JESUS !!!! On the Floor

I BEING TITTULATED BY JESUS. The historical place of the miracle of the multitude fed by Jesus may have been discovered recently. Or not. That is the titillation part. In a concise and balanced article, a mosaic found on the floor of a church burned down a couple of millennia ago depicts the five fish and baskets  of bread allegedly used to feed a large  group gathered to listen to Jesus preach.

From the vantage of an apostate non-believer this find causes an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. It would be nice to have an unimpeachable proof of the mosaics veracity.  Regrettably such is not and probably never will be the case.

But it would be nice. But belief without proof is the fabric of faith. It is not that easy and it never will be.


Praise be to Kali !

Town council meetings used to be so safe. You know, “how will we bet the new firetruck budgeted” and “what do we do with the unlicensed dogs roaming the streets”. BORING. Why not add some spice to the proceedings and let Satanists give the opening prayer for the meeting. Next week it can be the Thugees prayer to the God Kali  Of course the Zoroastrians can bring the potato salad for the meet and greet after the next meeting…..

The Satanic Temple unveils its statue of Baphomet, a winged-goat creature, at a rally for the first amendment in Little Rock, Ark., Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018. The Satanic Temple wants to install the statue on Capitol grounds as a symbol for religious freedom after a monument of the Biblical Ten Commandments was installed in 2017. (AP Photo/Hannah Grabenstein)

The Name of the Rose

By the stroke of the bards pen,…”.A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

When I miss and drop a hammer on my thumb I call the hammer many names. None of them meant to carry glad tidings and prayers for peace. I may call the hammer a rutabaga but that doesn’t change the feelings I get when I smash my thumb with a hammer called rutabaga.  I guess I could use the “operationally defined” method of identifying hammers by saying “that heavy metal nail driver.”  It is quicker to say “hammer”, and be done with it. Soon, with popular use, the name becomes the action.  Instead of using the heavy metal nail driver as a identifying factor,  the name “becomes the action.” I hammer the nail  with my hammer.

Such distinctions of name become meaningless when you change the action of the object. More and more the name Allah is transmuting into a synonym for terror, violence and death.  The operation of the named person/place/thing being referred to carries the meaning. Jesus, is a moniker that carries a deeper meaning of the name. The God of the new testament means peace, love, and generosity of spirit. When one speaks of the God of the Jews or Christians, ideas of understanding are born upon the breath of the word. Allah, however, drags a lot of negative baggage that stands in direct conflict with both Jewish and Christian beliefs.

What does an illiterate prophet do when he is certain his word of god will not match the written word of God when all you have to go on is stories you have heard transferred verbally, a multitude of warts and all? You simply state that all previous versions of the truth are distorted and that yours is the only text that got it right. Right?

One system of belief preceded Mohamed’s entry on the world stage by 600 years.  The other system of beliefs preceded his appearance by over 1500 years. Both religions that preceded the desert bandits  proffering  had been fully functioning by a large cross section of the middle east for a long time. Betting the farm on a belief system that is based on, but condemning of, two previously established religions is a bad bet.

So if what you’ve got Is brown and smells awful, it doesn’t matter if you call it a rose. All you really got is crap on a stick.




BEWARE THE “Deceivers”

Boko Harum beheading with chainsaws in Nigeria! I report this and other incidents of daily carnage as a direct response to a lack of mainstream coverage of  the worldwide killing that is connected to the practice and promotion of Islam, the political/military wing of the Muslim religion. I use the word “religion” for expediencies’ sake. I consider the Koranic musings of a rapist, pedophile, and  murderer named Mohammed no more a ‘religion’ than the Thugees, who terrorized the byways of India for several centuries. KLIKDAPIKS for linked articles…….

Boko Haram kills, ‘beheads with chainsaws’ 40 people to derail Nigeria elections

What is a cult? What is a religion? Does it serve life? Is it’s spiritual center death? Osama Bin Laden says, “Christianity is a religion of life, ours is a religion of death” and that is why, he surmises, they (Al Qaeda), will prevail against the west.

Thuggees – the Cult Assassins of India


By Warriors for Warriors



I turn a deliberate blind eye to much of the Bible, otherwise I would have to pack it up and move away.  Don’t even bring up the old testament!   The basic principals of the new testament have been the foundation of modern western civilization. In line with the wisdom, “Ye shall know them by the fruit of their labor”,  the difference lies before us in Hamas reaction to the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem.  Ismail Haniya, the leader of Hamas called for “Three days of rage.” in reaction to President Trumps news conference announcing the embassy move and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The evidence of a intermingling of Christianity and Islam as evidenced by artifacts such as the menorah, pictured here, pointing  to the porous nature of belief systems. It is a given that Mohammed’s spiritual inspiration is a composite of everything from Christianity to Bedouin polytheism.  I do not dispute the  validity of the Muslim religion.

As a matter of fact, religion is a non-issue in addressing our present Jihad problems. It is a case of “not in my back yard”, (NIMBY). I don’t take issue with any systems of belief as long as violence and the oppression of others is not an issue. But any group that carries baggage that includes violence and the domination of others is not welcome.





My previous posting on the healing qualities of family defines the differences between secular, Judeo/Christian values and a culture of ignorance as revealed in the linked article.  I am sure that if this little gem had been allowed to make it to puberty, she would have stood a good chance to enjoy the Bhurka, and genital mutilation that come to many females of the Muslim persuasion around age 12.


When 911 Wouldn’t Answer the Call


As a matter of fact, the typically violent Muslims riot at Temple Mount, 3 killed, over 200 wounded

Evidence of stone tool making in the pre-historic eastern Mediterranean stretch’s back to 130 thousand years B.C.E.  The first signs of cultivation of grain began in the fertile crescent 10 or 12 thousand years ago.  People gathered into communities, empires grew and waned. The guiding principles remained pretty much the same. Might was right, if I subjugate or kill you, it means my Gods are better than yours. I decide what is right and wrong and no karmic imbalance happens. If I win, you deserve what you get.  Armies of killers roamed all places. Kingdoms were on the tip of a sword innocents were fodder for warlords and nothing more.

The magnificant coliseum in Rome, built by  with war booty from  a Roman  slap-down of the Jews and a destruction of their Jerusalem Temple, the daily murder of tens of thousands of innocents in middle and south America sacrificed by the  Mayans, or the blood-soaked mortar of Chinas great wall, are testimony to humanities endless endless capacity for cruelty in service to greatness. Mention could be made of such tragedies as Stalin’s  20 + million dead, or Hitler’s murder of 6 million plus during WWII, but the count is endless and spans the entire history of mankind.

Jesus was crucified a couple of millennia ago. He was a Jew who wandered the middle east pushing a message of peace and love that was so threatening he was tortured to death by the Roman occupiers (at the shrill behest of the local clergy)  of Jerusalem. Jesus threatened the status and position of the local Jewish religious leaders of Jerusalem who lived  in affluent repose, and were not about to let a wandering vagrant threaten their jobs with his growing popularity

This man, who preached love and tolerance, emerged from an era that respected power and violence above all. He spoke of spiritual values rather than subjugation of others.  To this day we struggle with these conflicting drives. Nonetheless the societies that follow his teachings have become more successful than any other groups No doubt that that Christians can and have failed these values, but in balance, we have brought abundance and at least sporadic civility to many. Today evil that is growing in the middle east will not stop its holy war until it finds victory over cultures that offend Muslim sensitivities.


Big Mo’ Our Role Model?


I have fearlessly admitted to being an atheist , raised as an atheist by a mother who, after losing her own mother to an ectopic pregnancy at the age of nine, began hating God. and denying his existence. One cute statement I have used to use to describe my ambivalence about religion has been , “On a good day I am an agnostic.” But all my great scientific, humanistic wisdom has done little to comfort my rage at the evil being done in the world today. if  I truly had some real understanding of the world, and the hearts of men, I could find some answers. The answers I do find seem to lead back to my Christian beliefs. Well, I proclaim I am a Christian!…. This is a picture of the man who has chased me into the arms of Jesus Christ. Just take a look at the world! The most advanced societies follow Christian standards of behavior. Where there is Islam there is violence, misogyny, tyranny, ignorance and inequity.  An entire gender relegated to the status of livestock, barbaric mutilations used as punishment for misdemeanors.

This man personally killed many people and ordered the murder of many more. He kept slaves as sex toys and on one occasion he took the wife of a man he had tortured and killed as a sex toy. If you are to believe in an afterlife, then you must believe the promise that if you take a life for Allah or martyr yourself,  you will be rewarded with your  very own stable of sex slaves when you die and go to heaven.  (So much for the notion of romantic love!)

The Blood


Upon achieving my masters in psychology I took an interim job at a slaughterhouse.  I was so soaked in blood, by the end of each workday you could stand my jeans up in the corner as the blood coagulated into one huge scab. At the massacre called “The Battle of the Trenches” Gods one True Prophet ordered the decapitation of 600 to 1000 of the defeated, (every male past puberty)….  Every adult male Jew  in Yathrib ( now Medina) Arabia.  One wonders at the amount of blood coagulating in his robes as he hacked away at men probably bound hand and foot. Then there is the smell. To this day there are times that cooking certain meats hints at the smell of the mixture of blood and stomach contents that used to spew, steaming, from a large conduit at the rear of the slaughter house. I wonder about the smell that must have clung to The Prophets cloths at the end of the day.




How deep is the of hatred of women in a culture that looks at you with disbelief  when you condemn them for rape. How twisted are the values in a culture when the same crowd  riots and kills people when a cartoon of Mohammad is published.

The ugly truth is that some religions are bad. Some cultures,  (usually based on a bad religion) are bad. And sorry, baby-butt , many people are bad.  KLIKDAPIK !