On What Planet?

A comparison of the success of Presidents Obama and Trump is at the other end of the link provided with the pik below. The comparison focuses on the movement of the stock market in each administration. I have been reluctant to make any direct comparison because I thought it was quite obvious….. Trump has achieved in two years what Obama was unable to achieve in eight years of golfing and kowtowing to dictatorships and Caliphates. But what can you expect from a president who coins such immortal utterances as “LEADING FROM BEHIND”.



The Great Obama Recovery

As far as pissing contests go., the comparison of the economy under Obama compared to Trump is like getting into a pissing contest with niagra falls. Apart from saddeling us with a trillion dollars in national debt with a GDP that never broke 2 percent in growth throughout the Obama debacle. Trump, founder of of the feast that serves record breaking economic growth with a GDP that has broken 4.2 percent has Obama in a “shut yo mouth” situation with Trump standing astride the oh so esoteric Obama like a conquering general.

In other matters, the contrast couldn’t be more defined with Trump countering Obamas intial “Apology tour” of world capitals with a public pillaring of Nato and the leaders of the European union before the world. I cringed. But the job was done. Greece, a tiny little country pays it’s NATO dues, why do such financial powerhouses as Germany renege on the payments? Hell we have been on their turf with guns pointed at the Ruskies since the wall went up. What could be their gripe? By the by here is a pik and link of little lord Neville Chamberlane  taking the leap of faith (faith in the ignorance of his audience.) and claiming this red hot recovery as his own.

Banana Republics…..101

Well now I know why Obama cuddled so sweetly with Chavez of Venezuela  during his administration. He was studying the fine points of sandbagging political opposition. Dinesh has always been a very vocal and effective critic of Obama. After he made a particularly damning film on Obamas false rise to the presidency it was obvious to the Obama administration that he had to go…….

There Really is a Difference


The piklink below shows a rather ironic shot of the riots at Ferguson Missouri. During the nights of riots Obama, shamed at doing nothing for several days, invited reps of the rioters to a parley. During this sit down the salient quote came from the POTUS when he advised the rioters to “Stay the course.” Let me repeat that last statement. He told the protesters/car-burners to “Stay the course.” What course? To continue to loot and burn until the town is a flattened field of ashes?

Representatives of the city of Ferguson were NOT invited. 

I have come to expect liberals to caterwaul and perhaps knock over a trash can or two when they lose an election. In my half century of life I have seen this behavior a couple of times…But I have never seen a president encourage such destruction and cultural discord. Hatred is having a party in America, and the founder of the feast is Barack Obama. He had many opportunities to cool down several incidents of civil unrest and downright rioting and chose to do nothing at best….. or fan the flames at worst. But could you expect anything else from a man whose resume’ has “organizer” as his area of special expertise? Getting people stoked and pissed off at each other is his thing. He has never endeavored to build anything, fix anything, or help anyone. The article the pik is linked to is but a particle of the hateful acts that have persisted since President Trumps inauguration. It is a list of violence perpetrated on conservatives by the gentle souls who refer to themselves as” liberals.”…….Teeeheee


Obama is bugging out


Word on the street is that Ex-Pres Obama is putting together  (organizing) a group to sabotage President Trumps administration.

Michele, always a class act, outlines her post election plans to the DNC.





When you have nothing to lose the truth surfaces. As far as I can tell this couples motivation was the same as Charles Manson, and/or Adolf Hitler; start a race war and install a junta that suits their idea of governance from the wreckage of our nation.




The article attached to this pic has one defect of focus. Obama is not just the worst president in U.S. history, he is our greatest enemy. As our military strips museum exhibits for parts while functioning on a budget reduction of 29% the middle east combusts, (and the fire is spreading west). He pontificates over the sheer meanness of having solid borders while carrying water for his buddies the Cubans by eliminating the wet foot-dry foot loophole for Cuban refugees who had the gumption to make the 90 mile swim to our shores. Israel is backstabbed through the U.N. (Obama operatives machinated the betrayal) while handing Israels wailing wall to the Muslims.

THINGS ARE CHANGING NOW…….When did the Arab spring happen? It happened when Obama backed the grand poo-bah of terrorist groups, the “Muslim Brotherhood” in a take-over of Egypt. The brotherhood has been in a death match with Egyptian moderates since the 1930’s. Admittedly Egypt is still Muslim and Christians are still being persecuted. But Egypt, on the world stage for a few thousand years, does not want the clock turned back 1400 years.  Things are changing now and I feel less like a stranger in a strange (I mean really strange) land.

Last Friday our stalwart Sec. of State mumbled something about sending money to the Palistinians. as he left his office for the last time……Of course this little contribution was without the knowledge of congress and follows his screwing of Israel by just a couple of weeks.




We don’t want to believe it. We see the glow over the hill and smell the burning wood. Denial is a comfortable place. But eventually you have to admit that where there is smoke there is fire and the barn is really burning.

Dhimitude is a condition that I doubt our ex- POTUS would be loath to wear. But in his wisdom he knows all will adjust to a life less affluent. He accepts that the mob needs guidance from certain special people and that he is one of the priests of this new World. His row will be especially long and  hard . He will be forced to live in luxury while he watchs the welfare checks mailed.




If not for the attempt at leveling the playing field by creating the electoral college, presidents would be picked by New York, California and a couple other sea-board states every election.  The “fly-over states” comprising most of the land mass of the country would never be heard from again. 

But these oh so un-cosmopolitan western and southern hicks just couldn’t let it pass this time. Too many deliberately self destructive  moves, (by this I mean damaging to the U.S. itself) openly  perpetrated by the present administration, lit a fire under the good ol’ boys (heretofore considered the “silent majority”).  They issued forth from their swamps and farms, mesas and mountains and turned the ignition on their Humvees and pick-up trucks and poured out to the voting places to set things right.

They, me or we, couldn’t take anymore identity politics, obsessive focus on what people do with their genitals, how terrible America and Americans should feel for thriving etc. While the world at lage was coming apart at the seams.



I have been hacked. My worthless information was gleened and they screwed my computer. But it just took and afternoon and a little work with passwords and all is well. At least for the moment. (My spouse fixed it).

I remember the old image of the hopelessly cynical news reporters, not believing anything or anybody and holding everyones feet to the journalistic fire without regard to  private prejudices. There was a time when most newspapers just told you who they backed and that was that. We were saved the embarrassment of having to listen to tones of objectivity by a press that can’t hold it’s water when  Barak Obama entered the room. I am much more comfortable with a openly hostile main stream media attacking Pres. elect Trump than listening to them blow-viate about their favorite ex- POTUS, B. Obama.

God bless and keep you…..far away from me.