I wrote this the day after 9/11. I  lilve in Colorado Springs, Colorado home of the airforce Academy, Fort Carson, and NORAD. SO as I pulled out of my driveway I heard an interruption on my radio saying they were closing the bases down and the alert had elevated. I pulled back up into the drive went inside and saw the second plane hit. Then I froze to the screen for hours. Here is what I wrote the following morning.

In the Perfect Blue American Sky

We stood

The Family

About the dream once perfect.

Now buckling to its knees.

First the fire blossom.

Then death thunder breaking.

Down the canyons of New Jerusalem.

I looked  down at my useless hands,

Dappled in rose petals?


Then the rain of glass is falling.

In each a broken reflection.

Of the perfect, blue,

American sky.


Then the children of the dream

Came tunmbeling

.And we the family stood below.

Where stone rain and blood of angels mixed.

And I looked at my useless hands;

At the bloody mortar that gloved them.

And nailed them to the ground.


My child fell and I could not catch her,

.She lies broken at my feet.


We stood, the family,

In the mourning sun, About a broken American Dream

And saw our angels rise again,

Through the smoke and dust and pain’


To fly, To play above again

In the blue American sky.

The perfect, blue, American sky.

My child fell, and  I could not catch her.

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