I remember seeing the riots at the 1969 Democratic convention when cops were swinging their nightsticks HARD and not pausing too long to fear the repercussions as they stuffed the miscreants into paddy wagons in the most rude manner!  The violence was violent. Ugly to watch, deeply disturbing to contemplate….these were Americans, coming to violence against other Americans. The impetuous for the civil discord was far greater than the fairytale oppressions being cobbled together on the fly by the left in congress these days. Of course rather than scoffing at safe zones, and attempting to secure our southern border, we are  we had a little thing called the Vietnam war to debate.                                                                        for more KLIKDAPIK below

The reason for the season lies in the long range plans of the left. 1:Open the borders, 2: Adopt the migrants into the Democratic party with a supermarket of benefits and buy-offs; 3: Install a socialist superstructure to handle the mass of displaced persons relying on government assistance to survive. 4: Send flowers to the Constitution for the funeral of what was once the United States of America.

Of course this blog posting follows on the heels of another post discussing Maxine Waters rabble rousing rancor and call for conservatives to be physically and publicly confronted. Just a snap away from ‘incitement to riot’.


This is a sad story of the results of social engineering and the more despicable angels of our nature. King County near Seattle Washington, refused to notify ICE they had this MS13 member in their custody a couple of times. In effect, they assisted  a convicted felons  attempts to flee justice a multiple of times. The consequences were particularly bad for the young man the next victim, beaten with a ball bat, had his throat cut  first and then he was cut to pieces with a machete. KLIKDAPIK for more…….

A stock photo of a man holding a machete.

A good thing about machetes and baseball bats is that you never run out of ammunition, and malfunctions on your bat or blade are rare. I didn’t know that they could do that. I had no idea that refusing to cooperate with federal Marshals was allowed to go un punished. If I had  run onto this event as a child I would have felt very insecure. How could one wing of law enforcement be nullified by another? In response to political badmouthing. NO legislation, no investigation, no semblance of due process, just insubordination and interference with apprehension. Why was this murderer inconvenienced in the first place. Why didn’t the municipalities in question just release him when they found out that he was an illegal alien in the first moments of police contact. It would surely have been less of a hassle for the felon. And ICE would have not had to drag their butts out of the sack to come and fail to pick him up.

No legal action was taken. The ICE people were just ignored and that was the end of the story…………………..accept for the guy that got beaten and hacked to death.   OH! Well!

Weeping for Oneself

New Jersy has aided and abetted the escape of two pedophiles from justice. Aiding and abetting known felons in escaping the authorities is a crime in itself. New Jersey, in refusing to cooperate with ICE, proclaimed intent to commit the crime, then proceeded to do just that.   No one is held accountable.  Two sexual predators walked away from the consequences of their actions, were released back to the streets to perpetrate crimes, create more victims, pour another cup of misery into the stream of life, and  no one is held accountable.  In the final cut, sorry folks, no authority at work here. You are on your own.

The weirdest thing is the total lack of reason to resist. No injustice has been done, and no authority abused. The straightest line and shortest route point to the loss of the 2016 election to the GOP. It has been on one long marathon wail and whine since the Dems watched the ’16 election floating away form the dock…..without them.   This appears to be greatest tantrum, in chorus, ever thrown in America.  Jack is holding his breath till he passes out and Jill won’t stop tearing up her bedroom….. until she gets what she wants.

What about the victims. Anybody ask the children who have had their innocence stolen?

The prodigal child……….

So I am sitting on a sheet of plywood laid across a couple of saw horses to serve as a makeshift table. “Speed” Defenbaugh grunted when I declared that it was getting harder to find construction work with the increasing number of Hispanics willing to undercut our wages. Speed was real slow…..Get it? OH Well. You just have to be brain damaged to get the humor.

ICE Raid Food Processing Plant

Fact is that there are no classes of job that Americans won’t take. Children are the great humblers in our society. The kids need to be fed. With no regard for your “image”, or your pride, or self respect,……whatever. The kids need to be fed. This is an absolute. Negotiations are not welcome. As a  man who used to stand his pants up in the corner after taking them off in the evening I know just how far you are willing to wander looking for food for the kids. My pants, covered in lambs blood, coagulated on the ride home and were stiff by the time we arrived..

I am here to testify to the grim fact that if there is nothing else, available, anything will have to do. 


Chicken Little Clucks

Congressgirl Ocasio Cortez just a couple months into her first gig reveals her true genius and brings the word of impending doom. As the sun swells to envelope the earth or maybe earth spirals out of the solar system and we freeze, or maybe the Immigration and Customs Enforcement will come get from the closet, or maybe……..Well just KLIKDAPIK and be educated by someone who is obviously more intelligent than the rest of us But be careful, if you stray from the path laid out by this benevolent and remarkable woman.  Chupacabra attacks are increasing of late.



Ilhan Omar




The KKK Makin’ Busts

The general level of personal character has plummeted. I have seen bad politics. From the convention riots in ’68 to Bill Clintons redefining what “sexual” behavior means.  Call me old fashioned but blow jobs are just as much a sexual activity as intercourse. I could fill a book just naming the political unrest I have born witness to in my sixty-some years on the globe. Anybody remember the Watts Riots?

But I have never seen such a deterioration of civility outside of a Banana Republic on fire.  Next to come are star chambers and kangaroo courts?

Verbal  savagery is endemic to the socialist personality on attack.. In the socialist mind, he/she is advocating for the underdog, oppressed by the “man”.  In order for there to be an oppressed, there must be an oppressor. This oppressor must be vilified as a monster. So the name calling.  Because those represented must be terribly put-upon and the reply must drip with the righteous rage of one who has been terribly wronged.

Thus comparisons…..  the KKK or Nazis or Satan or…..well you can just fill in the blank. The charming pik below is inked to an article that addresses the issue of comparing ICE with the KKK.


Kamala Harris wags finger (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)

Please do not mistake the last paragraph of the linked article as this authors final word. That dubious distinction belongs wholly to Ms. Harris. There is nothing wrong with ICE that would require more than a enhanced awareness of their public relations and greater sensitivity to the collateral damage that can be done to family members  while they make their apprehensions. In other words. If grandma or the kids are rudely awakened…..don’t make the bust. Re-creating Immigration and Customs Enforcement from scratch is just demagogic  bullshit.

What the F***? …… Just Dereliction of Duty

Below is a pik of anti-ICE protesters. They have camped on Portland’s streets for a couple of months. They are not hard to find. You will smell the buckets of urine and fecal matter from a great distance. As Jesus said about the poor, so it goes with idiots, they will be with us always. But the failure of local police to respond to these bums stalking and strong-arming tactics, failure to protect citizens and the public peace at the deliberate behest of the Mayor is too dangerous a mind-set allow to take root in our society.

The Mayor, who doubles as police commissioner, should be replaced immediately and he should be charged with the reckless endangerment of the citizens in his city.

If the elected officials of the community refuse to do their job,…. what then. Do we take up arms and fight these threats on our own?   When the bough breaks,…who will be blamed for the blood on the streets? 


Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing