BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN HERE.  As this man died of exposure, migrants from the middle east were being tucked in, kept warm, cozy and fed. This is not an oversight, nor a blind spot. This man was not in the group that would gain the libs their bits of compassion credit, in the news and among their comrades.   

This man was not useful in the Libbies press releases over assistance to poor migrants escaping the mess they were in back home. So he gets to freeze to death. In a world of identity politics he was unfortunately of a group (military vet) not flagged as a victim to be rescued by the left. As a matter of fact, a Caucasian male is most often a target of the angry liberal onslaught on western values.

Do We Lock our Doors at Night?

I have little to say about the present struggle for the money POTUS wants to build a fence (wall or whatever) along our southern border. The utter lunacy of the Democratic position, relying much on the ignorance of the average American and the short memory of the American public on the whole, has made this dispute into a blind referendum on the Trump presidency more than a legitimate dispute over the disbursement of funds.  The poor lost left can’t find a legitimate issue and  their oppositional behavior is a tactic common to problem adolescents in a mindless power struggle with their parents.  No point, focus, goal or education is achieved, just chaos ensues as the left courts it’s next new poltical base,……migrants. The video below makes the case as border enforcement professionals sing in chorus with the POTUS about the legitimacy of their stand.

Little Cowards

“Marwan! You get back in this house right now! Suppers ready!”  Germany is coming apart at the seams under the weight of relentless incursions across their borders and P.M. Merkels political career. Debates and policies across the globe are duking it out over what to do with all the migrants flooding into Europe from the “much less fun,” middle east. Greece, collapsing under the weight of it’s sunken economy has furrows worn across their frontiers from young, employable migrant men. Not only do these wimps treat their women like a pile of stinky laundry. When the goin’ gets tough………… they take off and abandon the women and children, (It’s hard to run fast in a full body Hijab). And children are the responsibility of the woman.

So the left in every nation is on fire! “All borders must be abolished and the world should be free for all!” ……. Free health care, free housing, free transportation, free tuition, free food! free etc. etc..!

The trans global debate is on and hot! Yet. Yet……..All these dudes want is a good time! Wave bye bye women of Syria et al.! Your men have dumped you and their old life and are starting over with a geographical cure!” (sans the responsibility of wives and children).

The Border and Obama…..A harbinger

In 2013, during Obama’s watch, guess what happened!

Border Patrol agents respond to a crowd one-eighth of a mile north of the U.S.-Mexico border in the Tijuana River channel. / U.S. Customs and Border Protection photo

Border Patrol agents respond to a crowd one-eighth of a mile north of the U.S.-Mexico border in the Tijuana River channel. / U.S. Customs and Border Protection photo
Border Patrol agents respond to a crowd one-eighth of a mile north of the U.S.-Mexico border in the Tijuana River channel. / U.S. Customs and Border Protection photo

A group of about 100 people trying to illegally cross the border Sunday near the San Ysidro port of entry threw rocks and bottles at U.S. Border Patrol agents, who responded by using pepper spray and other means to force the crowd back into Mexico, federal officials said.

Silly Putty Law is Any Shape You Want

 A migrant Man raped a French  girl. Got off because of his different cultural norms. Should there be two versions of each law that France has? One for those who have a brain in their skull and one for those who were bred to commit acts that are criminal in every civilized country in the world? If the mission of the law is to be twisted to fit the criminal, the law does not exist. When a migrant crosses the border into another country it is incumbent on the Migrant, not the host sovereignty, to adjust to the law of the land. If I want to lie on the beach I do not move to Nebraska. If I want to kill my daughter over an infraction of family honor I will move to Yemen, or Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc. etc. (Islam is a portable feast).

What about the other citizens who are now expected to live in a society that releases rapists into the population. Where are the stalwarts who stand fast on the ramparts while we sleep. Can we ever sleep again, ……………………..with one eye open?

And now from our soul mate, England……..

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Don’t Worry, Maxine is on the Ramparts!

Yes little Mary, there is a right and left in European politics, just like in America.  Matteo Salvini, interior minister of Italy from the right side of the isle foresees a drastic change in Italian politics should the socialist left gain control over Italian politics. The fears are the same as here. The inception of a large group of dependent individuals, forming their own ghettos (no-go zones) where the influence is so hostile that local constabulary are reluctant to stick their heads into a hornets nest where beliefs and behaviors hostile to  contemporary values hold sway over the laws of the land.

After having dragged their pitiful asses out of some leaky milk carton bobbing about the Mediterranean.

Such could be your fate in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, etc. At least until a picture of Bassa al Assad shows up on a milk carton. Only a nuclear holocaust could destroy a culture more completely than having Islam move in. To put it bluntly, you cannot live successfully  when your plan for living is fourteen hundred years in arrears.

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Sharia based legal codes. You know, court cases that end in some form of dismemberment, right hand steals the apple, right hand is chopped off etc. etc.. Imagine a society where honor  killings and stoning were commonplace.  Of course Maxine Waters, (pictured below), would not be allowed to spray vitriol around with impunity in the Islamic culture just because she is a woman. That is one good thing. ……I guess.  (humor)   Just the billboard would be enough to scare most migrants back onto the boat!



Hard Working Latinos

Below is a Venzualan protester….She had her mouth tape shut so that she wouldn’t blurt out the truth to the Democrats smuggeling them across the border.  These people are running from income redistribution, a large government that takes most of your paycheck to use as it sees fit. Medicine through one payer  takes months to get an appointment. The Open border Democrats were relying on a large group of dependent people to vote Democrat. The migrants, however, have experienced socialism and want no more of it. They are smarter than the Demos want them to be!

I have worked and lived with Latinos. They aren’t stupid. They are as likely to end up Republicans as Democrats. Someday, the message to the Demos will be “Be careful what you pray for.”



As I have mentioned in a few previous postings, the obvious feminization of our national identity should be tempered by the inclusion of masculine perspectives. Both genders have qualities that compliment our character and interactions with our own people as well as others beyond our borders. The personal politics of sharing power are always  complicated and fraught with potholes. Just as our federal government is divided to afford checks and balances, so to is the ongoing parlay between men and women.

Between the fist and flower there is an uneasy truce. And neither should be given sole proprietorship of a culture. It appears that the feminine values of European  countries have  welcomed migrants from the middle east and discovered a set of values that fly in the face of established law. Rape is not rape if the girl is inappropriately dressed. Murder isn’t murder if you can find a quote from the Koran to support  the thinnest rational for the killing. Women are considered as livestock and it is written that they were created inferior by God, (in accordance with Islamic scripture). So raping an inappropriately garbed fem will get you no jail time and maybe a pat on the back by other male Muslims.

Considering the reported difficulty in convincing Muslim migrants to integrate into the host culture,  the clustering of muslims into what become no-go zones for local police, coupled with a belief in Muslim superiority,  opens the door to  imposing law according to Muslim practice. In interviewing various long term criminals who turned to Islam while incarcerated the I found that the non-muslim is considered no more than a pest, such as a cockroach or mice behind the wainscot.

The link pictured below leads to an article about  tilling the soil for Muslim exemption from the law.. Such a surrender of personal rights to another is indeed a feminine characteristic (co-dependency ).

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The couple pictured below were kicked out of a restaurant for merely wearing T-shirts that announced that they were ex-Muslim! Without further provocation the tenderized public reacted against the mere hint of an opinion that might oppose the politically correct (cowardly)  mind-set of the hard left snowflake mentality. KLIKIT!

Female genital mutilation, severing heads and other limbs as punishment for crime, the right for patriarchs to kill family members for “honor” and the suppression of women legally and politically is the acme of toxic masculinity .  Oddly enough, crimes against women in most European countries is highest in areas where feminism is most prevalent.

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Is it real?


This video gives good insight into the problems with migrant males in Western Europe.  I am certain part of the sensitivities expressed by Berlin residents has been a strong reaction to new bodies in their space. There is a real problem, however, that will only escalate if there is not a large scale intervention on the part of German authorities.

Horrible production values in the video. But I was riveted by the first hand descriptions of concerned residents.