Candace the Conqueror !!!

Candace  Owens girds her loins for battle with the unfair weapon called “the facts” and everyone knows that the facts can be painful to hear. The facts sometimes are what you see in the morning mirror. You may not like it. But when you change it you lose it. BUT WHO WILL WE TRUST TO GUIDE US TO THE ANSWERS?………….

  • The people who tell us that the world will end in twelve years…..
  • The people who tell us that we must destroy the coal industry….
  • The people who tell us that caw flatulence must be eliminated to save earth….
  • The people who tell us that we should provide free health care for the entire world, via our “open borders”
  •  Those who want driving licenses for undocumented illegal aliens. ,
  • Those who want College tuition for “undocumented  illegal  scholars?)

It is the bullyboy who will either kick your carapace or enlighten you with a gagging of the truth.. Below Candace KO’s us with fist full of truth. then in the vid below that, the truth  is filmed and presented in its raw, undeniable ugliness.

We may feel better hiding behind our denial. But a good hard dose of the truth will set us free.

Stay the Course…

In the “Be careful what you prey for,” category Baltimore learned a lesson about living by the wisdom of the mob.

After the Ferguson riots, the then POTUS Obama met with some of the leaders of the “Black Lives Matter” group who were involved in the burning and pillaging of Ferguson streets. Members of the police dept. were not invited to this meeting and it was downplayed by the mainstream media. I was able to find this sound-only bit in response to what appeared to be his encouraging those who rioted to “Stay the Course!” Stay the course till what? Till they burned down more of their own neighborhood?  Why would the man with the bully pulpit encourage their destructive behavior? Could it be that much of his experience had been as a community organizer?