Lying by Omission

What happened to objective reporting?  The pic below is the image that the entire media industry broadcast.  The few seconds of footage just prior to the face-off  show the drummer walking up to the group of high school students of his own volition.  He crowded the boy so closely, his drum was touching the boys shoulder occasionally and the drumstick almost hit the youth in the nose. This obvious invasion of space was initiated and maintained by the drummer.The boy didn’t know what to do. He later stated that he was trying to remain as non-threatening as possible in an attempt to keep the confrontation from escalating. But no one asked him before going to air with a video snippet and a hand full of prejudice. I guess interviewing participants in news stories is no longer taught in Journalism classes. 

Teens in MAGA hats taunted by Native American

Below is a very spirited commentary on the incident. The shot of the Native American Drummer walking up to and crowding in on the youth is revealed (late in the commentary). The “Black Hebrew Israelites”  group, was present as well, shouting insults that apparently were calculated to incite a riot.  Their vicious and often obscene taunting was played down in MSM reporting. Their involvement was a big part of the story. But an educated guess would indicate they were excluded because their involvement didn’t further the story crafted by the press. The boys were guilty of two things. They were: white and they were wearing MAGA hats.

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