Banana Republics…..101

Well now I know why Obama cuddled so sweetly with Chavez of Venezuela  during his administration. He was studying the fine points of sandbagging political opposition. Dinesh has always been a very vocal and effective critic of Obama. After he made a particularly damning film on Obamas false rise to the presidency it was obvious to the Obama administration that he had to go…….

Birds of a Feather…….THE THREE AMIGOS!

When ol’ Al isn’t dodging his taxes and shaking down companies for hush money, he hangs at a  joint on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with homies Berry and Rick.

Of course there is one overarching reason for most of this administrations problems……










Eric holder thinks Fox News gins-up mass contagion over terrorist events. He takes the “Move along folks. Nothing to see here.”  tact in response to public concern. His goal in this particular interview is to reduce the public’s awareness of the truly heinous organization, ISIS (ISIL etc.) . Eric Holder  wants us to calm our fears, and keep the strident opinions to ourselves.

Eric went histrionic over the Ferguson hoax. He dropped the affairs of a nation, left his office, and headed to Ferguson in order to tie the noose. A grand jury already was in process adjudicating the incident. It was covered. But Holder’s blood lust drove him insert himself, so he appears in Ferguson.

Eric Holder went ballistic over the Zimmerman shooting  and dropped the nation’s business so he could fan the flames of that lynch mob  Neither of these incidents gave any indication that hate laws had been broken, but hoping to find a way to string Zimmerman up,  Holder pressed on and even went public. soon we had three part harmony from Obama, Holder, and Sharpton as they went public with their paranoid delusions of a new millennia Jim Crow creeping across the land. 

An Obama operative has recently bragged that the Obama Whitehouse has been miraculously scandal free the last six years. Ask any conservative and he will offer a long list beginning with Benghazi, the IRS harassing conservative organizations, the gun walking incident etc. ad infinitum. It is discouraging. Even though we share a world, we all live in separate realities.





A Hot House Flower


Long after Ferguson was proved to be a fully justified shooting. Long after it was well established that the media had acted in faithless collusion with the worst elements in this case. The POTUS and agent, Eric Holder, took it on the road about  race relations and the “war on black men” being waged by a police state out of control!

They, (Obama and Holder) I believe, are still not “in the loop.”  They are continuing to dance even though the music stopped.  The case was overwhelmingly settled by a lot of corroborative witnesses.  Obama and Atty. General Holder are still race baiting this unsubstantiated plague of black – hunting cops. This lag in deep information processing is an obvious effect of a person who is cocooned  by a wall of like – thinkers and sycophants isolated from the real world. One bad habit of political professionals is that they only hang with like – minded people. Their understanding of the world is narrowed over time. And the world goes on. (Alinski hold-outs are so last Millennium).


Thing is,  reality is fluid, and Obamas’ race-baiting belief system is  an intransigent schema.. So he sometimes seems weirdly “out of sync” with real events. Such is the POTUS condition. His toady the A.G. is just that, a sub-alpha toady standing at the ready for POTUS to say “sic ‘um” . Cuz that dog will hunt. Yup! That hound will jump a thousand dead African-American bodies to get to one ‘white cop – on – black male’ shooting.

Tragedy, so capriciously toyed with, casts a  garish light.. So many enlightened few! And  all of them ignoring “Mighty Joe Young” squatting in the living room.

As much as 96% of blacks murdered are murdered by blacks.

The black family is  disintegrating. has disintegrated.

Thousands are dying.

Less than .01 percent of blacks killed are killed by police and when rounded to the nearest whole integer it heads toward zero.  

We know the drill.

This vid is raw and relentless. It might be the slap needed for some folk. It is long, and not all of it is up on current trends. Mr. Cosby is mentioned. But the essence is undisturbed.


Yet the DOJ howls and rushes to Ferguson to stem the tide of police mayhem. Our president. (take a breath), Our President…..He went to the roof of the white house. And turned on the Towana Brawley Signal. Screw Billy Graham! Obama calls his spiritual advisor, The Right and Honorable Al Sharpton!  Al Sharpton is his muse and advisor. He is the POTUS’ “man on the scene”,  he is Obama’s conduit to the events of the nation.

... Tawana Brawley’s mother and stepfather want to reopen the case, a






Krauthammer cites two statements made by Attorney General Holder.  Holder states that he hopes the vandalism doesn’t obscure the true thrust of the protest. And that such behavior should not be “condoned”. Condoned?  The riot,  the destruction of a  town! And the best he’s got is “shall not condone”. How bout  “will not be tolerated” how bout “will be stopped?”  To condone is to approve. We shall not approve? Pretty lame if you ask me.  The riots and destruction should not be tolerated because it is wrong to riot. And this thing about  the riots obscuring the point?. I guess the message I’m missing  is that cops are roaming around in pick-up trucks firing  at black citizens, dragging black family’s from church meetings to  lynch…oops..that’s what the mob wants for officer Wilson.

The facts are as follows. For three months a town in Missouri has been under siege over a false issue that offers as much threat to your average black citizen as winning the lotto. WAY LESS THAN 1%  of blacks killed are dispatched by a police officer. It is actually such a puny percentage that rounding it would give you an answer of zero.

All the time, riots, anger, violence, destroyed property, damaged race relations. All over a relatively rare event. However, (it’s a big however) over 93% of African Americans murdered, are murdered by African Americans! Why is there no call to fight true Black on Black violence. For there is a real epidemic of Black on Black crime, but the powers that could do something about the situation, still prefer piddling with a splinter’ while the heart of the black community is actually  skewered  by  a huge  wooden stake.

Hissing lisps are now illegal….cuz I said so!


Truth is truth. Truth is truth when whispered through the concertina wire at the edge of a gulag in Siberia. Truth is truth if shouted from a grass hut in Fiji. Through the ages our character as sentient beings has been handed from one generation to the next. Only because the ideas, thoughts and values remain unchanged  through the ages.

Our Government is suing companies for requiring employees to know the English language. Big  Bro is watching and listening. Big Bro says you cannot handle the freedom to make business decisions for your own company.  This freedom is now a crime. The  freedom to make  independent decisions has been recinded.

If Eric Holder ( “Holder down while I finish Barack!”) is allowed reset the gauges on the truth-o-meter, he is establishing precedent.  Would the present administration enjoy flying airlines with air traffic controllers who couldn’t speak English?  And if it is established that you cannot be compelled to know information that will enable you to do the job, then it is discrimination if you expect the surgeon to know the difference between a heart and an appendix.

Wait, wait, this is getting too murky.  I cannot make out what the issue is. Hmmmmmm, (thoughtful look up and to the left). Oh yes, it is hard to get a handle on this issue because……THERE IS NO ISSUE!

I guess the immutable truth is…Never let a progressive (gutless wonder) see how the sausages are made. If he doesn’t like what he sees he will make it a crime to make sausage. Truth is truth and it stands like a rock, unchanged against the travail of ages. And it (truth) is truth only when it’s  fragile,  so fragile a child’s breath could destroy it. All at the same moment.