Daddies Home !!!

I am the parent of five daughters. Therefore I have been involved with  physical confrontations with as many as three young males on the same occasion. But, of course you don’t come  in between a daddy lion and his cubs…………. or you die.

The knife below is just a random pic. But it is linked to a fine little article.

In Search of a Sprite


WIsh this pic of my daughter, Margaret and yours truly, was a bit more in focus, but it does, as it is, give the feeling of  motion and joy. Joy between father and daughter. It has been over a month since I have seen Margi. I do miss her deeply. She brings that shimmering joy illustrated in the photo, and brightens every room she enters. The Viking behind her is her father, reveling in the moment when she contemplated breaking the “surly bounds” of earth and take flight. If you see her, tell her to call home. She is deeply missed. and I am very worried.