JON Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

The pic  below refers to a statement by  President Lyndon Johnson back in the 1960’s. It’s.ubiquitous in political circles but no one can prove it is authenticity. It describes the welfare state created through Johnson’s  “Great Society”  program, which paid women with dependant children monthly stipends per child if no male was in the house to offer financial assistance. This had the affect of running males from the home. Cash and other benefits had the affect of making the governmant the spouse of the house. There are a few other factors but this quote follows on the heels of the civil rights movement and is a good prologue for a discussion of the deterioration of the traditional family and culture of America.

The feminization of the cullture. The hard left turn of public school instructers and the dominance of the main stream media by progressives have come to create a perfect storm for the dismantling of the America I was born to.

.America is a business and. socialism is an unsustainable drain on the free-market economy.  the pik below sums up the problem of socialism in a nutshell…… and to sum it up ………THE UPCOMING ELECTION MUST BE WON BY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP……..IF HE IS DEFEATED……THE DREAM  OF AMERICA, THE COUNTRY I LOVE……… WILL DIE…….


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“SOME PEOPLE DID SOME THINGS.” was Ilhan Omars  referance to the 09/11/01 the Pentagon and the Twin Towers in New York City. The verbiage was shrill, garbled, and spritzing. was an ugly spectacle.


With the cloud of confusion she has spewed, like ink from a startled squid, her exaggerated outrage served to confuse her attacker as she jetted off to make good her escape. Though Omar’s antics carried a bit of  humor she had best be considered evil in disguise. Evil is real. It is best that we always bare that in mind, Evil is evil and it is a real threat to our American way of life

How Did We Get Stupid?

It  is unusual that I repeat a story that is so similar to the initial posting but I see the similar idea behind this story can only be a force multiplier in my desire to put out as effective information as I can. One of the aspects that is most shocking is the almost total lack of humility and the other, an almost absence in gratitude to a  country that took her in and made certain that she got more than all she needed to thrive in her new country..

One of the 1st and most clearly defined self descriptive comments she has made is that she is a social democrat. A consequence of installing such a system of government would mean the end of the united states  as we undertsand it. 

With this little Muslim, whether or not the “likes” the united states is not an issue. She has, very openly, by announcing that she was a socialist, declared the destruction of the union was it as been for the last two centuries. She is an enemy of the constitution when she advocates splitting the power between sharia and American Law. The precedent she is creating by being allowed to have a history, rife with disrespect for our laws while announcing  a political position a breath away from communism reduces the power of our laws to mere suggestions.

Lately I have had the disturbing revelation that the average four year undergraduate is willfully ignorant of almost every area of education, (history in particular).  Our college bumpkins   are the “rubes” they have been waiting to fleece since we got to the carnival…… In simpler terms, I am afraid that they are going to give the farm away for a handful of magic beans. How did we get so stupid?

The Euro – Gulag Archipelago

The word socialism is a Communists way of saying Communist around the kids. Kinda like saying poopy when you hit your thumb with a hammer and  would rather just say “S..t!” The profile of the European Union has so many similarities to the Soviet Union, that from a distance, they are one and the same. The gentleman  in the vid below is a Soviet ex-pat. He has walked the walk and knows what he is saying. Rather thick accent but well worth listening to.


It Doesn’t Matter……..

There is a dog fight in the works over at the Democrat Plantation, between four upstarts and the old-guard. One wants to salvage a party, and the other is positioned to either take charge  or be drawn and quartered for mutiny among the ranks of Plebes and veteran politicos shuffling dutifully left at the behest of the “90 day wonder”  Alexandra Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, A firebrand freshman congresswoman and Self-defined Democratic Socialist? She is shaking the old bears cage with interesting results.

There's a civil war brewing within the Democratic Party, and it pits Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, left, and her progressive cronies, against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, right, and the establishment.

When the tissues of the body go astray and grow beyond their intended dimensions, it’s cancer. Cancer is the body becoming its own enemy. In a similar way such a malignancy is fowling the body politic of the democratic party as party leader Pelosi is trying to hobble the newbies before they endanger the standing of the party as 2020 elections appear on the horizon.

But…….It doesn’t matter. Pelosi is on the wrong battleground, and AOC just wants her to sit down and stay out of her way. Cortez is not fighting to benefit the Democratic party she as found it. She is the ice man and she brings the chill of changing times. AOC needed the political machine of the Democratic party to position herself for delivery of HER agenda. Dreams of Pelosis absence and the  power vacuum that absence would cause dance in AOCs mind. The socialist/communist system Cortez  promotes cannot happen without the destruction of the fundamental framework of American capitalism. And as cynical as it sounds, it  is true that Americas engine runs on capitalism. It runs on capitalism or not at all.


Why these Heroes Fight the Good Fight……MOOlah!

The love shack below is “Workin’ class” Joe Biden’s humble abode in which he abides. 200 thousand dollar speaking engagements and all sorts of  “on the side and under table fees have subsidized a lifestyle that is a bit beyond the reach of the middle class he purports to faithfully represent

Biden's home in McLean, Virginia

Republican Swings and Socialism Takes a Hit

Below is a campaign ad by Harrison Floyd. A Republican veteran who is launching his bid for congress with a vid that is short and devastating. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings to hear such unfettered honesty in challenging the socialist insurrection the most recent caravan of Dems. put forward as standard bearers for Marxism in America.

The Gifts of the Left

This video is a gift for all of those who were a little reluctant when they voted for Trump. I was one of those short sighted people who were uncomfortable with his less than presidential demeanor.  Now that I have seen the Herculean fight he is putting up to do what is right for this country I have gained a lot of respect for him. You go Trump! The following vid is very amusing and somewhat informative. But sometimes you have got to take life a little less seriously……..