Why these Heroes Fight the Good Fight……MOOlah!

The love shack below is “Workin’ class” Joe Biden’s humble abode in which he abides. 200 thousand dollar speaking engagements and all sorts of  “on the side and under table fees have subsidized a lifestyle that is a bit beyond the reach of the middle class he purports to faithfully represent

Biden's home in McLean, Virginia


Go West MR. Biden….Right?

Cornell West is a smart fellow. He leans is left  but his mind is that of a divergent thinker. If you get him in the zone and he gets to churning out stream of conciouness, he will even say some things that are quite astute, if not right, per se.  He is looking at the false  “black preacher” mimicking of Biden and telling him he has to get with reality to beat this group of primary candidates.

I  was embarassed for Joe Biden when he attempted, to sound like an evangelical preacher, a black one at that! It is silly what some polititions will do for a vote. I guess prostitues sometimes get the same reactions when they have to do incredibly stupid things for money.

But if he continues to defend his involvement in a 1984 three strikes law he penned,  he will be easy prey for Trump in that the law resulted in mass incarcerations for blacks in affected jurisdictions. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!! POSSIBLE BLACK DEFECTIONS MIGHT OCCUR …..Biden may alienate the African-American community.


I Am excited about Joe Biden in the fight and on the attack! Not because he will surly win and not because he will  lose. Joe Biden makes Southern Grandmas say, “Bless your heart”. And old southern grandmas save “Bless your heart.” for those moments that are particularly lame brained, like asking for directions to the “men’s room” when  your standing beneath a sign that says “men’s room.”

Enjoy this amusing little vid. Then thank the lord he will not win the presidency!

The Joe Nation Review


“The only thing necessary for the triumph evil is that good men do nothing.”

Soldier Silhouette Reuters


                          Joe, no tongue this time!






                                                                                     Their party, our dime. Ho hum.       










From the tibal, to the National theater it is an inviolate axiom that you should do what you say you are going to do or your word is considered worthless.  I felt that Iraq was the wrong venue for a preemptive strike. Yet  I felt that Bush is a man with a love of honor and his decisions, right or wrong, are made in good faith. And what he says he will do…he will do. He is a man of his word. (Sending a message to his successor).  Tee hee, Tee hee 

Joe Biden Caricature Joe biden #1                                          The dynamics of  dysfunction  were revealed at a recent meeting between the administration and republican  congressional leaders. A lack of pre-meeting preparation showed when the Big Dog growled at Little Dog Joe for speaking out of school.