The Gifts of the Left

This video is a gift for all of those who were a little reluctant when they voted for Trump. I was one of those short sighted people who were uncomfortable with his less than presidential demeanor.  Now that I have seen the Herculean fight he is putting up to do what is right for this country I have gained a lot of respect for him. You go Trump! The following vid is very amusing and somewhat informative. But sometimes you have got to take life a little less seriously……..


Gritty Grass Roots and Other Cardboard Cut-Outs

Hypocrisy runs deep in politics. As a matter of fact, ol’ Bill Shakespeare said it best, (he always says it best), “All the worlds a stage and we are but players….”,  could serve as a job description for most politicians. Politics, by it’s dubious virtue of a foundation planted in selling oneself to strangers as secular messiahs, lends itself to fabrication trumping facts. Your basic politician relies on three facators in order to get elected….1) The ignorance of the voters and….. 2). The skill of lying convincingly. 3) The mob has a short memory, (what was damaging and damning yesterday is but a fading thought by the morrow).  Our present president would have a much better time of it if he could feign stately gravitas rather than be himself and if he remembered the credo of the candidate…..Words over action. Image over substance. Promise the world and…..deliver zip!


Mulling the Failed Amazon Deal

The Amazon/New York debacle is very neatly tied to the education our young people are getting in our institutions of “higher learning”.. The left-ward PLUNGE into anti-capitalism by our universities is a rude awakening for many Americans. The Marxist  atmosphere that hangs like a pall over our colleges is indeed a “portable phantasm” and AOC is merely the point-man of things to come as a toxic socialist agenda becomes the crusade of many who are being processed through our houses of higher learning.

25000 Jobs Eaten by ONE BIG MOUTH

MS. Cortez , still riding the crest of the wave of socialist fever that she has triggered in the more mindless democrats. Some are the old-timers like Pelosi or Schumer, longtime fixtures around congress and possessing of no wisdom past, “Duh if I give them something they will vote for me.” Ms. Cortez, full of piss and vinegar is feeling her oats, and is kicking and farting all over the palatial pastures of the District of Columbia like a rambunctious yearling. But I can let a plebe be a plebe for a while. I do so enjoy the dissent and damnation she is breeding in those Dems who still have a few weak signals wafting through their styrofoam brains…..

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Not an Option


I hate to beat a dead horse but there are some among us who still labor under the delusion that socialism works. Venezuela appears teetering on the edge of “failed state.”. The poor citizens demonstrations and downright riots have been MSM fodder and a delightful pocket of socialist misery for conservatives point the fickle finger of failure at.  For more on the misery of a nation eating itself, please KLIKDAPIK below and read on.

Redistributing Wealth With Big Foot.

France and the rest of the European Union should hire a sleuth to sleuth the truth concerning that successful socialist country.that no ones been talking about and no one can find.

France Reaps Decades of Socialism and Open Borders

Below is pictured the lone inhabitant of slobovia, the one socialist government that works. At least it works for Big foot…….  a lonely socialist Yeti,…… how tragic.

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Socialism in all it’s Glory

Venezuela riots, as Maduro tries to hold power. The socialist framers of their government could not crunch the numbers enough to keep basic economic tributaries open, and handing out goodies.  Venezuela  the Socialist Poster child of middle America, teeters on disintegrating into a “failed state”.

The grand Poobah of socialism,  Vladimir Putin, has visited with Maduro in reassurance that he will and a few other socialist governmants will be there as a lifeline for the declining country. Yeah and his other great ally is Syria, from which over a million have fled for their lives. Good luck with your trust issues boys!

French police are on fire as Paris burns  over what initialy was a 30% rise in gas taxes. Gas, over 7 dollars a gallon , was targeted for the rise in taxes. This triggard a long list of greivances addressed by the rioters for what is turning into a second week of fire and nightsticks in several cities across France. Near the end of the linked article Macron states a strong anarchist movement is afoot in France and that is one of his difficulties. Maybe a they finally took an economics course and figured it out.  Margaret Thatcher said,….”The problem with socialism is that you eventually run jout of other peoples money”.

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More police on fire in Greece as the government fights insolvency. Their Socialist government cannot subsidize any more migrant incursion. This author. in his last visit to Greece, saw a large number of beggars of the streets downtown, peppering the sidewalk in all forms of dramatic repose all the way the foot of the Acropolis.

Germans are taking a soaking during a little curbside discussion of the migration problems. Herr Merkal is on the brink of a no-confidence vote and still shakes her little fist and demands open borders for Germany as well as all EU members

Image result for Brithish Brexit protests

Briton, the great granddaddy of socialst sympathies, is showing rare good sense in fighting to extract itself from the Euro-cluster fuck of the mess going on in other European nations.


Enthusiasm counts. You have to admit that Ms. Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN opens up on Venezualas Maduro amid other Venezuelan protestors. No line drwn here. Shee has boots on the ground and presses her point like we pressed the point on D Day ’45. I appreciate her hutzpah and feel she is an emotional good match with her close patron, President Trump. The ties that reveal their relationship paiat a portrait of a pair who don’t have to check with the other to find out how to feel or what to say in particular situations. THeir consonance in belief is so hermetically sealed that they need not check before speaking. They are…….”joined at the hip” when it comes to policy beneficial to the U.S.

He protest moment far and away beats the bowing, scraping and ring kissing that was the salient diplomatic technique of choice during the Obama disco. All I have to say in regard to her bullhorn diplomacy, is  at communication at Maduro  is “Go bad Mamma!”  kikith the ahsss! of the non-believers. Carry the banner of Laissez-faire capitalism in a country , (last in a long line of countries) ruined by  failed socialistic systems that  have left countries unable to . GO BAD MAMMA. KICK SOME SOCIALIST ASS!

La embajadora de EEUU ante la ONU, Nikki Haley, habla a los manifestantes venezolanos que protestan contra el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro, frente a la sede de Naciones Unidas en Nueva York, el 27 de septiembre de 2018

Preachin’ to the Choir!

Displaced women from the Darzab and Qush-Teppa districts wait for assistance in Sheberghan.

A little bit of Judaism, a smidge of Christianity, and a lot of Bedouin tradition crafted and best suited to the 6th century is still the gift offered by Islam

I am a guy. I am liberal on most social issues an rampantly conservative on others and I believe thus it goes with most people.  I believe most peoples behavior is their business as long as they don’t harm or inconvenience others. But I do make hard-nosed judgments about the wellbeing of the culture that raised me. I like the Judeao-Christian values I was taught. I know history therefore I have at my disposal knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.

The bitter fact is that some cultures are superior to others. An uncomfortable fact that has been found in history again and again. Socialism a system tried on many civilizations has failed one hundred percent of the time. Only poverty and civil strife follow the installation of socialism in any group of people. And the flaw was spoken by Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to spend.”  Pay people not to work and the majority won’t work. Pay people less and less to excel and less people will go to the trouble of working for money that will be taken away for other peoples benefit. Monarchy’s make for great recruitment of civil warriors and eventually ….See the source imagegreat capture shots like this one of Saddam. The Marzest inspired forceful redistribution of wealth will fail as long as some want more. As a matter of fact I have never resided in a community in which the greater percentige did’t want more. So one conives to get more goodies and others, seeing his benefit become unhappy and determined to squeeze a little more out of the system so they can get more stuff……and on and on ad infinitum.

Biblical Christianity has many flaws that I cannot ignore. but overall one just has to look at the state of events in the world.

In areas dominated by a Christian culture you have growth, discovery and decency. Now, lets take a look at the middle east. When they aren’t conspiring to bomb various innocent non-combatants at various crowds, they are taking out hits on their arch nemesis within Islam. The Sunnies hate the Shias and vise versa and a lot of ordinance is passed between the two as they blow up their respective church’s, schools, and restaurants. Israel the great nemesis of all Muslims is the place where Muslims in residence in Israel have more protected civil rights than any other Muslims in the middle east.

Higher Learning?

I was possibly the worst student that my small hometown ever attempted to teach. Skipping school was my favorite subject. But my mother, in particular loved learning and she promoted it whenever she could. I remember having everything from star charts to models of the Lunar Excursion Module, before the first moon landing.

Margaret MIxon longed to be a writer. But in rural Oklahoma in the 1920’s, such dreams were not nurtured in little girls. Housewife would have to do.. So while she was spoiling me rotten in other ways she also cultivated an obsession with learning in me. The books models charts, microscopes and telescopes she bought taught a priceless lesson. The more you learn, the larger your world would become. History would become, flesh, sinew and bone  and the  midnight stars would boggle my mind..

My questions concerning the college age people queried in this video are 1)What have these people been paying attention to in the last couple of decades? 2) Do they know how embarrassingly ignorant they are? 3) Do they know anything about group think?