What Country is This ?

Has  Omar lost track of where she is at these days?  She hired on to represent the people of Minnesota but it sounds like she is preaching from a soapbox parked in Mogadishu, Somalia. Omar, an open anti-Semite and self-proclaimed socialist is still allowed to jackass in front of any microphone in the area with no consequences. Either the American public is apathetic or just down-home ignorant.

In recent interviews the question of just where and why Obamas presidential library will be built was answered when Michelle Obama asserted that anyplace in the world would do, because just everybody in the world felt that he is “their president”!  I guess if you want to have the economy and international pull of a backwater like Sierra Leon you may want to elect, as commander in chief, an individual who, as his first significant presidential action,  circumnavigates the globe apologizing to the world for Americas success?

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks to guests at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on Oct. 29, 2019.

Just where is the colony they keep bitching about? Is Obamas Library in any of the countries we have liberated? Is it going to be erected in any of the countries where countless millions  have been brought out of the darkness of poverty and ignorance by the engine of capitalism, cultivated through a relationship with America? Why are all that have warred with us, (and lost) during the last century, flourished after the conflict and in spite of extended U.S. post war military presence?  Should the two women cited in this posting rent an apartment in Cuba?


Obama is bugging out


Word on the street is that Ex-Pres Obama is putting together  (organizing) a group to sabotage President Trumps administration.

Michele, always a class act, outlines her post election plans to the DNC.





When you have nothing to lose the truth surfaces. As far as I can tell this couples motivation was the same as Charles Manson, and/or Adolf Hitler; start a race war and install a junta that suits their idea of governance from the wreckage of our nation.