BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN HERE.  As this man died of exposure, migrants from the middle east were being tucked in, kept warm, cozy and fed. This is not an oversight, nor a blind spot. This man was not in the group that would gain the libs their bits of compassion credit, in the news and among their comrades.   

This man was not useful in the Libbies press releases over assistance to poor migrants escaping the mess they were in back home. So he gets to freeze to death. In a world of identity politics he was unfortunately of a group (military vet) not flagged as a victim to be rescued by the left. As a matter of fact, a Caucasian male is most often a target of the angry liberal onslaught on western values.

Her Cleavage Made Me Do It

The poor over civilized Swedes have a bit of a problem on their hands. In another case of be careful what you pray for the Swedes have been very generous in allowing unrestrained migration into their country.  The level of  reported rapes has had an increase of over a thousand percent. Putting Sweden at the top of the rape stats world wide.

There are some disturbing trends noted,  as constabulary is now giving advice on keeping a low profile on dress and behavior to victims and potential victims. This smacks of placing the onus of the rape on the shoulders of the victims. The rapists blame their religion, the cops and the rapists blame the females and the females are out of luck.

Oh No Bono

Bono you scalawag, you used to wax profane in duet with such conservative creatures as George Bush. It was believed that you would slow dance with the devil to benefit your benefits. He strikes the Nazi salute to flip the Bavarian bird at the Far right anti-immigration Swedish Democratic party, which has seen gains in popularity in recent months.

Hitler comparison: Bono was seen making a Nazi salute on stage during U2's concert in Paris on Sunday, as he mocked Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson

….The tsunami of rapes that have risen in concert with the immigrant population have been a shot in the arm for anti-immigrant sentiment in the country as two cultures, one rooted in 7th century Bedouin and the other concordant with the norms of new millennia,. collide. The rather obvious bar graph below illustrates the giant uptick in rapes  Klikdagraph for more information.