Here is just a little good news that I thought might bring a smile to the K-9 officer-dog teams out there. KLIKDAPIK for more…….

K-9 jumps into action after suspect slugs cop.

Stay the Course…

In the “Be careful what you prey for,” category Baltimore learned a lesson about living by the wisdom of the mob.

After the Ferguson riots, the then POTUS Obama met with some of the leaders of the “Black Lives Matter” group who were involved in the burning and pillaging of Ferguson streets. Members of the police dept. were not invited to this meeting and it was downplayed by the mainstream media. I was able to find this sound-only bit in response to what appeared to be his encouraging those who rioted to “Stay the Course!” Stay the course till what? Till they burned down more of their own neighborhood?  Why would the man with the bully pulpit encourage their destructive behavior? Could it be that much of his experience had been as a community organizer?

Just a Mexican Stand-off !


The serious looking gentalman pictured below is not the antagonist of this story. He is the hero in the most classic sense. The country, his country, my country is laboring under the weight of mass muders that come as a basic American fad.

School resource officer Blaine Gaskill rushed to stop gunman at Maryland high school

It is refreshing to see an American male act like an American male and shot the son-of-a bitch and save the innocents at his back. Thank you Mr. Gaskil!.


The Absence of Reason, is HELL

hqdefault.jpgBaby Huey DeBlasio  duh whut? “Centuries of racism? The supervising officer on the scene was a black female? 

The Big Apple showing rotten to the core. When the police hate the Mayor. Bad things can happen.

Either there are a lot of police officers who think they need to keep an eye on a suspicious wall. Or they are turning their backs on B.B. DeBlasio. (Big Bird ). DeBlasio is not alone, however, in setting the national and local stage for disaster.

With an earnest assist from the DOJ and POTUS, Sharpton “Stayed the course” and another media/liberal lynching claims two more souls.





IRAQS HARD LESSONS...One of the hardest lessons I ;have learned about life and my relationship with other males, came as a result of a fist fight that I  lost. I was bleeding as I staggered down a hot dirt road that lie at the edge of my tiny hometown of Alva, Oklahoma. My brother happened along in his old ford pick-up. (It had a smoke stack that really wasn’t attached to the manifold) I jumped in the truck and reported franticly that so- and- so beat me up. I expected David my tough older brother to go avenge me. He refused to be seen with me for several days.

Davids reaction was wholly unexpected. I was crushed. But the lesson I learned  is that no-one can fight  my fights for me. I will either win-lose or draw and I am the one who will live with the consequences. I was given a choice, Man up or take it and like it. The fact that I can fail motivates me to excel because I don’t like failing. So toughen your skin young man and take it on the jaw. There is something  worse than death. Dishonor.