Re-entry  into society is a problem with some incarcerants. The playgrounds, playmates and playthings are still there, waiting for the convict released to the street to pick back up and use to get started again. Old habits, old hang-outs and old comrades are a familiar harbor for the released prisoner. Often, friends from the old gang are already scheming on their first job after release.  Unfair incarceration, on various drug offences, and a reconcideration of charges have been a point of interest for the POTUS.

ISIAHA WASHINGTON, OF LATE KNOWN AS THE ACTOR CANNED FROM “GREYS ANATOMY” for making a gay slur , asserts what Pres. Trump has done more to help the black man than Obama.

The icons and role models for African Americans had better tart putting their money where there mouth is. Isaiah is not an isolated defector. He is one of countless young black men who are emerging from the shadows of the Democratic Plantation to find that the world is at their feet and all they have to do is go for it!  He has preasently ben reunited with his cast ans is working on the series again. Isaiah Washington.

It would be quite a wet dream to have an army of black men, all shoulder to shoulder, all working shoulder to shoulder with men of other colors. (Caucasian). If we were to work together, there would be nothing that we couldn’t achieve.


Shadows on the Wall

Plato’s’ “Allegory of the Cave” speaks of mans illusory relationship with the world. Nearly 3 millennia ago Plato saw our self – deceptive nature. Often what we want becomes all we can see. When all we see is just shadows on the wall, it can all change with a flicker of the candles flame.

When Mueller’s report came out and it fell right in line with the scuttlebutt  that preceded its release.  The scuttlebutt being that there really wan’t anything to the charges of  Trump colluding with the Russians The not so quiet whispers from pundit land said, “Oh Well not too much to see here.”

THERE WERE OTHERS who saw things differently. There were others who had fabricated a world of grandiose visions to fill the void where facts were absent. Poor Rachel Maddow. She must have put herself to sleep each night with visions of Impeachment dancing in her head. Of course, as Icarus discovered, Ms. Maddow learned what happens when you fly too high……. You fall too far. What do you do when the revolution grinds to a halt, when you finally get the memo that there wasn’t there and you have ranted for two years and then ……..nothing.  Time for a moment of reflection.  Where am I?  Where do I go from here?


Trump Syndrome is in full flower one day after the Mueller Report has been rendered into the possession of AG Barr and before a syllable of the report has been released to congress, the white house, or the public. A quick perusal of the face page of Yahoo reveals the rampant ‘TS’ in the MSM. “Why Trumps aids lied t protect him…..” and a mob of similar headlines are cascading from wherever such flotsam floats. After well over 30 million dollars and thousands of man-hours search, researching, grilling witnesses in minefields of perjury traps and hanging hard time over their heads for infractions of the law years before Trumps campaign, and years before they even met Donald Trump.

Manafort stands between Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump









I include this link for your perusal. The word lie is sprinkled liberally throughout the piece but there are few if any statements as to the CONTENT of the lies. It is just a rather mind numbing repetition of so and so lied….and so and so lied……but no facts are forth coming. The content goes only as far as stating someone lied. Most of the charges levied in the investigation were directed toward Russian foreign nationals who had a huge ox to gore with Sec. of State Clinton, who was working feverishly to influence peddle with anybody who would be willing to pay. Who makes American Uranium stores available to RUSSIA? Hillary Clinton, that’s who!

Just Don’t Do It!

Conservative Sheriff David Clark backs president Trump in his critical opinion of the late Senator John McCain. The POTUS has sparked controversy over his feelings about the deceased Republican Senator and genuine war hero, John McCain. McCain, long referred to as a ‘Maverick” and a RINO (Republican In Name Only) was involved in bringing the false “collusion dossier” to light in a thinly veiled attempt to derail Trumps candidacy at the last moment. Another point of contact came in McCains voting against the rollback of Obama care in spite of previous assertions that he favored the removal/ repeal of The Affordable Care Act, (Obama care).


Whether or not he has valid reason for not praising McCain is, at this point, moot. Speaking ill of a dead war hero shows a tin ear to public opinion. The POTUS cannot improve his position with this offensive speech. He is best served by dropping the issue and moving on, before, hopefully he damages his 2020 bid for re-election.

The Gifts of the Left

This video is a gift for all of those who were a little reluctant when they voted for Trump. I was one of those short sighted people who were uncomfortable with his less than presidential demeanor.  Now that I have seen the Herculean fight he is putting up to do what is right for this country I have gained a lot of respect for him. You go Trump! The following vid is very amusing and somewhat informative. But sometimes you have got to take life a little less seriously……..

My Bad?

The  former acting director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe,  just revealed  conversations he and other FBI had concerning the 25th amendment being used to oust  the POTUS from office. However, the 25th does not apply to any act of treason or malfeasance and could not be used to harm this president.  It is obvious in the language of the Amendment. The 25th amendment was installed to deal with a president who, by physical or psychological disease cannot fulfill their duties as president.  Mcabe did, however, reveal that the idea of a coup d’état had become water cooler talk amoung he and his cohorts. It is rather disturbing that this man did not fear any consequences following this disclosure. Does it speak to the depth of his delusion that most Americans sing chorus behind him? Or is he just stupid. For this admission is in essence a confession of hatching a plot for a coup! I think it is just stupidity. A fifth grader can read the amendment and tell you it is reserved for debilitating physical or mental conditions that would make the execution of his duties as president impossible. But the director of the premier investigative organization, the Federal Bureau  of Investigation, could not get it right. STUPID!

A Week to Remember

President Trumps “State of the Union Address” must have had impact. Approval ratings for the speech reached 76% as recorded by Rasmussen.  He was able to touch a commonality in the heart of Americans that reached beyond his base. A brief analysis of the numbers is provided through link below.

See the source image

WELCOME HOME BIG DADDY…. some “Never Trumpers” Break Ranks

His address had the benefit of a Democrtic Govenor busted for an old photo in black face. followed by his successor being accused of rape a couple days before the speech. A couple of days after, the announcement of the ridicules “Green Dream” that even Nancy Pelosi cringed at bookended the speech.  If the Dems are not careful they will re-elect Donald Trump. KLIKDPIK below




Grow Up a little Bit Nancy

Nancy read . Or rather pretended to read throughout President Trumps State of the Union, address. Never disappointing to take another turn on the bottom feeding freeway of the low road. She flaunts her disrespect for the deference paid the office of president and she flaunts her utter disdain for the average American cItizen by trying to steal some of the impact of the POTUS speech by antics like weird hand clapping and stranger facial expressions. She of course refused to stand in approval of President Trumps statement  America will never be a socialist country.  Which is a strong indicator of her approval of the socialist agenda that is permeating the entire Democratic party.It is not her lack of respect for the president that is intriguing; It is the lack of respect for herself. Does she know that she doesn’t appear clever? Does she even understand that such behavior is a quick way to lose the respect of the millions who watched the address and wanted to focus on the presidents content rather than her foolish kindergarten antics. The fact is ugly. She is revealing her mental age as floating around ten years old. God help the Union if any of the top  democrats find their way into the Oval office. We shall be ruled by oppositional adolescants!.

President Donald Trump turns to House speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., as he delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence watches, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. Photo: Doug Mills / Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


So we  will call it a teddy bear. Feel better now?  A lot is being said about the southern border and the barrier that POTUS is trying to get funded. A lot has been said and every word from the mouths of Democratic obstructionists about the necessity of a border barrier is false. The Dems have been pushing for a border barrier  for years. They could literally sand behind both podiums in the debate because they are attacking actions and attitudes that they themselves have touted as their own.

The three Democratic simians don’t say, Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil any longer.  Now they are saying Speak No Truth, see No Truth, Hear No Truth.

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In news cycles rife with bias and negativism, a little positive news can have a healing effect on jaded spirits. Sitting, as I am, at the foot of NORAD, with the air force academy on the north, and Ft, Carson to the south I have had the privilege of counseling a few soldiers who were having difficulties adjusting to returning home. Having their back, is vital, sometimes critical. Thankfully, I have never had a client (in or out of the military) suicide while in my care, but suicide, depression, PTSD, and drug abuse are a growing problem in our returning military. I would like to remind everyone that we all have a part in a warfighters deployment.  It is the obligation of civilians to catch these young men and women as they free-fall back into the civilian world and show them the defferance they have earned.

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