The Condom Machine

When I was a bit of lad, new and vital and full of curiosity, I was fascinated with the contents of a couple of machines hanging on the wall of the only big truck stop in my home town of Alva, Okla.. From one machine you could purchase prohylactics of various configurations. The other machine, however, sold little novelty items, little packs of pornographic playing cards that had naked floozies on the back of each, amoung other naughty little doo-dads.Miley Cyrus InstagramJust Take a look at the anorexia child who molests herself for money and more important than that, approval from strangers.. How will she top the dry humps and pelvic thrusts?  A donkey show for kicks? Will she pull a  train for (or with) her loyal fans?

Miley Cyrus Layered Razor Cut


P.S. Maybe you can find her hanging out at a local truck stop, loading up the various machines! She could be the Ace of Spades this month!

Oh Really!?


Lockheed Sr-71 Blackbird 1920×1200 Wallpaper

First flight of the SR-71 “Blackbird” was Dec. 22 1964. Utilizing early stealth technology, it chugged  air space at Mach 3+ the speed of sound.

.  While parked on the tarmac the fighter leaked fuel so freely it had to be hooked to the fueling hose to the  moment of take-off. .The high speed cause such friction that the skin would heat up and expand to close the gaps in the outer skin of the aircraft.

. At the time of the last flights of the SR-71, it had not been bettered by any other aircraft.

From the Gilded Time, when American Exceptionalism was a common virtue.


I have been around for quite a while. Step down Muslim Bro!

OH! God bless the Egyptians. Without Obamanesque delusions of peaceful rehabilitation of the Muslim Brotherhood or it’s propaganda dept., Al-Jazeera Egypt again has put the forces of evil in their place!  Egypt, a major player in world history for the last 3 thousand years, is refusing a transformation to a backward Islamic hell hole. . They have been ‘dealing’ with these fringe movements since the 1930’s when the Brotherhood first reared its nappy pate. They know what they are about.  And they have been about kicking the ass of Obama’s chums.



The Ghost of Western Civ.


Sometimes you hear something and your mind just kicks it back out. Kinda’ like a damaged dollar bill that just won’t stay in the slot in the Coke machine. This very primitive, visceral, form of denial  happens when a person is stricken by an event that does not fit in their understanding of themselves and/or the world.  This reflexive regurgitation of the unfathomable begs the question…at least in the case of the gentleman pictured below……WHY ?


As a clinician I know several recipes for such an abandonment of   lineage, culture,and identity.  Most adult affiliations are a product of familiar  childhood experience.  Sometimes, (most of the time) it is simply a matter of proximity. We become socialized and of course more comfortable with people we have been with in our formative years. “Increased accessibility,” ergo sociability between cultures has increased to encompass a brand of Xenophilic acceptance of everything non-traditional counter-cutlural culture.. The rule of the oppositional, “I’ll do what I want!” adolescent seems to be creeping  forward to encompass thirty-something lexicon of bad motivations for worse behavior.. The “maturity sucks” popular culture seems to be retarding moral development in Americans..  Although there seem to be a few traits  more frequent in one race over another, broad stroke basics are fundamentally the same between groups. It is not a matter of  black  culture  seducing young white kids to switch race affiliation. It is a popular culture that promotes a special brand of martyrdom that is less fatal and far more enjoyable than the regular kind of martyrdom which requires the participant’s death in the finale’. . In other words, you get to publicly feel sorry for yourself and still claim moral superiority.

A child reared in a poorly defined culture will be fecund soil for all manner of influences, whether it be cult of, gang, sect or religious conversion. When requirements high for success in one culture drive the weakened personality farther to the fringe of the group of origin. The less successful the integration into your group of origin the more vulnerable to indoctrination into alternative groups. Groups that offer acceptance  with little or no difficult requirements for success are a heady brew!    The dysfunctional personality, labored by a lack of a sense of self-will seek out a group with the least requirements for inclusion.  “I can either be a midget among giants or a giant among midgets!. Which way shall I go?”

American culture, crippled by the “Great Society” (and other “Bama Phone” gimme’s), is hemorrhaging!

The so-called “greatest generation” entered a war to save the world on the heels of the worst depression in American history.  And they won.  A generation defined by having saved mankind. Those of us old enough to remember the sixties and seventies recall bomb shelters in the suburbs, and KGB under our beds.The world held its breath for forty years, hoping against doom and damnation that no one would push the button and inaugurate the end of the world. Again a generation defined by crisis of survival. What we said thought and did mattered with warheads zeroed in. As the world teetered on the brink of thermonuclear apocalypse, the Viet Nam war was thrown in to aggravate the situation.    

Illegitimacy (fatherless children) nudging 75%  in the black community and around 40% in Caucasian, has set at least two generations loose, stumbling through life fixed on one insult to identity after another, or with one crusade for acceptance or another. Such is the fatherless child. With  no depression or world war, no crucible of life to temper the metal and embolden the spirit, the last couple of generations have dissolved in a state of perpetual adolescent insult and petulant rumination . America has fallen into a  quagmire of  self-absorption scabbed over with an overarching cynicism. Just give up, get drunk and fall down!  “Nothin’ means nothin’ any more”, So I guess I’ll set the truth aside and explore the deeper strictures of self-promoted victimhood!”

Our commander in chief was voted in on the basis of identity. Most of the causes of the left are based on victimization of one group or another. Identity is everything, character is secondary to color and class.

So why not switch identities, it pays!





100_2028 To Whom it may concern

I am sorry about my unannounced absence for the past few weeks/months. suffice it to say that some unexpected catastrophes led to yours truly and spouse (Deb) being cast into the void. We have had no permanent address for the past six months.  I have been “off the grid”.  Privation serves to clear the board and reveal the basic personality. When all things are taken away you can prioritize your life quite easily. And of all the things I have lost I miss this, this thread-thin line into the great “collective conscience” most of all. This is my affirmation of life, it is my connection with the voice that urges me to reveal a greater truth. I see too many people raised in a fools paradise of modern American culture.

In anything it is wise to step back and take stock once in a while. I have learned and prevailed in the past months. More, Deb and I have thrashed herculean tasks with aplomb and a wink at each other, while the summer wind blew through our hair, and the stars twinkled  above our dash into the night, I have again rediscovered the value of a loyal partner.  In spite of the morass into which our lives have been tossed,we have done right by each other and those in our lives.

I am alive. I love and am loved. That is the most any soul can hope for. And with marriage on the ropes, the American family in decline, the work ethic devalued and dependence on government trending, we have emerged on the other side this bitter gauntlet victorious. We are still together. will still are bound by love.


We are winners.