Don’t Be Gay in Iran



As he watched her crawl across the floor, his loins burned with lust. He knew that he must have her. But he was a good Prophet of Islam. He was widely tauted as the perfect male. His persona and life has been a role model for all Muslim men for the last 1400 years.  When he gazed upon that sweet 6 year-year-old ass he lost his heart. BUT! Being a good Muslim, he waited. They were wed and she was deflowered when she was NINE YEARS OLD! Mohammed was over 50 years old at the time of the nuptials………..BUT if you are gay in Iran these days you had better stay in your hole and not peek out! For if the Mullahs see you, you’ll be swing’n from a cherry picker soon.

I have been married the better part of thirty years. I am happy that the “Triple Talaq” wasn’t an option for me. We are happy now, but in the early years I would have triple talaqed her several times. Women can’t do the triple so I guess they have to kill you in your sleep and run to the nearest border.  




Presently IS and Iran are quarreling over just who attacked an Iranian parade in which five attackers killed 24 and wounded many others. Iran also created videos showing ICBM attacks on Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The feuds in the region have been going on for some time. And, a present, the area is a shooting gallery. The Sauds have forces in Yemen, Syria is of course killing it’s own citizens in civil war.

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“IS” CELEBRATING IT’S SUCCSESSFUL ATTACK ON A PARADE IN IRAN It is still unclear as to whether the IS is just claim-jumping somebody else’s terror attack.

I little humor is OK, but the grave importance over the possession of some very un-funny missiles and warheads in the hands of the worlds greatest bankroller of terrorism, who is basing it’s threatened annihilation of Israel and America when certain religious signs  initiate Armageddon with Israel first in line to be destroyed.

Diaspora by the sword

Back in ’79 this fellow came to power in Iran after he and a few angry followers kicked the Shaw of Iran out of business, (and the country). With the mission of creating a Caliphate of a genuine Theological society. No Harams and Dhimis need apply, it’s a regime excusive to the “superior” Muslim insurgents. Even as they flee their warring and failed states they carry with them the teaching, ingrained since birth that all that is not muslim is halal (forbidden) and that all infidels are of lesser nature (like cockroach’s) than Muslims.

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To this day, thirty years later and a bunch of nuclear centrifuges later there still is a large number of Iranian that feel held hostage to the Mullahs who run the country. International the Iranian are the enemy of any peace loving country and fund every terrorist group they can. They shout every day that Israel should be pushed into the sea with none allowed to liveSee the source imageIn accordance with Sharia. (Muslim law.) a thief of a candy bar could have his hand amputated. There are approximately 8 Sharia courts working in Great Briton right now. Is this an abdication of authority? Is it giving in to a problematic minority..

Iran must be faced

Iran, and the whole of the middle east began it’s journy backwards in time in 1979 when the Ayatollah  emerged from under the exiled protection of the French and ran the Shaw of Iran out of power. 

One only has to listen as crowds of thousands, as government organized rallies,  shout of the Great Satan (the USA)  to get a sense of their feelings toward America. Their statement toward Israel is the promise to “wipe Israel off the map”. Although there are several Muslim majority countries in the middle and far east Iran carries the special charge of being the only Islamic Caliphate supported by the structure of a theocracy based on Shariah, an archaic system of legal codes that include limb amputation the outlawing and execution of various minorities (gay men are routinely killed). In other words it is a Muslim country with no lingering desire to modernize in any social sense. They will dane to build nuclear bombs though.

They are the greatest supplier and monetary backer of militant Islamic movements across the world. They are the only state to boldly proclaim that they will be the tinder from which the flames of the final Armageddon will burst forth to kill all Jews as well as  get even with the west for the crusades. Only world domination , a world Caliphate will signal an end to their Jihad.

The point is. Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

Gee, oh….Now You Say I’m NOT the GREAT SATAN!

The top pic below is current. Such is the long-term consequence of the overthrow of the ‘Shaw of Iran” back in ’79. As a matter of ugly fact, it was the spark that set off the Muslim “revival”  that we are reaping the regional benefits from each time another fundamentalist Jihadi carves off some unfortunates head, arms or legs.

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Here are pictured Iranian students back in the “old days.”

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Israel, the only functioning democracy in the middle east, must be saved. We cannot stand by the sidelines waiting to see what will happen. Most victims fall to the hands of their attacker because they are in denial about what is or may happen to them. Even to the point of imminent destruction, they lay there and wait for a miracle. Israel, standing at the frontier between the middle east ( the sixth century) and the present, cannot afford such self destructive delusions. Israel, where Arab residents have more rights than anywhere else in the middle east, now taking refugees from Syria, is the wests first point of defense against middle east hostilities. Documents, part of a coup of a hundred thousand or so “acquired”  by Israeli forces, describe Iran’s nuclear program. Leaving little doubt of their active nuke-building activities.

BREAKING: Netanyahu Presents Iran's Own Documents to Prove They Tried to Build a Nuclear Bomb and Lied About It

WE MUST HAVE ISRAELS BACK                                            KLIKDAPIK FOR A SHORT ARTICLE




This is where it all began. 1979 and the fall of the last Shah of Iran. France gave him sanctuary and a platform for the exiled Ayatollah. Whoops!!, The socialistic birds has come home to roost! Now we have a sovereign ready, willing, and thanks to Obama, STINKIN’N RICH!!. The ton (not exaggerating ) of money now syphoned off to various terrorist cells…..Isis, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida etc. Basically’ they fund anybody who is not Shia.

All I have to say is thank God for Obama!







I guard against giving too much credence to every declaration that every little Mullah mutters.  Muslim cleric: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem would be declaration of war on IslamTrump, however, has given more than a few Muslims the rectal spasm. His tendency to do what he says he’s going to do, the exact opposite of his predecessors strategy of “Leading from Behind” sounds a lot like “Dads home Johnny, now your gonna get it!” 

You don’t  whip out your pocket copy of “The Prophet” for and impromptu reading as a master stroke at pounding someone’s ass! 

North Korea is lead by a sociopathic dwarf with nuclear war-heads ready for delivery, Pakistan, no real friend of the west,  has nuclear eggs in the silos ready to go. Iran’s Mullahs lead Death to America (the great Satan) pep rallies every week,  They  collect atomic centrifuges , tons of raw radioactive material,  early stage ICBMs and a  promise to start Armageddan by wipeing Israel of the face of the earth  We respond!  WE DEBATE VAGINA EMPOWERMENT!







Twitter, Facebook team up with EU to stamp out “hate speech”


You want an in-depth, up close and personal book about the present socio-political landscape of present day America? Read the book “1984”. Orwells dystonic vision of the future  has the protagonist employed in revising all records of past events to bring the “facts” into line with the states narrative..  Language is groomed to promote approved terms. And  only “Newspeak” the official language of “Engsoc” (English socialism), is accepted. Even children are enlisted in spying on their parents and others to root out those committing “thought crimes” against the state. His book is but a warning.  Just a  twitch away from perfect hand in glove symmetry with present political conditions in America.

The overarching tragedy is that there will be no consequences. History has been revised; and suddenly the investigation into this matter has been abandoned. HMMM? 





Erstwhile spokesperson for Saddam Hussein during the Invasion of Irag. Once was filmed reporting that American forces had been repelled while  Abrahms tanks could be seen rolling in behind big bad Bob at that very moment.

Turkey’s top Muslim cleric: Terrorism has nothing to do with IslamBaghdad Bob found another P.R. job…. now a color commentator for the Dept. of Denial. “Ya see what we hear is only what we thought we were hearing. But what was said was not what was meant to be heard.”…….. “I think.”

“Israel Wiped Out!” or some such scrawled on a ICBM



The twelve Imams will ne day return. Iran will start Armageddon, and no one gets their recyclables picked up ever again.

Because we left it to Barack Obama and John Kerry to subdue the Mullahs of Iran. We are going to get, and deserve, a cosmic buggering at 10’000 degrees because of this arrangement. And the Dwarf King, rotting disposition and timeless grudge against the world.