Human behavior can  be broken down to just a few primary colors. The four “Fs, feeding, fighting ,fleeing and fornication encompass the basic survival drives of most warm blooded animals.

In situations that occur without warning and require quick action to ensure survival, the decision may come to fight or flight. In certain ways this decision reveals deeper levels of the persons character, depending your choice of action.

A trained warfighter, comfortable with guns and schooled in handling them, will probably choose fight if threatened. The average citizen, is a toss-up as far as reaction to threat.  Some may flee and some might stand and fight.  This is why you hear of absolutely no massacres in a police station or military base…..”I guy could get shot!” A century or so ago any boy of ten would be considered a pansy if he didn’t have his little .22 caliber pump rifle to shoot skunks squirrels and bunnies. As a basic tool for supplying the families need for protein, guns were common, in sight and kept handy. I keep a colt 1911 next to me most of the time. There have been a few visits by those who are not familiar with me or my lifestyle habits who react to a pistol in open sight like they just walked onto a rattlesnake.

The fellow who confronted Beto on his REAL intentions at a town hall recently, spoke from the perspective of one who is comfortable around firearms and who assumes others, if they were as trained and familiar with firearms could take responsibility for there own defense at times when the choice of fight or flight is a decision to make.


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To this question I am quick to advise that if flight poses the best chance to live then take that action. But what about those who are caught in a situation where retreat is impossible? They must fight or become trophies for the killer.

What would be the impact on society if things were turned around. What if the shooter knew he had to face armed security at the outset and then go about their grizzly business, room to room, with each intrusion a question of whether he was walking into a classroom with an instructor who could shoot him dead? Room after room, hall after hall, dangerous territory. What would happen  to the shooters motivation, if the first shot brings  out, a crowd of staff armed and ready to protect themselves and their young charges?



I carry. Open carry is legal in Colorado and when I am out and about  you may see the prettiest Colt .45 on my hip. The figure in the picture below isn’t me. I am a guy. The girl in the pic is an Israeli soldier. With all the “lone wolf” attacks on civilians of late, Israel is loosening it’s carry laws to allow more civilians to carry firearms. They believe some of the attacks on Israelis will be thwarted if the good guys carry firearms.  I agree.  

Klikdapik for an interesting little article concerning Israel’s decision.

It interesting to note the comments I have received from others have been positive. Usually they say “cool” and mention the second amendment. Only one old codger, visiting Colorado from Texas, said anything pejorative about my carrying a gun. REMEMBER: IT IS BETTER TO CARRY A GUN AND NOT NEED IT THAN NEED A GUN AND NOT HAVE IT.