Hamas has two things the Jews don’t.

1. A complicit press. In most cases the staged human rights violations are accepted whole hog by the press, and Hamas knows it can rely on the press to emphasise the Palestinian “plight” against the Israeli “invasion.” In countries where the progressives have a large share of media control,(such as the United States) whole issues, invasions, abdications etc don’t exist for many people simply because nobody told them.





2.A corrupt and essentially impotent world community, whose poster child, the United Nations is composed of most of the worst despots alive in the world today. The best pale blue helmets have done is either bare witness to human rights violations and do nothing. Or bug out just before the human rights violations happen. More than half the countries on the U.N.  human rights commission are human rights violators themselves.

Israel stands alone,  back against the sea,with the dogs of death nosing around the pale, looking for an opening, an opportunity to fulfill the Koranic mandate to kill Jews where they find them. Lets not let the Palestinians play victim for the world stage. The truth is that Islam is unwilling to do the Christian thing and make peace.

Share this. Turn up the heat on the anti-Semitism that is preached in our universities, parroted by the nightly news and preached from U.N. pulpits.  The world needs to know the truth. Share this video. Pay it forward for humanity.



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