A Good Day to Die?


Occasionally I entertain the thought that it is a good time to be over sixty years old. The parallels between the condition of America and Ancient Rome become too vivid. It seems the America I was raised in is disappearing before my eyes and my cynical, (heartbroken) response is that it is a good time to die. Both me and the republic can watch the sun set on the dream of America in better times. The dream is America, the great experiment in self-rule. As the work-ethic dies and adulthood is shunned, as a gimme-gimmie culture overwhelms the traditional courage that making your mark in the world requires  will fade away. Hopefully before too much more damage is done to this good place, I will fade with the last light of an American day.


A picture of me, in darker moments.









Donald Trump, Now POTUS stood against  democrats, independents, socialists, and anarchists. Many in his party (GOP) shunned him.

Then this man takes the stage. And like the cavalry arriving in the nick of time, he has breathed life into breast of the American dream. He entered a capital, rife with good ol’ boyism, and backroom deals. He said he was going to “drain the swamp.”

The average American was being taught that you don’t have to work, you don’t have to be committed to any person, place, belief or loyalty past that which serves selfish needs. The economy is tanked and the average young American has learned to live on less and lose themselves in a jungle of electronic dependencies on countless screens on phones computers and T.V.s.

The economy was stagnant and pushed further underwater by disastrous Liberal spending. Pockets of poverty formed like quagmires of violence and hopelessness in most major cities. The family, under assault since the great society was foisted upon America, was deteriorating. Men were marginalized and women were busy “finding themselves”.

Trump stood with his face defiantly to the wind. The mainstream media despised Trump and biased (negative) reporting reached 90 percentile in negative coverage of Trump. He was crude in speech and was not elquant by any means. This author initialy hated his hillbilly mannerisms and crude speech.

With all the Hollywood beauties, the mainstream media, and the rich limosine liberals after him, with not a chance to win. He won.

So as far as that it’s a good time to die thinking……well, I think I want to stick around a while longer. GO bless you President Trump. Thank you for saving America…from herself.