This video is one of the clearest  statments of Leon Panettas position on our flawed pull-out of Iraq in 2011. Although the content was damning of Obamas leadership and damaging to his credibility, pundits  questioned the timing of the disclosure as much as any other issue raised by the statement. .  Washington tradition suggests waiting till the President is out of office before publishing. Obviously, with two years remaining on this ex-bosses watch, and what looks to be  a rough  congressional midterm  a couple of weeks away, the timing bodes ill for POTUS et.al..

Leon is one of the oldest whores on the block and he makes no move that is not well thought through and finely crafted for maximum beneficial effect. For Leon Panetta.  And being the seasoned pro that he is, it is very safe to assume he has access to intelligence we don’t have. And thus it is that…..

Leon Panetta is jumping ship before the massacre.

ISIS is poised to take Kobani, a small Syrian border town. As fighting progresses the Turkish Army watches but does nothing to help. If ISIS massacres the entire town they will be doing the Turks a favor by killing the Kurds for them. They hate Kurds.  All of the generals are screaming that airstrikes alone are a strategy of failure. The publics quickly approaching its saturation point for massacres. Soon the buffoonish nature of Obama’s air campaign will stand in stark relief to the tragic loss of innocent lives it will cause. It is embarrassing that the POTUS designed this strategy for purely political reasons.  A pall of foolish tragedy is descending over the administration.  Panetta doesn’t want his footnote in history to include “collateral damage” from the Obama strategy-o-tragedy. 

 When is a good time to go public? Anytime is a good time to save your own skin.



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