An Alamo Actor Speaks

Below is one of the group of what I call “Alamo Actors”, conservatives  living in the rarified atmosphere of liberal Hollywoods anointed imbeciles. He is a straight shooter and courageous to stand behind what he knows is right.

When Voight  says “This is war.”  he is probably right. With no other avenues through which the coup conspirators can stopped in their repeated attempts to invalidate the 2016 election, I fear an uprising. My minds eye sees it in burning cars and broken  glass. I hear it in cartridge casings hitting the pavement. The smell off fear and rage fill the air these days and it is scary.

Otto Preminger, director of such fare as “The Longest Day” and “Anatomy of a Murder”, equated actors with cattle. He knew many actors were not too bright. It seems so foolish that anyone with higher brain function would give an ounce of credibility to people who make their living playing dress-up. Occasionally an actor exhibits some intelligence and a deadly panic runs rampant through the dress-up rank and file, and like apes who find a soccer ball in the jungle, if they can’t screw it they kill it. Stupidity en masse is scary. It is the stuff of lynch mobs, torches and pitch forks.

Jon Voight knows the lay of the land. He knows the vilification he will be hammerd with. He is willing to pay a price for supporting Trump. In todays world, such a price is the red badge of courage. Kudos to Mr. Voight, his words have iron in them.

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