YOU JUST SCREWED WITH THE WRONG JEW BOYSThe article that the picture above links to  mentions the murdered Israeli  teens went missing June 12th  and in the same breath it  asserts the solution to the problem.  That Hamas has been targeted, for want of a better term, for annihilation. Israel, a democracy, has many different and often conflicting ideologies that flesh out its national identity. Yet unlike the western democracies, European and American et. al.,  Israel disposes of its enemies in a single minded, and  cold-blooded dispatch that a Mafia hit man would admire.

In 1960 the Mossad found Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann hiding in Argentina. Five men appeared in Argentina. They surveyed then abducted Eichmann, took him to a hide-out, then smuggled him to Israel. After the Munich massacre the Mossad tracked down, and through various methods that included exploding telephones and other rather James Bondish methods, cancelled the ticket of those responsible for the massacre of the Israeli athletes.

The fact of the matter is that such deadly resolve came from the crucible of Holocaust.  From the desert a garden grew around and through Israel. They cultivated the desert, and they built a world-class society that engages the world community an absolute winner. Given the same ground and countless billions of dollars in aid (that their leaders stole from them) the Palestinians have built a pile of derelict buildings and rocket sites to kill school children in Tel Aviv.

When backed to a point where retreat is no longer possible, one group will crumple to the fetal position in the corner, possibly praying for a miracle. While another will fight like hell when cornered. Every living soul in that tiny strip of desert next to the sea, lives each day of their lives in a corner. Backed to the very edge of an existential abyss.

You can kill an Israeli. But you cannot dig a hole deep enough to escape their judgement. I would rather have ten FBI’s and the Mafia after me than two retired Mossad agents. Whoever did this to those young men will live to regret it.





Idolatry’s not allowed in sand-land. Remember the Taliban turning a howitzer loose on a couple of huge Buddha statues hewn in the side of a mountain in Afghanistan?. The statues had weathered multiple millennia in stoic dignity until they met the “the religion of peace” boys, the Taliban. Idolatry incidentally, is not allowed in Islam.
“The Muslim Brotherhood, during it’s brief stint on poop deck of the S.S. Egypt, spawned rumors they were working up plans to level the pyramids!
ISIS, not to be topped in the “we’re the most fundamental of all!” position, has pledged to “ruin” the Kaaba. The Kaaba, a large boulder that sits in Mecca, is a point of pilgrimage for Muslims. Reputedly, it is the rock at which Big Mo prayed. It is the most holy of holy’s for the average Muslim. BUT!  Yes there is a but. The very existence of the Kaaba as a relic begs the debate over Idolatry in Islam. So, after ruining Iraq, ISIS  plans on buying some jackhammers and ending the debate.





ISIS has renamed itself ‘Islamic State’ and has declared a Caliphate of the Iraqi territory it has claimed to capture. Note, any territory claimed in Iraq will more than likely contain thousands of miles of nothing but desert. Now there will be some concentrations of dead families and such, these will be designated as cities.
But the grim truth of the matter is that they said they would and they did. They wanted a Caliphate, Usually the little terrorists state they want a world-wide Caliphate. I guess they are re-evaluating their process.
We as well as Iraq are standing at the crossroads of history. We are waiting to see what happens.
Let us roll that around our mouth for a while. We are waiting to see what happens. Action has been usurped by sideline hand wringing. We used to lead the world. Now, under the Obama doctrine, we wait and see.

America was a backwater and a lot liked it. We saved the world a couple of times and stepped onto the world stage when we faced down the Soviets for forty years. We fought the proxy wars and each side had its despots. Each side played its proxies like Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Now we have walked away from the game. We have, in effect, opened the door for the Iranians and Russians. And they are on their way already.

Takrit is the target for Iraqi army. I think they will take it. After that,…who knows?





My bad?” He led from behind. He gave them the word that we were accepting the blame for every horrific crime that Islam and it’s followers have inflicted upon an undeserving world population. The betrayal that was the “Egypt Speech” put out the word that it was open season on every U.S. interest in the middle east. The hubris of the arrogant ignorant rears its devilish silhouette when we stood by and “led from behind ” as the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the Granddaddys of terrorist organizations, hijacked the Egyptian elections.
When the charming Mr. Morsi began restricting freedoms the Egyptians said “Hey! Deal off!” They know the ol’ “bait and switch” when they see it. Read the linked article. It is a thorough timeline and analysis that begins to unravel the Gordian Knot of the “Obama policy” in the middle east.




 Hammerman here fellow Blogstalker! I FIXED THE ABOVE PIK. THE LINK IS BACK.! THE hAMMER,- HUMBLED, SO SORRY

Gaze, gaze deep and long at her face and despair. For she will be the representative who will greet the uninitiated, unwashed, unfed and unaffiliated with any political party. Gaze into the Garish clown mask of a smile she has frozen in Botox surprise with the eyebrows permanently fixed in the “sir you stuck your thumb up my ass!” arch. We have ventured past the pale and into the dark tree line of humanity. Where we pause at the entrance to a place called the Magic Theater. “Where the only admission is your mind.”
To have a mindless glad-hander like Pelosi fail to show the self-insight to know when to shut the f… up. But if the conservatives don’t figure out how to snag the Hispanic vote, the “Joker’ is going to whup their ass.
And that would be truly embarrassing.




In this Jan. 16, 2013, photo, Sahwa members, a group of Sunni Arabs who joined forces with the U.S. military to fight al-Qaida at the height of Iraq's insurgency, escort the coffin of Ifan Saadoun al-Issawi. (AP Photo/ Hadi Mizban, File)

It was foolish, and things considered, probably a sign of incompetence that our POTUS ditched the people of Iraq and left without leaving a security force. It is surprising that this handled like it was considering that the U.S. has  successfully ameliorated post war situations far more complex than this, Post war Germany for  and the occupation of Japan by MacArthur a good examples.
A little post traumatic hand holding has been recommended since Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, (the Jewish soldiers were not allowed back into the Jewish community until they waited about a week after Jericho fell. It was known three thousand years ago that post event decompression and reconciliation is a necessary part of war.

Of course Obama inherited the war, voted against the war while in Congress, and had more of a stake in Bushes war failing than he did in seeing its successful conclusion.

Maliki, Iraqs Hauncho, Hangin’ on by the fingernails


Maliki, Iraqs Hauncho, Hangin' on by the fingernails

Too late for reconsideration and recriminations do no one any good. The mess that is Iraq is merely passing the stages of regime change they would have been going through had they initially had the nerve to dispose Saddam themselves years back. This precautionary tale tells us that when we feel that a despot is just too mean to his little people, before any military move we may make, we should sit down with Dave, take a stress pill, and watch an episode of Sponge Bob till the feeling passes.

 Internal, and as far as Iran’s involvement goes, external groups machinations toward vivisecting Iraq’s cadaver are just the continuation of a family squabble that has gone on since Mo’s death some 1500 years back. Shias and Sunnis / Hatfields and McCoys. You know the drill. It is in the nature of Pop-Turds (Muslims that kill), to kill anything that is breathing in their area. The world should build a fence around the middle east and then just back off for about twenty years. When we return and open the gates we will find a middle east that is a  lot quieter and far less populated than it is.




The mellow Ann Coulter talks soccer in America. Do we have to be Europe?

“It’s from France Ezrah, it’s fancy!”

 Americas’ fascination with this quaint pastime of the rest of the planet is just another example of the low self esteem of the American Liberal nation. I have been a “Soccor dad, and Deb (my spouse) has been , you know, a soccer mom.

I have witnessed endless hours of small children running back and forth in front of me. That’s it, just back and forth, to and fro and that’s just it. That’s all.

I have waited endless hours for a score that never comes.

I have to pinch myself to stimulate consciousness just talking about this abysmal sport.

I have had a sense of silly pandering to the  unsupported myth that the inbred European cultures are somehow superior to “White trash America!” And that we should emulate them in all matters. Gimmme’ a break!








Normally I would file this video in the “War Room” because it offers good general information concerning capitalism, socialism, and dependency indoctrination. Socialism appears as a shroud over the color and light of personal achievement and discovery. Chicken Little sound bites and a good amount of demagogging serve to corrode the will to strive. Conversely, honesty, personal responsibility, and restraint of tongue and pen serve to preserve the cultural integrity.

Zoe makes his points with passion and compelling insight coupled with a gritty street savvy delivery that brings a punch to the subject matter. You will never see this in civics class!

Thx Alfonso