Ignorance is No Excuse

How does one get an erection to do a rape. As much as I’ve tried I have never achieved that particular condition to do a rape. So I  let her pick up the check, refuse to open the door for her and fart loud and long at the cash register. I don’t get many return engagements…but I don.t get arrested either.

The above-mentioned misbehavior was just humor. OK, got that?

Media Matters


This is the face you make when four of your rape victims show up at your wife’s debate. The two Bills, Clinton and Cosby, should go into treatment for Geriatric Boner Management. Everyone under the age of 50 should educated themselves to this ugly little bit of Presidential history.   Remember this is not an isolated incident, it was a pattern of behavior that Hillary was complicit in covering up.





How deep is the of hatred of women in a culture that looks at you with disbelief  when you condemn them for rape. How twisted are the values in a culture when the same crowd  riots and kills people when a cartoon of Mohammad is published.

The ugly truth is that some religions are bad. Some cultures,  (usually based on a bad religion) are bad. And sorry, baby-butt , many people are bad.  KLIKDAPIK !





Sweden-refugees welcome“And they will be given to drink a cup whose mixture is of ginger, a fountain within Paradise named Salsabeel. There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them scattered pearls. And when you look there, you will see pleasure and great dominion.” — Qur’an 76:17-20 YEAH BABY!

Taking Several for the Team

‘No Borders’ activistWhat is heroism? I have to admit that the young lady (a volunteer from the “No Borders” group), who took the gang rape and kept her mouth shut for the cause is a good candidate for the Nobel Piece of Ass. prize.  She can be expected to appear on “Opra,” “The View,” or the “Daily Show” as a special guest for her work in expanding the boundaries for appeasing thugs! 

Who just want a better life! Poor little immigrants.

We should take this as a lesson on preparedness. If such group activities bond the population and pose a outlet for frustrations, it should be provided at the border for those who have been starving for romance for too long. Either volunteers from the “No Borders” group or professionals (prostitutes), to handle the overload.Sexual slaves are provided with appropriate safety equipment for those impromptu bar-b-qs that might involve a lot of  love-slaps to help “get the message across”. (Whatever that might be).




WOW ! Quite the shocker for me. I have never been of the impression that the Springs has such a problem. I wonder if the large number of military bases surrounding Colorado Springs has something to do with it.  (Don’t jump to assumptions about me, I am alluding to how  military arrests affect the stats of the municipality etc. ) And I have a strong suspicion that legislation has something to do with it. Categorization of rape, sexual assault etc. have different dimensions in different venues. In other words I must research and study the information. See ya later…



Why haven’t we heard before?

They turned their backs to the crimes against the innocents.

This child belongs to those who would stand in harm’s way for her.. You and I are responsible.

In the course of tracking down information concerning the failure of multiculturalism in Europe I came upon this: As many as 1400 female children were raped, tortured and abused in northern England  in a multitude of ways over a 16 year period. Sixteen years? Yes it seems that the authorities were aware of the crimes, but they apparently were so intimidated by the possibility of being accused of racism that they just let it go.

Of course the hard numbers are that 91% of child rape convictions in Britain have  Muslim perps. Muslims presently constitute 4% of the British population. Them boys should be given kudos for working overtime in  catching-up with the other 96% of the population.   Oh yes,virtually all the victims were  little white girls. No racism here!

When asked to read a sermon condemning such behavior, 75% of the Mosques that were asked to  condemn the incident, refused to co-operate in sending the anti-child rape message.