I turn on TV and out tumbles an orgy of fire setting and window smashing,  Screaming crowds of geeks in black tactical gear and black masks laying waste to .American cities.. Like babbling fools the left resort to the most vile tactics with police targeted by mobs slinging shit and urine.

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From what hole did the denizens of ANTIFA crawl from.?

Why are they destroying the monuments that honor our founding fathers.?FACT CHECK: Was a Bust of Abraham Lincoln Vandalized in Chicago in ...

How can those who migrated from their countries of origin to live in America, condemn America?Ilhan Omar condemns Trump for spreading 'lies that put my life at ...


You cannot pull a flower from the seed and make it grow. Just as love must be nurtured, not coerced. We have grown as a country and as a people. At first we were just fine with slavery,. then in time we could not live with our fault. and learned. We paid for the lesson in the blood of more than six hundred thousand Americans in the civil war.. We attempted genocide to take indian lands but then we came to our true selves, and the better angels of our nature opened our hearts to our dirty deeds. it now. A child has no patience. They want what they want and they want it right now I would rather share the yolk with you and pull our load together, rather than fight you for another step.



I have found nothing concerning bulldozers and their use in executing Sharia law. I am certain that they would have used them for that purpose had they had them back in the 6th and 7th century.  Very little has changed in the heart of the followers of Islam and the assertion that they are only following Islamic Law is a cynical justification for murdering people. The charges for the capital  punishments include “failure to follow orders, and blasphemy” among the crimes used to justify the execution of ISIS own people.

Now that they have been pushed back and dispossessed of the territory they claimed, it seems the murderous urge has turned inward. It could be the finger pointing that usually fills the air after a great military failure, or a realization among the troops that the jig is up and their leaders are bogus loser.  Recrimination and commensurate  violence is extreme and the methods of murder are becoming more gruesome. It is obvious that no ‘reluctant’  exorcise in punishment is being  thoughtfully and seriously applied. No staid protocol for the punishments exists,. only the limits of the imagination is the governor of their star chamber udjudications.. In the past, tanks have been used to crush prisoners and some have been caged doused with gas and burned alive.  It is obvious that the executioners are men who just love killing and inflicting terror in the hearts of others.






A term, that on it’s face seems rather sterile and Oh! So professional has krept into the public conversation in recent decades. “Rules of Conduct”. Rules of conduct are limitations  on  our warfighters set down as guidelines to actions taken in a firefight.  If these rules are broken the soldier is in trouble

. Trump said earlier this year that he was considering issuing the pardons.Rules of engagement change; sometimes day to day. This can be a confusing condition when one considers the fog of war and the rage, fear and aggression  makes considered and well thought out decisions a miracle. But that’s what we think we want them to do. We want our boys to make split second life or death decisions, and  get it right. Or suffer the concsequences of a common criminal.

President Trump is pardoning some of the more questionable cases of  miscarriages of justice. With the heart of Darkness we are fighting right now,…. Agonizing over every iffy gunfight will serve no purpose more than getting more Americans killed and less Americans of true grit joining our military. Americans are traditionally the good guys. Right now there are mobs of Hong Konger  citizens holding up American flags and singing our national anthem in their bid for  freedom from mainland China. The world well knows that of  all the wars we have fought and won, we have never claimed territory greater than enough ground to bury our dead.  But is all boils down to connecting with that masculine part of our nature fearlessly,  “walk the razors edge” and hope that we can behave ourselves, kick ass, and somehow find salvation for our fighting the good fight.     In the PRESCRIBED MANNER.

Who’s Child is This?

Image result for WWII propoganda cartoons

The WW II Propaganda poster featured as a link in this posting is disturbing. Of course any pik with a swastika triggers a negative perception in the average American. To have the ugly symbol above the angelic face of the little boy is like suddenly seeing your child sitting in the lap of a mass murderer.

What if the little one keeps wearing the hat. What if he is still wearing the hat when he is 14 years old? Those of you who have followed this blog for more than a few weeks have heard my railing about the damage the absence of a father will wreak in the life of a male child. The politically contrived idea that there is no difference between a woman or a man raising a young boy will not be entertained here. Yes, often a strong mother can raise male children who have the restraint and judgment to be good men. But it is a tough call  if you are a single parent. Whether you are male or female, it is a herculean task to raise a child to a successful adult. But the fantasy narrative that marginalizes males in familial relationships, vilified men as rapists and physical abusers or snickered at the  incompetent fools who can’t put a bicycle together has almost buried the idea of men as valid contributors to the American family. Sigmund said “The child is father to the man.” in describing the maturational (evolutional) nature of growing up. The influence of a weak parent will raise a male that evolves into an spoiled brat with muscle enough to victimize, bully, or kill. The model of a man who can find good purpose for his strength, and  proper  use  for anger (yes there are situations where anger is a tool.). and the importance of humility in self-regard is the best bet for preventing the overweening teen-age gang-banger from being released upon the world.


Local Hero, humble, courageous, self- deprecating. Where are these guys grown? Is there some subterranean  hydroponics facility where they are gently nurtured and given Kung Fu programming?

Congrats buddy and thanks for carrying on the flag for yor gender. Men, taking it on the chin in recent decades, need a good positive incident where the good guy beats up the bad guy and saves the day for the innocent bystanders.

Jean Paul LaPierre sounds like the name of an action hero. And you can't say he doesn't live up to the billing.

God Bless the folks in this pic. They are dealing with grief the best they know,  time and tears usually define the best way to grieve. One  instinct is to lash out, to find someone responsible  and take them to task helps sooth the spirit and lets the loved one feel they are  somehow advocating for their deceased loved one. Still taking care of them. The ugly reality is, however, that the perpetrator was the one that precipitated the gunfight. HE LOST. That is the fact that regrettably, all those who cared for the perpetrator must one day come to accept. Relatives of an armed robber shot during a violent crime.On the other end, I can only congratulate the employee for not only stopping the robber but securing the safety of the other customers in the store.



When does one take the dark spots on the x-ray seriously? When the cancer has metastasized I guess?  When is complacency and/or denial best classed as suicide by self-abandonment? 

Son of prominent imam arrested at New Mexico compound was training children for school shootingsIf you could talk to any Jew who went sheepishly to the “showers” when they knew in their hearts they were going to their doom, there disembodied spirit would moan in remorse that they hadn’t taken a swing at their murderer rather than do everything they could to make their  own murder easier.

Just walk into any waiting room, whether you are waiting for a tire to be repaired or waiting for an MRI, you will walk into a room full of people who will glance at you and then stuff their face back into whatever smartphone or lap top screen they have. From toddler to retirement we are a culture distracted from the real world.

As I grow older I see an erosion of the basic conversational skills and social touch of the average person. An increase in the crudeness of daily conversation and the low threshold for frustration in dealing with disputes is evidence of a culture unaccustomed to interacting with others of its own species.

So the lost culture of screen babies may gravitate to those who say they have a way toward fulfillment, toward happiness. Or they may have been raised birth from in  culture with only madrassas to inform their vision of the world and Sharia to teach right from wrong.

To be sure everyone will be taught by someone. Some will be taught complacency and some will be taught to take advantage of complacency. .Some will become familiar with finding the facts while others will be programmed to the violent dogma of a violent era 1400 years ago. .

“We will win because you love life…..we love death, that is our reward.”  (Osama Bin Laden).           


When 911 Wouldn’t Answer the Call


As a matter of fact, the typically violent Muslims riot at Temple Mount, 3 killed, over 200 wounded

Evidence of stone tool making in the pre-historic eastern Mediterranean stretch’s back to 130 thousand years B.C.E.  The first signs of cultivation of grain began in the fertile crescent 10 or 12 thousand years ago.  People gathered into communities, empires grew and waned. The guiding principles remained pretty much the same. Might was right, if I subjugate or kill you, it means my Gods are better than yours. I decide what is right and wrong and no karmic imbalance happens. If I win, you deserve what you get.  Armies of killers roamed all places. Kingdoms were on the tip of a sword innocents were fodder for warlords and nothing more.

The magnificant coliseum in Rome, built by  with war booty from  a Roman  slap-down of the Jews and a destruction of their Jerusalem Temple, the daily murder of tens of thousands of innocents in middle and south America sacrificed by the  Mayans, or the blood-soaked mortar of Chinas great wall, are testimony to humanities endless endless capacity for cruelty in service to greatness. Mention could be made of such tragedies as Stalin’s  20 + million dead, or Hitler’s murder of 6 million plus during WWII, but the count is endless and spans the entire history of mankind.

Jesus was crucified a couple of millennia ago. He was a Jew who wandered the middle east pushing a message of peace and love that was so threatening he was tortured to death by the Roman occupiers (at the shrill behest of the local clergy)  of Jerusalem. Jesus threatened the status and position of the local Jewish religious leaders of Jerusalem who lived  in affluent repose, and were not about to let a wandering vagrant threaten their jobs with his growing popularity

This man, who preached love and tolerance, emerged from an era that respected power and violence above all. He spoke of spiritual values rather than subjugation of others.  To this day we struggle with these conflicting drives. Nonetheless the societies that follow his teachings have become more successful than any other groups No doubt that that Christians can and have failed these values, but in balance, we have brought abundance and at least sporadic civility to many. Today evil that is growing in the middle east will not stop its holy war until it finds victory over cultures that offend Muslim sensitivities.


There Really is a Difference


The piklink below shows a rather ironic shot of the riots at Ferguson Missouri. During the nights of riots Obama, shamed at doing nothing for several days, invited reps of the rioters to a parley. During this sit down the salient quote came from the POTUS when he advised the rioters to “Stay the course.” Let me repeat that last statement. He told the protesters/car-burners to “Stay the course.” What course? To continue to loot and burn until the town is a flattened field of ashes?

Representatives of the city of Ferguson were NOT invited. 

I have come to expect liberals to caterwaul and perhaps knock over a trash can or two when they lose an election. In my half century of life I have seen this behavior a couple of times…But I have never seen a president encourage such destruction and cultural discord. Hatred is having a party in America, and the founder of the feast is Barack Obama. He had many opportunities to cool down several incidents of civil unrest and downright rioting and chose to do nothing at best….. or fan the flames at worst. But could you expect anything else from a man whose resume’ has “organizer” as his area of special expertise? Getting people stoked and pissed off at each other is his thing. He has never endeavored to build anything, fix anything, or help anyone. The article the pik is linked to is but a particle of the hateful acts that have persisted since President Trumps inauguration. It is a list of violence perpetrated on conservatives by the gentle souls who refer to themselves as” liberals.”…….Teeeheee


Selling Vacuums Door to Door


For a brief period of my teen years I sold vacuum cleaners door to door. I learned you can tell someone you have a good product till you’re blue in the face but most will remain unmoved. Now show them how well it works with a live demonstration and you can sell some vacuums! The old truism is correct “You have to see it to believe it.”

Migrants fightingwith wooden planks in Paris Well America is getting a live demonstration of the effects of unfettered immigration  in Europe. The terrible truth is, however, that many will not believe their own eyes as they witness the cradle of western civilization toppled by immigration from an area that has been in a state of war for the last several thousand years. When Sunnis and Shia sect aren’t shooting each other they are hating and hitting all who are not followers of Mohammed.



Europe: Muslim migrants converting to Christianity fear being killed by MuslimsApostasy is a capital crime. It bodes ill for a religion when you have to kill people to keep them paying tithes the religion. What you do see is a proliferation of mandates concerning daily behavior. Life and the execution of life activities is dictated to the Muslim along with consequences if you fail. It appears more an instruction manual than a revelation of truth.



People are getting beat down at Trump Rallies these days. The particulars of who did what , who started it, who was at fault etc. are immaterial. It is the atmosphere of raw aggression that, flocking about him  and the leathery whisper of demon wings, fluttering in between each careless epithet  and empty platitude Trump spits out. Real violence is coming.

As senators, mayors and former rivals on the campaign trail endorse him, as he racks win after win and leads the pack at a comfortable distance; the pressure has been to jump on the Trump band wagon and succumb to his advances. But there is too much chaos and not enough truth. Not that trump lies a lot; he just says nothing of substance. The histrionic railing gives no point that can be argued. One unintended consequence of the strident rhetoric  is the further coalescence of the left into an integrated, monolithic whole. Old insurrectionists are being pulled out of the closet with the deteriorating peace sign on the door. ( Klikdapick ) 

One can surmise that all the anger and misbehavior is a product of Trumps caterwauling. But for the first time in my life time a maverick is occupying the oval office and he has made it clear that , “If the law offends thee, break it!” All the “broken field runs” in avoiding the strictures of  working with anybody at all, supports the outlaw atmosphere that has been deliberately cultivated by our Fearless leader, Obama. Lois Lerner lost email narrative debunked by IT experts on The Mark ...

Marching orders for car burners… Obama in a meeting with the leaders (I guess) of the dissident faction of the rioters burning and looting Ferguson (not the police) offered the encouragement to “Stay the course”. Inasmuch as all they were doing was rioting, and burning and looting en masse’, it can be surmised that Obamas sympathies lie with the car burners.  As a community Organizer Obama never concerned himself with amelioration and more with intimidation. Obama is here to lead his people from bondage and teach us the err of our ways.


From Wikiquote

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an incorrect or deviant decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences. A sense of loyalty to the group requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated sense of certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “in-group” significantly overrates their own abilities in decision-making, and significantly underrates the abilities of their opponents (the “out group”).

The assault of the left is a thrust for ignorance, the anger is at a 9.5 on a ten scale and an incremental escalation subsumes all. The bloody gash between Americans, the presidential wink at lawlessness while pandering to lawbreakers  set the stage. Look down on the crowd in the street, a crowed of alligators shredding a single carcass, whipping bloody water into a pink froth. Only a miracle can stop the inevitable riot down the road.