Christian Genicide

Christian genocide is happening in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fact that it is being underreported by the Main Stream Media is a testimony to narcissism of the public. As long as these massacres are neatly tucked down below the Sahara and the populations affected are black, nothing significant is being done by those international organizations that can do for them. When I hear snowflakes crying for safe spaces on campus or barking for respect plus one for their particular sexual identity I am driven to an emotional nausea at the very thought of such self-serving  political correctness.

The possibility of having your community razed to the ground and families being put to the knife or gun because of their religion, frames the gripes of the average citizen of the developed societies in a damning fashion. Our hubris I hope will eventually fall before the pressure of public opinion so that the scales might fall from our eyes and our hearts will regain the vision to see the unpleasant realities they have turned away from for so long.

Forgotten Africa

Prohibition was a different kinda cat in the old days. Some stills could get smashed up and sometimes the cook would get some jail time as well. But the rather random consequences that are being met out by Boco Haram are both indiscriminate and vicious beyond anything currently devised as punishment in modern nations. Stoneings,  hangings,being thrown from high places, and dismemberment are  punishment best left to the 6th century.

Of course activities such as those described have been out of use  in most countries world wide for quite a while. Such killings and mutilations are still staples of law in countries that self identify as Muslim. But education and laws restricting such behaviors may help as soon as the present fires have been put out.


Why don’t we get upset about sub-Saharan Africa?  Mozambique lost a few people to Jihadists in the last few days. If you care to take a moment to look you will find that such reports are a weekly if not daily event for the darker part of the dark continent. There is no mention in the Mainstream Media.

Atrocity of the Week

One must ask the question; Why is the wholesale killing of Africans something that doesn’t rate full coverage by the main stream media.? Massacres like the daily violence found in African states would merit headlines filled with tragedies that would shock the world.  Why are African lives expendable?  Boco Harum  in Nigeria, Janjaweed in Serra Leone or wholesale genocide of Christians in northern Uganda,  getting killed by Muslim death squads is  a  daily hazard of living. .


                                        From the death bed of Mohammed





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Africa is on the cusp of degenerating into a continental breeding ground for Jihadists. Family, governmental and shared cultural institutions are disintegrating. A generation of parents have already died from the HIV running rampant as well as the genocidal thrust of various Jihadists.
Crooked pirate governments are fomenting unrest. America should take a stand. Vacuums aren’t vacuums for long. If not us, somebody else might fill the void. In the great cake-walk of international politics we may be left standing when the music stops. And our enemies will be legion, and sitting pretty.