I’m getting kudos from the left. Who cares if  a few little laws are trashed? I’m the boss. Right?


“I got poor Intel from the Intel people!” The “intelligence community” fires back..klik da pik and see their video refutation of POTUS tossing them under the bus!


OOPS! Half the briefings? Really? Can I borrow your notes on the briefing…..


Taliban holding weaponsSo this is what happens when we leave.  Put your hand in a bucket of water, now pull it out. What mark is left of your passing?  That is your legacy. That is what remains. Nothing. We have thrashed around a bit in the bucket of Afghanistan, now the bucket stands alone and eventually, in just a year or two, undisturbed by our presence and passing.

The Russians left whimpering. The British are gone. Now the U.S. is leaving. Every army that has occupied Afghanistan leaves, tail gingerly tucked and like the water in the bucket, all will soon return to as it was. Tribal fealties, like all entrenched societal values, resist change.  And unless we re-educate the entire population to understand and accept a new and overarching system of living, it will always return to it’s original chaotic tribal condition. Such retraining could be a generatonal task, hardly worth the trip for a rock like Afghanistan.  The poppy fields are a consideration (either napalm or heroin refineries), depending on your attitude.

Obama should lend his model of change to the Afghanis, it might work where other promoted systems have failed. You must destroy the system in place first, then insert your favorite model. Of course you must displace all who would benefit from perpetuating the old system. (A pogrom or two could do this). But this story is going to be daily fare before long. The Wak-a-Mulla air war you got going on in northern Iraq and parts of Syria is the equivalent to a floating Maginot line. It is an incomplete strategy that has gaps big enough to deep-throat the Hindenburg.




Coronado Hall? “Don’t venture there after dark on a weekend honey!  It’s the jock dorm ya know!” (occasional sexual assaults).   A building full of jocks, full of grown manboys incapable of taking care of themselves, but manboys lavished with praise and payola for playing a game well.

So they end up in the news. Beating their children, beating their wives, screwing who they shouldn’t, date raping etc, etc. The problem is compounded by the number of these grown men who were raised by females alone. They did not have the voice of a father in their heads. A voice of reason over passion, of humility over grandiosity.

Male children have problems becoming men of substance when they have no men of substance to model proper  behavior. I have seen the terrible consequences to fatherless male children. Male children spoiled rotten as “Moms Little Man.” Of course puberty turns them into muscled up bullys who can now do real damage with their tantrums. Women, children and the public at large held victim to a  bully.


Things are different now. If you need proof I know a number of men who saved the world for you and me and all generations to come.  The world war two veteran, just try to get him to brag about himself. You may hear about the comrades in arms who never made it back. But you never hear more than “I was just doing my job.”

I am not much of a sports fan. I didn’t even know what position Jeter held on the field. But I admire the humility, and gratitude that turned a really great player into a great man. At Least in my humble estimation.

There is justice in the fact that the most  humble generation is now refered to as the greatest generation. Except by them.



While viewing a clip from “The View”  this morning, an expression on Rosie O’Donnell’s face sparked a memory from my distant past, just a couple of years into my career as a psychotherapist. In the course of therapy with a particular gay couple, (they were female, but through my career I found the basic problems that couples have to be identical across sexual preferences.).  Issues of power and control congealed around typical issues such as finances and family,. But also cited were knock-down drag outs over sexual  positions, (superior vs. inferior) who is dominant or submissive, generous or selfish, and who got to wear the Strap-0n. (your on your own for clarification) During the following video, there is a point at which Rosie O’Donnell had the look of one who lost the strap-on argument and was smarting from the results. Teehee!

It is refreshing, however, to witness a mega-lib like Obama run out of delusion-based rhetoric and be compelled to deal with reality. His little pink angel wings are getting dirty footprints all over them because they are now on the ground and he is backing over them as he gets set to punt his ideals over the ISIS uprights.. 


.Obamas’ predecessor always wore a suit while in the oval office. He wore the suit out of respect. Our homey Obama, however can’t be bothered by such petty amenities. You can’t be reverent when you are the soul source of the magic. To submit is to concede. If you are “Top Dog”, concession equals abdication.   Obama, it seems, is still playing to his tragically cool base. And cool dudes don’t follow such petty affectations.,

Like Mushrooms

In the last couple of days, a heretofore unannounced group, the  khorasans has been revealed to be in the end-stages of developing a terror attack on U.S. interests. The above video explains what is known of the group. Bob Spencer, the interviewee in the vid, is ahead of the game in keeping on top of such groups. The video below is interesting as for it’s value as an example of propaganda. Watch, learn and be forewarned!  But don’t expect to be able to make a peck of sense of the  vids message in a literal sense.





Just a precious moment. We must not forget the joy that lies waiting. Ever wonder why you lost your fascination with life? Sometime around puberty. That is when we begin the Oh! So serious!” battle with obsession, lust and insecurity.”  Just shake vigorously before dispensing an emotionally crippled sociopath with zits.” Naw , just take a minute and watch the funny video. It’ll make you feel better.


Why haven’t we heard before?

They turned their backs to the crimes against the innocents.

This child belongs to those who would stand in harm’s way for her.. You and I are responsible.

In the course of tracking down information concerning the failure of multiculturalism in Europe I came upon this: As many as 1400 female children were raped, tortured and abused in northern England  in a multitude of ways over a 16 year period. Sixteen years? Yes it seems that the authorities were aware of the crimes, but they apparently were so intimidated by the possibility of being accused of racism that they just let it go.

Of course the hard numbers are that 91% of child rape convictions in Britain have  Muslim perps. Muslims presently constitute 4% of the British population. Them boys should be given kudos for working overtime in  catching-up with the other 96% of the population.   Oh yes,virtually all the victims were  little white girls. No racism here!

When asked to read a sermon condemning such behavior, 75% of the Mosques that were asked to  condemn the incident, refused to co-operate in sending the anti-child rape message.