Israel has openly bombed sites in Iran that were dedicated to furthering her atomic dreams of a second holocaust. With the pressures exerted by the pandemic, U.S. sanctions and domestic discord from within, odd and aggressive actions (such as recent pot shots taken at us ships) will increase. Israel  isn’t mentioned much; but the present explosions  near or at  sites  related  to military  aspirations  have Mossad written in bold script on  the wall.


The problem with Iran is that it’s got it’s own history. The sense of Iranian identity stands apart from the Muslim take-over that ousted the Shaw back in 1979. Zoroastrianism is making a mild mannered comeback as the Iranians tire of the “chop your arms and legs off” Muslim regimes. Zoroaster’s preaching touts three main precepts as foundation to the belief system that bears his name, 1) Goodly thoughts, 2)Goodly Speech, and 3)Goodly Deeds, define the gentle spirit of Zoroastrianism, as opposed to the iron handed, IIslamic regime that has it’s foot on the neck of the Iranian public right now. Klikdapik below for more……Good article……

Not Your Stepping Stone

The little vid below illustrates the true sentiments of the younger generation in Iran these days. Most of the non-participants were yet born when, in ’79 the Shaw of Iran was deposed and the theocracy that sits as a carbuncle on the ass of the planet was installed. For the last 40 years it has been a regular activity for huge crowds of Iranians to gather for Friday prayers and chant death to America the Great Satan! AND DEATH TO Israel, THE LITTLE SATAN!  Walking on the painted flags of the U.S. and Israel has also been a regular activity through the years. The fact that most of the people pictured are avoiding stepping on old glory is very significant. The simmer has become a slow boil. HMMMM? I wonder what’s next.


I thought I was becoming a “chicken Little” With each breeze a harbinger of the sky falling. I just could not process the fact  that he was in service to the Islamists. I should have known when he went on his official apology tour around the globe, trying to cull forgiveness for Americas abuse of the world. His rejection of the Israelis, his siding with the Muslim brotherhood during the “Arab Spring” in the Egyptian elections……All could have been indicators that he was a sleeper. But I was a naïve’ American and could not wrap my head around the fact that the man who sent money, billions of dollars that  had to be stacked on pallets to transport, had so little regard for America as the exceptional place that it truly is. The most remarkable experiment in self rule in the history of man.


1000 Iranians arrested and 100 killed in protests sparked by sparked by gas price increases caused widespread demonstrations in several locations. Posters of the rulling Mullahs have been torn down as well and crowds have been chanting anti-regime slogans , “We don’t want an Islamic Republic!”  KLIKDAPIK for more

In 1979 the crowds filled the streets in the first ecstatic moments after the Shaw had been deposed and the Ayatollah took over. Since then the Iranian panel of pernicious potentates has followed the  three track program of turning back the years to the social order of the seventh century, acquiring nuclear weapons, and killing Israel. For the past couple of decades, however, the country, with the exception of the Mullahs and Ayatollahs, has been in serious buyers remorse.

A take-down on the regime by the people of Iran would be a welcome development. It would be better than dealing with a fully nuclear Iran. And the love affair with the freedoms of a secular society still haunt the Iranian everyman. He does not have to conjecture as to the benefits of secularism, the old timers tell the youth, and the youth feel cheated of their fair share of a free society.

Iran has been openly known as the biggest financier of terrorism in the world. They are developing nuclear weapons as fast as they can, ICBMs and hypersonic missiles designed to defeat Israel’s Iron Dome defensive system, and Iran’s destiny, as decided by the Mullahs in charge, is to be the regime to usher in the end of days with the annihilation of Israel. They are the most dangerous of enemies. They are true believers. And seeking their reward in death.

:Let Trump take great strides. Let him be the baddest ass in the valley. Sometimes that is what you need. In a region that still abides by the ‘might makes right’ code of ethics that was the prevailing social regulator of the day.

As for the regular Iranian on the street, bless and keep you. Give you the strength to kick your rulers out.

Apostates and Christians on the Run!!!

In the Old Testament, whenever it was said to give this city or that village to God, it was a divine command to kill every man, woman and child, as well as livestock pets etc. and thus, “give them to God” How many times has this command been made and followed in the last 2 millennia? The answer is, zip. The reason no biblical massacres have been made since, is that none but a dementia ridden fool would think to impose such biblical behavior in todays world.

An example of a religion tht didn’t seem to get the memo is Islam. Iran, in adherence to is spiritual roots and the commands made therein has taken to arresting apostates and Christians,  giving them time behind bars.

Can a religion, carrying its own legal code, and disrespecting all other legal systems, truly assimulate into another culture?

See the source image

Of course  no article on Islamic conflict would be complete without a look at Ilhans status in her meteoric rise in politics since her freshman year in congress began. It seems there are some inconsistencies in her memory of her own history.











Political Refugee

The Ayatollah Khomeini  holed up in France while he lead a movement to destabilize the Iranian government under the “Shaw of Iran”. When the street demonstrations (riots) were at a crescendo, he ousted the Shaw and moved right in. Dragging his Chautauqua tent with him. It was a revival he dragged back into the secular state of Iran. He was going to get the country back on track with a little of that “good ol’ time religion!”

A little hint that things were not going swimmingly between the new regime and America…..they took a group of Americans hostage and held them for 444 days while we looked on, powerless under the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter. When Reagan was inaugurated they were instantly released. An act that showed at least a little insight into the character of Carters replacement.

Now Iran is a Theocracy on a perpetual Jihad and they have been up to no good ever since. As they pour millions into the coffers of any Jihadi group that is willing to do damage to their shared enemy….the west, with the U.S. as the great Satan and Israel marked for death (genocide).

the linked article is from an Iranian expatriate who has seen, from the inside, and outside, both sides of the story. A good insight. Please peruse the linked article KLIKDAPIK !

Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

The POTUS picks up the phone, “Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu),  we are having some serious problems with Iran’s insistence on developing it’s nuclear capability.  They are, and have been a danger to the middle east and all points of the compass since the Shaw was ousted in ’79.”  (pause) He smiles  and gives a nod. ” Yeah Bibi! Something like that.”  POTUS responded…..and hangs up.  

In a few days several F-16s, like the one that serves as a link on this page, put rockets into Iranian centrifuge operations, crippling Iranian fissile material production, permanently..

Analysis: Israel could strike Iran first as tensions with Islamic Republic flare


The Grand Poobah of Terror and Death

Preaching to the choir is a self-gratifying thing. I sincerely suspect that is what I do most of the time. Should a progressive, democratic socialist, liberal happen to stumble onto this spec of a blog, I hope they pause and pocket their bias long enough to read the article linked to the pic below. 

Big Daddy is a Righteous Dude

The mainstream media are calling Trump a wimp because of his decision to forgo killing a large group of people over Iran’s downing an un-manned drone.  You can’t get a positive spin on this decision short of  a few sheepish tips of the hat for his restraint on FOX News. If you are or have been a parent, you know of at least a few instances when you have had to change judgments as the circumstances or your view of the circumstances change. The need to save face, however, has sent many on fools errands.  In this instance, the momentum in the rush to retaliate was enormous. Yet our fearless leader turned against the tide of war mongering, the generals rattling their sabers, the hawkish staffers (Michael Bolton for one), WAR!….. and at least superficially, the consent of the people, to take retaliatory action.

Saving face, popularity among staffers and the expected “fightin’ words” of both the left and right on taking action, didn’t make the decision for him. He was the man on the bubble. He knew it.  But a gut check then a heart check at the last minute set his moral compass toward restraint. He took the moral high ground. But for those of you who would have the present regime gone, don’t worry. Iran, unimpressed with the very concept restraint, are more than willing to cast thousands of their own to their deaths on a whim.  They will tweak our nose until we have no choice but action.


Politically, this step back from  the brink puts us in the moral drivers seat regardless of what we do the next time an “incident” occurs. Our potential partners in the area will have a lot less to debate should we call for a coalition.