Not All Are in Calaveras County

The female pictured below suggest that men be castrated as a form of birth control. And you had to hit on my obscure little blog to hear about it because there is no one else who is willing to bring it into the open. Least of all, other democrats. I use the word female in reference to  this person because I reserve the “woman” designation to women of substance, women who cull respect from those who follow their accomplishments. I think “bullfrog” might apply to  Democratic Rep. Diane Pappas.

Am I not terrible?

Dancing with the Devil

I am merely human, and the drive to validate my beliefs, after a decade or so of, playing the “voice in the wilderness” with few to sing chorus with me,  compellls me to take credit for being the harbinger of things to come. The Muslim Brotherhood has loomed in the background of virtually every Jihadi act of atrocity for decades. Quietly and patiently it lays in wait and subsumes each terrorist group and their vile actions. 


However it doesn’t take Nostradamus to prognosticate Ilan Omar’s  plots and petitions if you simply look closely at her history of affiliations. Most of which are dances with the devil in different guises. Every identity another incarnation of evil. CAIR + HAMAS + TURKEYS ERDOGAN + VOICED CONDEMNATION OF ISRAEL AND OTHER ANTISEMETIC SPEWING. not to mention her trivialization, ” Some people did something”. of the 9/11 attack. 

Put on you fuzzy slippers and grab a cup of Joe, (smoke-um if you got ‘um), and peruse the linked article. It is well researched and thorough. You will know Omar and some of her odious machinations. Klikdapik and READ!

Why Is Ilhan Omar’s Collusion With Islamists Acceptable?

A little Bird Told Him


The vid below is Linda’s call to arms for Muslims in America. Her hubris spoke for her, as she stated that no matter the consequences, whether it is a recent massacre, genital mutilation, murder of Jews, gays and apostates, Muslims should live unapologetically proud.  All falls under her wish to have Sharia installed to supersede the law of the land that feeds her.

H.U.M.I.L.I.T.Y IS NOT IN HER DICTIONARY. Gratitude for the gift of a society in which she can be allowed to speak as a opposed to a society that would have her looking through a grill window on her burka and never allowed to leasve the home without a male excort, and then ther is the little operation where she gets her clitoris hacked off so she cant enjoy sex. Nummy- num that is a stew she would like to eat. Right?

Satan made the Fool

JESUS PALAMENO!  Did this cartoonist illustrate Mein Kampf for Adolf . And I better find mocho domestic coverage of the Anti-Semitic aspects of this toon or heads will roll. ………………..My head that is,………………. will roll right off my shoulders.

On the mourning that a synagogue massacre was stopped by a jammed gun and a border patrol agent who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Luckily, the agent was carrying at the time and was able to discourage the shooter with incoming gunfire. The bad guy ran away and was later apprehended.  Only one innocent death but some injuries,  one  of which was a child.  Bless the man who stood in harms way  and drove off the evil that would take the lives of innocents. Amen!

Do you think that IIan Omar will be took to the woodshed for her “green light” to Anti-Semitic  brethren.  Or was this ,  based upon what congressmen are allowed to say and inspire, just enough encouragement to push him out of line  and into the Synagogue?

Paradise Lost

The link below is a pic of a herd of elephants out for a spritz in Sri Lanka.   A paradise of such striking beauty that the author  of  “2001 A pace Odyssey” and inventor of the communication satellite, Arthur Clark, chose the country to retire to.  Now a decade after a painful civil war, the fledgling peace of the Island is shattered by terrorism. On the Easter holiday, 250 innocent Sri Lankins were murdered by eight synchronized  bombings targeting hotels and churches.

A Black Sabbath on the Korean Peninsula

I found this headline low in the last column of the “Drudge Report” .  It seemed strange that his bit of news received such an ignominious revelation. Iran is sending a diplomatic envoy to north Korea soon. This falls on the heels of a visit with our good friend Putin and in the opinion of this writer, old enemies of the U.S., up for a greet and meet with each other is rather ominous when we are sanctioning two of the three participants. Iran and North Korea, one in possession of nuclear warheads, and the other working on developing such weapons should be tracked very closely.  They are dangerous regimes bent on gaining power and influence at the point of a ICBM. For a bit more on the subject Klikdapik below………..

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks at a news conference in Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019. An American-led meeting on the Mideast in Warsaw, which started Wednesday, was initially pegged to focus entirely on Iran. However, the U.S. subsequently made it about the broader Middle East, to boost participation. Zarif on Wednesday predicted the Warsaw summit would not be productive for the U.S. "I believe it's dead on arrival or dead before arrival," he said. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

One participant is headed by a dictator who has maintained a war stance against the U.S. for 50 odd years and the other is part of a theocracy that is guided by premonitions of a “Twelfth Imam” to return and signal the start of Armageddon.

What should we be doing? The very short vid below illustrates one option. .

The In-Sultan of Brunei

The tiny little fellow pictured below is the sultan of Brunei. An individual famous, (infamous) for his sexual exploits and over-the-top orgies, has recently installed Sharia as Brunei’s  legal code. If you are gay you can be stoned to death, thrown off a high place, or hanged.  If you steal a Twinkie you could lose an arm. If you steal another Twinkie you will lose the foot on the opposite side of the body, and if you just can’t help but hobble into the quick shop for another shot at it….well who knows?  If you step out on your husband you get stoned to death. If you step out on your wife you can get…… pats on the back and a few fist bumps for scoring.

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An Unholy War, Against Christianity

About 1914 the remnants of athe Muslim, Ottoman Empire desided to get rid of all the Armeninas in Turky. They were Christian, relegated to the position of fitna and death would be their fate. This is a genocide  you don’t hear much about. It is a good example of the Jihad that has been waged against Christians for 1400 years.  A  body count of over a million and a half marks their path.  Below is a pik of one of the death marches they were forced to make as their world was shattered and they were raped, tortured and murdered by their Muslim tormentors. Christianity is, at present, the most oppressed religious group in  the world, with more attacks aimed at Christians than any other religion in the world…… excluding the constant murder of fellow Muslims over the Sunni VS Shia killing that has gone on since the very day of Mohammed’s death at the beginning  of the 8th century.. I would strongly advise a perusal of the both the linked article as well as the rough footage of the movie made a couple of years after the event.  Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Genocide, got a movie of the events made a couple of years after her arrival in America and she is in fact, in  a couple of scenes in the movie. Only 20 minutes or so, survive to this day, but it is worthwhile to take a look at it. Get Educated, I did.

How to Beat Your Wives……..Properly

If you have any female friends who are contemplating conversion to Islam as an answer to any living, spiritual or physical conundrum, insist they peruse the little article linked by the intriguing PIK below. It has always mystified me why American feminists are dead silent about the miserable living situation of the Muslim female in the modern world.

Screenshot of Submission By Ayaan Hirsi & Directed By Theo van Gogh