Why don’t we get upset about sub-Saharan Africa?  Mozambique lost a few people to Jihadists in the last few days. If you care to take a moment to look you will find that such reports are a weekly if not daily event for the darker part of the dark continent. There is no mention in the Mainstream Media.

Atrocity of the Week

One must ask the question; Why is the wholesale killing of Africans something that doesn’t rate full coverage by the main stream media.? Massacres like the daily violence found in African states would merit headlines filled with tragedies that would shock the world.  Why are African lives expendable?  Boco Harum  in Nigeria, Janjaweed in Serra Leone or wholesale genocide of Christians in northern Uganda,  getting killed by Muslim death squads is  a  daily hazard of living. .


                                        From the death bed of Mohammed


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