Stay the Course…

In the “Be careful what you prey for,” category Baltimore learned a lesson about living by the wisdom of the mob.

After the Ferguson riots, the then POTUS Obama met with some of the leaders of the “Black Lives Matter” group who were involved in the burning and pillaging of Ferguson streets. Members of the police dept. were not invited to this meeting and it was downplayed by the mainstream media. I was able to find this sound-only bit in response to what appeared to be his encouraging those who rioted to “Stay the Course!” Stay the course till what? Till they burned down more of their own neighborhood?  Why would the man with the bully pulpit encourage their destructive behavior? Could it be that much of his experience had been as a community organizer?

It’s True “Cause I said so!”


Read a test that my daughter had a while back. In it was the news that the Spanish deliberately spread small pox among through the Mayan population through infected blankets… a few hundred years before the development of the germ theory. To be sure the European disease did spread through the native population and undoubtedly it was brought over by the Spanish; but there was no deliberation, they didn’t know about germs. The info according to the progressive script, served to condemn Europeans while sanitizing the bloody history of the Mayans.  No mention was made of the countless thousands of human sacrifices the Mayans had committed throughout their history. Her teachers couldn’t even write cursive. Their discourse through the years of contact I have had through conferances and such reveal our educators to be communicating at a fifth grade level.  Everywhere I  find the population of America becoming borderline illiterates.  The simplest of queries leave them at a loss.

History is a black hole to most millennials, stupidity has come into vogue, and like  perpetually pouty brats, Americas youth are quick to take the politically safe stance of hating America. It is hard to keep hope for the future of a country where the common consensus is hating America. News is triaged and doled out in sound bites that have been approved as relevant by news outlets. The  news that is presented has been cherry picked by the main stream media  to support the progressive agenda.

Stoning, amputations, genital mutilation, and the relegation of an entire gender to a status slightly lower than cattle flies in the face of the group hug diplomacy offered by our progressive potentate, Barack “Chamberlain” Obama while pundits commisurate about the “dog whistles” they imagine.    The denial runs deep in present day America.Chicago police investigate the scene of a fatal shooting July 2 in the 4100 block of West Adams Street on the city's West Side. Two people were killed and two seriously wounded. While blacks make up about 33 percent of the city’s population, they accounted for nearly 78 percent of the homicide victims through the first six months of 2012. Police killings of black suspects is a fraction of the murders reported in the large cities of America. Shootings like Ferguson (overt lying on the part of partisan witnesses), were inflated by a biased press and the flames were fanned by the POTUS, who responded to the crowds who were looting and burning Ferguson down by telling them to “Stay the Course”. Yeah, you read it right, he was encouraging the mob destroying the town. The untrue accounts of the incident have been objectively overturned by other credible witnesses who confirm the officer was indeed fighting for his life. But still Ferguson is being sighted as a bad shooting. A large portion of the public still believes the false reporting based on their wish that such reports are true.

As a child I was able to convince my best friend, Doug that there were Dinosaurs in a little canyon we used to play in. I found some tracks and claimed they were the clawed footprints of a T-Rex. I knew better; I knew that it had been millions of years since the big beasts had roamed the earth; but before I was finished I was believing it myself. I relied upon Dougs ignorance and his willingness to believe his best friend.

The dumber the U.S. gets, the more simple it is to use their willingness to see the world in a way that pleases their bias. This is frightening. Such a mob of benighted fools is easy to manipulate and just that has been happening for the last eight years. And I fear that it is happening with this election. I fear that the same press that colludes in the dispensation of false stories and carries water for any progressive in office are going to elect this Clinton wanna-be in spite of Carnage wreaked upon both the domestic peace and foreign reputation  by Obama




People are getting beat down at Trump Rallies these days. The particulars of who did what , who started it, who was at fault etc. are immaterial. It is the atmosphere of raw aggression that, flocking about him  and the leathery whisper of demon wings, fluttering in between each careless epithet  and empty platitude Trump spits out. Real violence is coming.

As senators, mayors and former rivals on the campaign trail endorse him, as he racks win after win and leads the pack at a comfortable distance; the pressure has been to jump on the Trump band wagon and succumb to his advances. But there is too much chaos and not enough truth. Not that trump lies a lot; he just says nothing of substance. The histrionic railing gives no point that can be argued. One unintended consequence of the strident rhetoric  is the further coalescence of the left into an integrated, monolithic whole. Old insurrectionists are being pulled out of the closet with the deteriorating peace sign on the door. ( Klikdapick ) 

One can surmise that all the anger and misbehavior is a product of Trumps caterwauling. But for the first time in my life time a maverick is occupying the oval office and he has made it clear that , “If the law offends thee, break it!” All the “broken field runs” in avoiding the strictures of  working with anybody at all, supports the outlaw atmosphere that has been deliberately cultivated by our Fearless leader, Obama. Lois Lerner lost email narrative debunked by IT experts on The Mark ...

Marching orders for car burners… Obama in a meeting with the leaders (I guess) of the dissident faction of the rioters burning and looting Ferguson (not the police) offered the encouragement to “Stay the course”. Inasmuch as all they were doing was rioting, and burning and looting en masse’, it can be surmised that Obamas sympathies lie with the car burners.  As a community Organizer Obama never concerned himself with amelioration and more with intimidation. Obama is here to lead his people from bondage and teach us the err of our ways.


From Wikiquote

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an incorrect or deviant decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences. A sense of loyalty to the group requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated sense of certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “in-group” significantly overrates their own abilities in decision-making, and significantly underrates the abilities of their opponents (the “out group”).

The assault of the left is a thrust for ignorance, the anger is at a 9.5 on a ten scale and an incremental escalation subsumes all. The bloody gash between Americans, the presidential wink at lawlessness while pandering to lawbreakers  set the stage. Look down on the crowd in the street, a crowed of alligators shredding a single carcass, whipping bloody water into a pink froth. Only a miracle can stop the inevitable riot down the road.





I felt the words fall like lead at my feet. Hey evabody!  Race relations have IMPROVED     since Obamas’  inauguration.  IMPROVED !!  My mind reels in a stumble backward. through the dingy shotgun – shack..  Over the  coffee table, out the front door and  face first down the   four stoop steps. I lay, stunned on the lawn.  But the cool, moist grass felt soothing on my cheek.... the south is the shotgun house these are the long and narrow homes




Young black men rushing to work clearing out debris after the police attack. I do think the community organizer, shown putting his  protective hazmat bandana on, has a hot ass!


POLICE, trapped by local church choir, were lying around in a big circle getting drunk while roasting marshmallows on the burning bodies of young black children.








Ferguson cop on leave after calling memorial 'trash' (@deray/Twitter; @brettblumekmox/Twitter)WHICH IS THE “BEFORE”  PIC









BE SPECIFIC WHEN INCITING ARSON… might just backfire. (pun inevitable)

Another way of phrasing it could be…Be careful, you may get what you pray for.

It is time to move on.



A Hot House Flower


Long after Ferguson was proved to be a fully justified shooting. Long after it was well established that the media had acted in faithless collusion with the worst elements in this case. The POTUS and agent, Eric Holder, took it on the road about  race relations and the “war on black men” being waged by a police state out of control!

They, (Obama and Holder) I believe, are still not “in the loop.”  They are continuing to dance even though the music stopped.  The case was overwhelmingly settled by a lot of corroborative witnesses.  Obama and Atty. General Holder are still race baiting this unsubstantiated plague of black – hunting cops. This lag in deep information processing is an obvious effect of a person who is cocooned  by a wall of like – thinkers and sycophants isolated from the real world. One bad habit of political professionals is that they only hang with like – minded people. Their understanding of the world is narrowed over time. And the world goes on. (Alinski hold-outs are so last Millennium).


Thing is,  reality is fluid, and Obamas’ race-baiting belief system is  an intransigent schema.. So he sometimes seems weirdly “out of sync” with real events. Such is the POTUS condition. His toady the A.G. is just that, a sub-alpha toady standing at the ready for POTUS to say “sic ‘um” . Cuz that dog will hunt. Yup! That hound will jump a thousand dead African-American bodies to get to one ‘white cop – on – black male’ shooting.

Tragedy, so capriciously toyed with, casts a  garish light.. So many enlightened few! And  all of them ignoring “Mighty Joe Young” squatting in the living room.

As much as 96% of blacks murdered are murdered by blacks.

The black family is  disintegrating. has disintegrated.

Thousands are dying.

Less than .01 percent of blacks killed are killed by police and when rounded to the nearest whole integer it heads toward zero.  

We know the drill.

This vid is raw and relentless. It might be the slap needed for some folk. It is long, and not all of it is up on current trends. Mr. Cosby is mentioned. But the essence is undisturbed.


Yet the DOJ howls and rushes to Ferguson to stem the tide of police mayhem. Our president. (take a breath), Our President…..He went to the roof of the white house. And turned on the Towana Brawley Signal. Screw Billy Graham! Obama calls his spiritual advisor, The Right and Honorable Al Sharpton!  Al Sharpton is his muse and advisor. He is the POTUS’ “man on the scene”,  he is Obama’s conduit to the events of the nation.

... Tawana Brawley’s mother and stepfather want to reopen the case, a






Krauthammer cites two statements made by Attorney General Holder.  Holder states that he hopes the vandalism doesn’t obscure the true thrust of the protest. And that such behavior should not be “condoned”. Condoned?  The riot,  the destruction of a  town! And the best he’s got is “shall not condone”. How bout  “will not be tolerated” how bout “will be stopped?”  To condone is to approve. We shall not approve? Pretty lame if you ask me.  The riots and destruction should not be tolerated because it is wrong to riot. And this thing about  the riots obscuring the point?. I guess the message I’m missing  is that cops are roaming around in pick-up trucks firing  at black citizens, dragging black family’s from church meetings to  lynch…oops..that’s what the mob wants for officer Wilson.

The facts are as follows. For three months a town in Missouri has been under siege over a false issue that offers as much threat to your average black citizen as winning the lotto. WAY LESS THAN 1%  of blacks killed are dispatched by a police officer. It is actually such a puny percentage that rounding it would give you an answer of zero.

All the time, riots, anger, violence, destroyed property, damaged race relations. All over a relatively rare event. However, (it’s a big however) over 93% of African Americans murdered, are murdered by African Americans! Why is there no call to fight true Black on Black violence. For there is a real epidemic of Black on Black crime, but the powers that could do something about the situation, still prefer piddling with a splinter’ while the heart of the black community is actually  skewered  by  a huge  wooden stake.




Sometimes, when II am dumfounded over the DOJ investigating the Brown shooting…either our leaders are dangerously delusional…or they are sociopaths bent on manipulating the public to their own nefarious ends.







Missouri National Guard in Ferguson 600x400