About four years ago a brash loudmouthed rich American man began a campaign for the highest place in the land, the office of president of the U.S.. He was the least presidential man I have seen ascend to the purple. Crude of speech and very simple of thought he was embarrassing to watch, if you expected your standard chief executive known to the oval office in decades before. Fears of nuclear annihilation and cultural deterioration shivered my timber and rocked my boat. But the left chose just about the only people who were less desirable for the position as he, (Trump)……… A  cadre of   aggressive socialists, direct enemies to capitalism and bent on destroying the AMERICAN system.. Obama opened the door, made rather fawning peace with the Muslims of the world. turned a cold shoulder to our heretofore allies in Israel,  colonialism and our past profits at their expense, and apologized to the world for the crusades, various colonial ventures, and the drilling of many unattractive holes in their deserts in search of oil..

Karma, destiny, or just a good old fashioned case of  “come – uppence” caused a pyroclastic flow of submerged vitriol of unresolved anger to shake our world and rattle the framework of our shared Americanism. Now we are set against each other and wondering how it all happened.  


From this melee of finger-pointing, cross-accusation and it seems, an endless roster of fring groups ready and willing to burn down your town, ( or their own town for that matter).

And from the murky mists of the D.C. swamp came the harbinger of  dumb…..Joe Biden. YOU THINK COMMUNICATING IS DIFFICULT NOW, JUST LET THIS MAN GET HOLD OF A MOUTH FULL OF WORDS.


There are national guard troops on the streets of Atlanta,. A child was murdered. A black child. Remarkably, it has been reported on by the mainstream media. The grim harvest of the July 4th placed her in the company of 17 others killed and in total, 89 others shot. The stats are the similar in other large metro areas. Black people are killing each other at an alarming rate. I don’t hear much about it.  There are a lot of black people dying but not much is being done to respond to the carnage.An officer investigates the scene of a deadly shooting where a 7-year-old girl and a man was fatally shot in Chicago on Sunday: (Chicago Tribune)

I hear that this is a racist country. i need some guidance. Other than individual acts of racism such as the horrific image of George Floyds murder; I see little sign of systemic racism in America. I imagine the perpetrators appreciate the distraction provided by medias chasing it’s tail while barking “Racism! Racism!”  While we peer into the shadows under our bed looking for this specter of “systemic racism” . Seeing  shapes in the shadows,  seeing ……….NOTHING.


The victims, from left to right: Davon McNeal, Natalia Wallace, Royta Giles Jr. and Secoriea Turner. (Handouts)


The motivation for the most progressive Americans to spin vehemently about a very recent addition to the “shit  Happens” catalogue of bumper sticker wisdom, (systemic Racism), is a mystery to me.  This “systemic rumination” on “systemic racism”  points to a mass of the moonbat mob in a drooling frenzy over a rather shallow fantasy. All I ask is that someone show me evidence. show me one hand full of objective evidence.of a system bent on racist actions against anybody. just a pinch that ou can hold between your thumb and index finger. if you can call up just one gram of systemic racism I will humbly admit i am convinced. but if all you have is your favorite phrase as objective reality don’t waste my time.

“AMERICA IS RACIST AS FUCK !” Try to guess what type person said that. i will tell you at the post script. it may surprise you. now enjoy the little vid i have below….


i cannot waste a moment of my life addressing problems for which there is not a scintilla of hard evidence. There has not been one smmmmmidge of evidence laid at my feet, of any “system”. No documents. no perpetrator. nothing. what I do see is dead children. they are dead because the eight hundred pound gorilla is literally sitting in the progressives lap while they quite easily ignore a race of people committing cultural suicide. The children are weeping. Little angels yet born. They are hoping to be born into a world where their parents have had he courage to face the problem in the mirror.








Started watching Morgan Freeman on a children’s educational program “The Electric Company” very lanky, sporting Maxi Bells and a perfectly blown out “Fro” Times were more hopeful then, the brothas were the bros and we were happy with each other. Every girl wanted to better Linda Lovelace and there were posters of Bruce Lee in store windows on Colfax Ave. (Denver).

Even my older brother, with a head of “Bozo RED” hair got an afro. “not his look”! I was down with the bruthus and were chill with me. “WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THEN AND NOW?” As a culture we were giddy with our emancipation from the REAL  systemic racism of jim Crow and those who would have fellow Americans “Ride the back of the bus”!

The A,B,C’s of OAC !!!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the unabashed bigot is damaging the USA. The smirk below, connecting to an nice short article about Tucker Carlsons epiphany over overlooked Gorillas dwelling in our living room!  Part of the blind spot the public has suffered may be accountable to her manner of bursting onto the political scene in D.C.. While wearing two masks during the hijacking of the American publics consciousness, she delights and disarms the Republicans with assaults on the “swamp” and beguiles the lefties with attacks on the right and bold, (mind numbing) assertions of representing a new party (Democratic Socialism) on the scene. She comes off as the first Democratic Socialist  elected to office in U.S.  history. Any cursory knowledge of the structure of the American Republic, will send a chill of existential threat running down the spine and spawning spastic twitches not dissimilar to Tardive Dyskinesia in  full bloom. So, while our attention is on the angels of Marxism fluttering menacingly about our heads, she blames every ill known to man on the European colonialism of the 19th century.        She is the bigot hiding in plain sight. She is Americas Grand Dragon of  racism and hatred.                                                                          JUST KLIKDAPIK below for more……

Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pictured in a file photo from an Aug. 23 hearing that featured Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


In these days , when the air is rarified by winds of condemnation and prejudice for all things American, I have a Man crush on Chris Pratt. Not that he is  “just too sexy”. He is, however unbowed by the Main Stream Media as well as the critical glance of politically charged celebs in  his orbit around LALA Land.

The controversy is sparked by his crime of wearing a T-shirt sporting the coiled snake of the Gadsden flag. The flag image, created during the revolutionary war, has been adopted by some on the far right of the political spectrum. By association, he is damned.

Of course, after outing himself as a conservative Christian a few months ago, his days as THE darling of  hip, slick and high production value movies are now numbered. I don’t think anyone who is wearing a T with a coiled snake on it, proclaiming “Don’t Tread on Me”. is going to cave to the pseudo righteous left.  For more KLIKDAPIK

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenneger

I Love Condi

Just a little vid on reality rather than the delusional cloud that has descended upon America. Bull Conner is no longer openly setting the dogs on civil rights people as fire hoses knocked ’em down. As a white male I thought things were going swimmingly between the races. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know who stands to benefit from bad race relations in the U.S.. The worse things are, the better it is for the mainstream media. The worse things are the better for the liberal demagogues who need conflict to justify their bitter, empty lives, and political identities.

The Rift that Wasn’t

There were a lot of riots during the Obama lpresidency. In a meeting with the people involved with one riot Obama, the old “organizer” told the rioters to “stay the course.”  “Stay the course?”  What did he advise? Keep burning down your neighborhood till you get what you want? The media blamed the police and community leaders. Sometimes the civic leaders turned on the police and the riots increased, the police assassinations increased and Obama ran into the arms of  Bouncy and JZ  or the nearest golf course in Hawaii. It seemed that all the violence and bigotry  was just on T.V., for I could find no evidence of such divisions in the real world. Divisions were in the minds of most, but that was the main theater of action in this great split between the races that I keep hearing about to this day.

While sitting in a pharmacy waiting for a script to get filled, a black gentleman of similar age to me took a seat next to me and we proceeded to engage in small talk. At one point I asked him where all the anger I see on the news is coming from. He said he didn’t know and that he was just as mystified as I. “I used to hang with the “brothers” back in the seventies. We felt that we had been freed to be who we were and that the world was ours for the taking. Now we have hit an invisible wall. Frustrating!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we

Just Listen

Occasionally I stumble across a story that is such a powerful message that I must share it with as many people as possible. More and more I am seeing black Americans walking away from the Blue Plantation, breaking the spiritual bonds of the “poor me” mind-set to follow their version of the American Dream. This gentleman has a very uplifting message, delivered without an ounce of angst or anger.

The witness of this little woman carries a lot of courage with it. With the spontaneous anger and occasional violence that is happening in the streets, stating the truth can be dangerous.