!  THEY FINALLY BROKE THROUGH THE BALKANS!Mohammed is most popular name in Oslo



ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant)  recently posted a gruesome video of the beheading of journalist James Foley as an open challenge to America. Along with the video went the message that the United states was In the crosshairs as well. The threat is a common one, used by such as Al-Qaeda and their ilk. But this threat has different dimensions than previous threats. They have huge money ,and they have a virtual army of bloodthirsty troops ready to do the bidding of the leadership. They have acquired real-estate  that is greater in area  than Syria or Iraq. Large regions of both strife – ridden states have been carved then combined to form ISIS’s caliphate.

Their violence is beyond description, their intentions are nihilistic to the extreme and with a  modern-day Caliphate they can easily acquire a suitcase nuke or two. We could see Obama’s home town, Chicago, Illinois  sprout a mushroom cloud.

In the days of the cold war, we had nuclear holocaust drills. At the bell grade-schoolers would line the school hallways, cover and crouch. To kiss our little asses goodbye? Probably.

But all sensed that the opponents had a rational desire to thrive and an ability to appreciate the consequences of rash action. We owned despots, they owned despots and most regional questions were decided by proxy. At no time did one feel an irrational nut had single handed sway over the fate of the world. There are no governing factors in the ISIS playbook    Apocalyptic, nihilistic, eager to usher in the twelfth Imam and begin Armageddon. ISIS is too extreme for Al Qaida and is denied affiliation for tactics beyond the pale by miles.  ISIS is a plane ticket away. Our borders are open and an army of thousands could be brand new Texans in very short order. The most wise mindset is that they are already here and more are in transit.

. “………something wicked this way comes.”




I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I will not be able to maintain my blog for about two weeks hence. Going to check out Greece, Italy and France then home on the 21st. I will be posting again on the 22nd.

I cannot overstate how important each reader is. The challenge to improve my blog has been a saving grace in the last  year. It has literally saved my sanity through some difficulties.. So thank you, peruse my postings if you wish and I will see you in a couple of weeks.


The Crucible





Breaking ceasefire, Hamas abducts soldier, kills two others                                THE CRUCIBLE


UK Muslima: “Sisters, if you love your sons, husbands and brothers, prove it by sending them to fight for Allah”THE WOMB OF BEELZEBUB


Hamas was voted into power by the Palestinians, the very people being instructed to “bare their chests to the Israeli fire.” Hamas charter defines their goal as the annihilation of Israel. Now an Israeli soldier has been abducted, which gins up the stakes exponentially for the Israeli’s. Hymie don’t play this, you don’t kidnap an Israeli  soldier.   The launch tube snipe hunt will  be replaced with the finding and killing Hamas leadership under full occupation, troops, tanks, the whole schlemiel  “pardon my Yiddish.” Escalation wet dream of Hamas. Hey why not, it’s the women and children, not Hamas leadership, who takes the heat!

A death-cult against the world. The multigenerational depth of the Cult, unless it is somehow catastrophically destroyed en masse’, ensures fresh jihadi to offset attrition in the ranks. While our children sleep with sugar-plum fairies dancing in their dreams, little Ibrahim is trained in beheading,  Even the Japanese weren’t as crazed to die as the Muslims.

When one speaks to the host of Beelzebub he is beguiled by the formless whisper of a throbbing cloud of flies. The devil is a deceiver, and he will use our love of life as a weakness against us. Heed not the overtures of truce. These are just strategic breaks for Hamas as well as windows to redeploy and resupply.  ‘Strategic‘ cease fires.


The depth of the depravity of the present day press club defies imagination. There are no boundaries I could construct  that they couldn’t joyously shatter. I have never encountered a more in-the-face abandonment of professional ethics than that of the American Press. during the Obama Days.




, I hear nothing,  I speak no uncomfortable truth, I drink the kool-aid