Weeping for Oneself

New Jersy has aided and abetted the escape of two pedophiles from justice. Aiding and abetting known felons in escaping the authorities is a crime in itself. New Jersey, in refusing to cooperate with ICE, proclaimed intent to commit the crime, then proceeded to do just that.   No one is held accountable.  Two sexual predators walked away from the consequences of their actions, were released back to the streets to perpetrate crimes, create more victims, pour another cup of misery into the stream of life, and  no one is held accountable.  In the final cut, sorry folks, no authority at work here. You are on your own.

The weirdest thing is the total lack of reason to resist. No injustice has been done, and no authority abused. The straightest line and shortest route point to the loss of the 2016 election to the GOP. It has been on one long marathon wail and whine since the Dems watched the ’16 election floating away form the dock…..without them.   This appears to be greatest tantrum, in chorus, ever thrown in America.  Jack is holding his breath till he passes out and Jill won’t stop tearing up her bedroom….. until she gets what she wants.

What about the victims. Anybody ask the children who have had their innocence stolen?

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