Machiavelli Would be Proud


Stick a dollar in a pop machine and it spits it back out of the slot. Again and again you try to get the bill to grab hold and stay in the machine’ But it just keeps spitting the dollar back out. Thus it is with my psyche. There is talk of a secret meetings by top dogs at being held off-site. Word is that it was a mar room dedicated to keeping Trumjp out of the oval office. A couple of America’s supreme FBI poobahs, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, plotted anti-Trump  plots.This is too much for my poor little neocortex to process. This kind of thing happen in spy movies never in reality?

FBI officials Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Watch Carefully free man. Freedom is a delicate thing. Worth fighting for but oh so easy to damage.


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