Free Speech in Trouble

It isn’t a matter of fashion,  it isn’t a problem with aesthetic sensitivities, it is a matter of free speech.  The article linked to is a good bit of reportage, but the point to be made is Islamization is getting a leg up as Democracies inexplicably trash their own values. Freedom of speech, the most fundamental value in the structure of western freedoms is under assault. Following statements by a French senator,  that women in Hjiab looked like “Halloween witches” many in opposition called for sanctions against him.

The very idea of sanctioning someone for expressing their beliefs would never have been raised a few years ago. KLIKDAPIK

Why do westerners allow themselves to be pushed around by Islamists? What happened to the sense of right is right and  wrong is to be confronted without fear. Where has that assurance gone? Why have issues such as religious freedom been reignited?  In the west we have been able to absorb every religion, from the pantheism of Hindi faith to the rejection of all things twentieth century by the Amish, all have been welcomed to the big tent of western civilization.

Why, if most other belief systems have been able to adjust to living in a secular world, do we have problems with Muslim integration into modern western civilization?

Could it be that from birth on, Muslims are fed a steady diet of superiority over other beliefs, that violence is a  legitimate form of punishment, and above all, that there is US and THEM, and we (them) are considered inferior and worthy of being not only known but shown that we are inferior to the Muslim and that the in the final analysis Islam is destined to rule the world. In counseling recent converts to Islam, I very frequently heard non-muslims refered to as pests that need to be eliminated, like cockroaches.

With this as a credo who needs mental illness to fly a plane into a building?

AND HOW MANY SOCIETIES WOULD FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THIS GROUP MOVING IN NEXT DOOR? There is a repulsion, like a drop of detergent in oily water that sends the oil expanding away instantly. The very nature of the two substances seeks to escape the presence of the other.

So it is with good and bad.  It is abusive to require a human being spend most of their life out of the light of the sun. Hijabs are little more than torture devices to a women of the world culture. The culture that expresses itself in color and shape, style and image and all the joy that being a part of the world of provides. .


The State Media Snaps Together like a Transformer Toy

Tucker Carlson strikes me as the type who would not associate with “my type” in the halls of high school. He just seems a little….I am not sure, but occasionally he hits the mark and in the video below he defiantly scores one for clearly describing the monolithic nature of present day News Media in America. You will have to pause for a few seconds on the intro to his monologue, for a teaser concerning celeb gunk upcoming, but the monologue is worth the trip..

Is It 1984 ?

I must defend freedom of speech. I am apposed to shouting FIRE in a crowded theater, as I am opposed to any words that precipitate harm to others. But the what about the tender sensitivities of those who would ruin your life for uttering unapproved utterances. Where is the ministry of acceptable utterances? From what fountainhead gushes the long litany of prohibited speech. Is it Winston Smith, sitting in his booth, making amendments to each spoken word? The pik below is linked to an article about a city councilor who made the statement that it was natural to be afraid of Muslims. Whether it was a mistake for her to say or not I leave to others to debate. My personal perspective is that where there is smoke there is fire and the only sect smoldering on a regular basis are the Muslims.  My concern is that she apparently apologized and then resigned from her position. Is that the cost of speech? Either I wait for the public pillaring or I just go ahead and fall on my sword first.

The Chamberlain Way

Didn’t Britain learn anything since CHamberlain appeased them into the second world war. A basic mindset of the middle eastern mind would see such placation as weakness.

Whenever a Jihadi sees such behavior a little sparkle comes to his/her eyes. They know that they have been given the pass to take more, push for more and gain more power. There is no question about the nature of the relationship to power in countries that have taken them in as migrants. It is stated a multitude of times in the Koran, Hadith, and other Muslim literature that those who are not Muslim are judged inferior by Allah and they should be “made to feel” their subordination. The battle lines are clear to any Muslim. If you are not muslim you are akin to cockroaches, a pest that should be either eliminated or subjugated. Yet it appears that the British don’t even know which direction the front is. They keep knocking out stones from their own ramparts.

In this case they are censuring the content of a comedians routine. Klikdapik for further information.

Banana Republics…..101

Well now I know why Obama cuddled so sweetly with Chavez of Venezuela  during his administration. He was studying the fine points of sandbagging political opposition. Dinesh has always been a very vocal and effective critic of Obama. After he made a particularly damning film on Obamas false rise to the presidency it was obvious to the Obama administration that he had to go…….

The Thought Police Are at Your Door


There are a lot of angry millenials out there these days. Walking bruises who are just waiting to have their sensitivities insulted that they might rail,pout and riot to punish the transgression of free speech. or rather “hate speech”. They are products of universities that have invalidated legitimate knowledge to cling to speaking , training , and living a certain set of behavioral rules that eschew education, polite behavior, work, effort (unless it’s to aggrandize their political positions) and open mindedness. They have indeed been programmed.