How to Beat Your Soul Mate

Slapping the word “lesson” up against a word does not soften the consequences that follow when the “lesson” is put to work. If your aim is generosity and the betterment of mankind then Godspeed to you sir. If the results of your lesson bring pain or unhappiness to others, you are merely a advocate for evil.   For the1390th year running Islam has been rated as #1 in  the kindness and merciful catagories……. WHO HAS BEEN KEEPING TALLY ON THIS STATISTIC ALL THESE CENTURIES?   Place incredulous question mark here { ?},  because this crap is past unbelievable and has hopscotched right into the twilight zone!

The terrible, unvarnished truth is that Islam  teaches that women are inferior to men and  that men can treat there women in any fashion they wish without a thought of consequence from any regulating authority..


The relative stability for Islam’s people comes through the straight-line pecking order that runs through the rigid patrilineal social order of diminishing positions of authority that begins at the top,….Ayatollah, to sheik,  Imam to father/husband. The system has something for every male,  every male has someone to lord over therefore dissatisfaction is kept at a rocky minimal,  with the male ego somewhat satisfied.

So a nabob wanted peace among his followers. In keeping his thrown, and his foot on the neck of the average Muslim male, you give him his own little thrown from which to exorcise his power. Life and death are in his hands.Even though he may be the lowest in the pecking order,  he is the ruler of his own little sovereignty, just to keep him happy, compliant, and  well behaved.

The woman has a role. She is the scapegoat for the religion,  taking all the anger and providing the powerless male a body to dominate and beat. She is the gyroscope for the society, keeping things in balance for the survival of the system. Should the role of the female ever be changed toward greater stature and power in society, the rigid patrilineal system would shatter.



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