An Unholy War, Against Christianity

About 1914 the remnants of athe Muslim, Ottoman Empire desided to get rid of all the Armeninas in Turky. They were Christian, relegated to the position of fitna and death would be their fate. This is a genocide  you don’t hear much about. It is a good example of the Jihad that has been waged against Christians for 1400 years.  A  body count of over a million and a half marks their path.  Below is a pik of one of the death marches they were forced to make as their world was shattered and they were raped, tortured and murdered by their Muslim tormentors. Christianity is, at present, the most oppressed religious group in  the world, with more attacks aimed at Christians than any other religion in the world…… excluding the constant murder of fellow Muslims over the Sunni VS Shia killing that has gone on since the very day of Mohammed’s death at the beginning  of the 8th century.. I would strongly advise a perusal of the both the linked article as well as the rough footage of the movie made a couple of years after the event.  Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Genocide, got a movie of the events made a couple of years after her arrival in America and she is in fact, in  a couple of scenes in the movie. Only 20 minutes or so, survive to this day, but it is worthwhile to take a look at it. Get Educated, I did.


How to Beat Your Wives……..Properly

If you have any female friends who are contemplating conversion to Islam as an answer to any living, spiritual or physical conundrum, insist they peruse the little article linked by the intriguing PIK below. It has always mystified me why American feminists are dead silent about the miserable living situation of the Muslim female in the modern world.

Screenshot of Submission By Ayaan Hirsi & Directed By Theo van Gogh

Fake News

The photo below carried the caption……..

Lindsy Graham would take a bullet for Trump. He loves Trump. So this pic seemed a little out of place heading a hit piece in Yahoo News. With a minimum of a search (took all of one minute) I found this shot, completely unrelated to any communication regarding impeachment. It was Grahams famous rant at SCOTUS Kavanaghs hiring hearing. The pik below, takes you to a rather mild little article concerning impeachment, but its value to me is that it is a clear example of manufactured or faked news. NO DOUBT!….. And judging from the ease of discovering the origin of the pic…..they are not even trying very hard any more. Is it a case of, always rely on the ignorance of the public?



Those damn Buddhists are at it again? Nah how bout…..Those Hindus are such a bunch of terrorists? NOPE, just doesn’t fit…..These damn Easter sermons are just too volatile! The survivors should be lashed and jailed over tempting Jihadi to blow themselves up in church’s! Thus it is in most rape cases in Muslim land, the victim is to blame by making themselves available for the crime to be committed.  ALLAH MADE ME DO IT! But whats a lonely Jihadi to do? Can’t get laid on earth so he has got to blow himself……up….or he won’t get blown at all.  Heaven, it seems is just the “Bordello of Blood” for Islamists in  a hard way and  looking for love. However, the link below is to a little update on the events surrounding the bombings. Isis is taking credit, the ten day warning that was not heeded, and some words of wisdom from our own Cardinal Sarah on the world overview of terrorism as it relates to the current events.  KLIKDAPIK below.


During my career as a hobo I caught a ride by a bearded stump of a man who sold silk screened T-shirts at open air venues such as Venice Beach Ca. or various farmers markets ect. It was ’79 and the Shah of Iran was getting run out of power by the Ayatollah Khomeini,  “The   AYATOLLAH IS AN ASSAHOLA ” captioning, and a not too bad graven image of the Grand Ayatollah  was our T shirt design. At the time the regime was holding dozens of American citizens caught in the melee in Tehran during the fall of the Shaw’s  government, they had been held for over a year. Jimmy Carter was our commander in Chief. He was read as weak by the Iranians, (which he was), and they dragged the Carter administration and the American people around for 444 days. It was only with Reagans inauguration that the hostages saw home again. With the Ayatollah coming to power in Iran the “Era of the Jihad” was launched. Since that time they (the mullahs of Iran) have seen themselves as a spiritual Army of anointed Jihadists destined to initiate the final Apocalyptic battle when we non-believers, in particular, the Jews, will be “wiped away“.

 We silk screened the T shirts in a Hotel 6, and sold them on Venice Beach. They were a hit.

If you think the Iranians are mad in this vid. We just cut off their remaining oil  markets as POTUS ratchets up sanctions. So as one glimpses the raw footage below, it is advisable to note that Iran, as a true theocracy, is basing its foreign policy on the arrival of a fictional “Twelfth Imam” who will precipitate the onset of Armageddon and the immediate destruction of Israel, as an opening gambit in the final conflict..



The handsome couple pictured below is my nurse/historian partner of nigh on to 30 years, (the small one). The pretty one, (me) sits on the right. The little bird cage behind us inspired and warmed our hearts to the beauty of Athens, (Greece’s), gifts to humanity. The days of Kings and Nabobs of every description disposing the fate of those in their charge  were numbered by Athenian Democracy. The inherent value of the individual was first recognized and promoted through Athenian Democracy. In essence, one man, one vote gave each citizen some influence in guiding their own destiny,….. for the first time in history.

Our connection to those who left  the Parthenon to posterity was gilded by gratitude. We both realized they were family, caught in the same struggles for life and happiness, dignity and meaning in life. Through the travail of the ages, the blooming of human creation and miserable waste of war, the western world cobbled together something wonderful ’bout 35 centuries hence…… was a miracle that sprung from a world of Kings and Queens either warring or screwing each other for power and national aggrandizement…..the miracle is  AMERICA.

Pope Francis is pushing a "false" interpretation of the Bible, according to a top Vatican cardinal who has warned "Islam will invade the world" if Francis' leftist ideology isn't challenged and stopped before it leads to the downfall of Europe.


Europe, to this day, has done much to nail her stupidity and taste for gore on the halls of history. And in turn, each sovereignty of Europe has a rich and unique character, born of time and lives lived within each nations borders. The linked article is Father Sarah’s  call to the nations to follow President Trumps lead as he jealously serves his country  above all others.



Indogenous Europeans are not screwing enough. They are not making little Europeans at a rate necessary to sustain the population of  their various countries. The migrant populations produce many little migrants at a disturbing rate. The gentleman below, even though he is black, seems to love western culture and he is the only clergy from that neck of the woods who understands or cares about the state of Europe’s decline. “Cardinal Robert Sarah”, is his name. Remember him. 

I am deeply impressed with his courage and insight into this historic evolution.

 Seemingly without any connection, on two hemispheres, both underdeveloped south of the equator. Begin to hemorrhage north toward more developed nations with a much higher standard of living.   Both inundated in a flood of displaced persons from an  underdeveloped southern region .This is a simultaneous event, something this writer is still struggling to  understand. so that I will shelve for now.      

The Big hat Pope in the Vatigan behaves like he was taught in an American Public School. But he can read so he must have been educated somewhere else. But the Vatican man can kick in the Pollyanna and close his eyes. Our Dear Sarah, seems like he was educated in America about 60 years ago. He exhibits not a bit of politically correct B.S.  He is literate and a man of strong values.  Obviously educated somewhere other than an American Public school.



































Yuma Arizona, a front-line city in the fictional border crisis, has fabricated it’s own crisis to scare Democrats further under their denial blankees. They have turned on their Mini Mouse flashlights and plugged in their Paw Patrol nightlights to keep them safe from whatever  is under the bed. Yuma’s Mayor has declared an emergency in dealing with the  migrant population that is flooding over the border. But they are willing to see others suffer as long as the threat is on the border and southwestern cities. NIMBY is in full effect  in New England, along the great lakes, the northwest coast around  Portland and Seattle and of course all points along the depth and breadth of California. Basically, it’s a case of “Screw Las Cruses, Yuma, Phoenix, and the rest of the southwest, “I’m OK so everything is just fine.”

A U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent gathers information on four Guatemalan nationals, including two men and a pair of 12 and 13-year-old boys, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, in Yuma, Ariz. Thousands of families and unaccompanied children are continuing to cross the U.S. border in Arizona and California even after learning of the government's family separation policy upon apprehension. (AP Photo/Matt York) ** FILE **