Just Another Day in Paradise

…..Wars and Rumors of wars gird our land and call to us like a banshee in the distance. The Jews grieve the past destruction of the temple, Tisha B’ Aviv. and Muslims celebrate the end of hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.  After an initial security assessment was made Muslims were allowed  exclusive entry to the mount. . After a second security assessment, a small group of Jewish worshipers were allowed a shortened visit to the site. As this group exited the site Muslims began throwing chairs at them, triggering the violence  between the two groups. KLIKDAPIK for more…….

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 Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli P.M., blamed by the right for the conflict, asserts that he never ordered the site limited for either Jewish or Muslim entry.


How others see the “Muslin Problem’

My sense of right and wrong, bred in me from my American rearing, gives me a consternated pause when I entertain the actions that the Chinese have been accused of in the attached article. I present this bit of grit to reveal a less candypants outlook at the World side problem with Musilm proliferation.

Muslims pray at a mosque during Ramadan in Urumqi, Xinjiang

A group of Muslims reading the bans on beards and burkhas……Hmmmmmmm?

Not every nation has unspoken contracts between citizens banning certain words, beliefs and factual operations. Our cultural understanding of current events has simmered down to a thin tasteless broth of a group of entertainment celebrities and non-news opinion televised kiosks that appear televised several times a day. The teachers union influencing our little tabula Rasa’s from kindergarten to graduation from college is another “in system” corrosive influence to the individual beliefs of the average public school student.

REMEMBER, YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUR OWN. AS A MATTER OF FACT, IN ONE STATE YOU CAN GET CUFFED AND STUFFED FOR WHACKING YOUR PRESCIOUS ONE AND LOOSE POSESSION OF THE FRUIT OF YOUR LOINS, BLOOD OF YOU BLOOD, ARROW SET LOOSE BY YOUR BOW etc. through the ages of man. . The DHS, with no due process and in opposition to the bill of rights will take forceful possession of your child.

Of course these separation of parent and child will not get the air time from the main stream news organizations. As an American you do not carry the weight of non-citizens desperately needed to stave the hemorrhaging  of black voters from the Democrat plantation, (Trumps positive approval has risen from 14% to 29% in recent weeks in black populations)  so VIVA! no fence, VIVA! no ICE,VIVA! no border at all. we (THE DEMOCRATS) NEED REPLACEMENTVOTERS to replace the African Americans realizing they have been nothing more than voting fodder for democratic candidates.

So the oly American response I can offer is  welllllll FUCK THE BEARDS AND DOUBLE FUCK THE BURKAS!!


No guns, No Problem,…Right?

Gun-free UK: Drive-by shooters spray house with bullets at site of “several anti-terror raids”

Well, well it’s good to be disarmed and safe and snug as a bug.  They got rid of the firearms so no innocent person will be harmed.  Now they have started modifying knives to have no sharp point as a measure of cutting down (pun intended) on increasing knife attacks.

At one time the saying, “The sun never sets on the British Empire” was true. From Uganda to the Falkland Islands the British contact with the third world was made in countless different cultures around the world. A number of desperate populations from different countries and cultures immigrated to Britain.

Now it seems to be a critical mass has been attained that can back and support an aggressive stance by the Muslim transplants .  Stabbings in the land without guns. Now it’s Knives……Knives, vehicle rundowns, bombings, biological and chemical poisenings  are but a few of the alternatives to guns. But guns are just as well… And easily attainable on a thriving black market.

Killing Christians


He came not to condemn this world but to save it. The message nurtured hope and in it’s wisdom helped countless souls find some measure of peace. There is but one act of violence perpetrated by Jesus, when he whipped the money changers from the temple grounds. A radicle message was brought into a world where bloody death was the height of entertainment and the greatest killer wore a laurel wreath in triumphs showered with flower petals and crowds screaming adulation.


This simple religion is threatened with extinction in Africa and the middle east by government coddled Muslims. A long standing insurgence, discussed in the article linked,started in Nigera in 1804.


In the Heart of Darkness



As a youth I would occasionally run into the type of family that seemed a bit rougher than mine. The first time I met Randall, the older of the four male children in the S…..ton clan was on the occasion of watching a fly walk of the edge of his school desk. He pulled it’s wings off. His brother Clifford was known to tie cats together by the tail, hang them from cloths lines and set them on fire. Just to witness their death struggle. One day I stopped by their house as Randall waved me to come and play pool on his new pool table. While I was upstairs, on the second floor of his house, Clifford stole my bicycle. The fact of the matter is that they were raised hard, hard language, hard feelings and a hard vision of the world. Like the culture of Rome, compassion was a dirty word. With the Sutton family, I doubt they even knew the meaning of the word compassion.


The Deafening Sound of Silent Feminists

I got to hear Donahue for about 16 years. He was this quirky little guy that hated his own offending member while he hosted a T.V. show which specialized in male-bashing. And thus it was back in the days of discovery. The sexual revolution kicked off with development of “the Pill” and earlier still the publication of Playboy magazine. Ruebins “Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.” educated us and everybody else chastised us for wanting to get laid. Pat Condell, below, touches on the question. Where are the feminists now? Why not a peep about the misogynistic assholes that live with their foot on their women’s necks. 

Why nothing but silence from the most obnoxious women’s group, NOW, (code pink notwithstanding) around. Do they really want their Muslim daddy to spank them good and hard for not being good little furniture? TEEEHEE!

NO thanks. Hold the Brussels Sprouts


Dogged by the feeling, where is the tipping point? When will the need to act overwhelm the need for P.C. perfection.

“A funny thing happened on the way to Jihad…”


Brussels sprouts…..Muslims at an anti-cartoon rally in Grozny .

young girlThe decisions of the parents are visited upon the children. Europe, once basking in the revenue of cheep immigrant labor, now is crushed beneath an ocean of welfare receiving Muslims. America, for other, more altruistic reasons, faces the same future as Europe.


shallow coffee, broccoli so mushy you can suck it through a straw…..


…. low sodium, no pepper, make it bland, that way it won’t offend anyone’s delicate digestive tract. Such  is the nature of nursing home meals.   But in eliminating any risk of offending anyone, everyone is left eating tasteless mush.  Of course the oldsters don’t threaten (and often carry through) to murder the servers and cook should they be displeased in any way.  Islam does threaten death.  So through the years of coercion and abuse we have become  the battered spouse, desperately vigilant of our abusers mood and actions, we instantly sanitize anything that could offend and get our little girlie asses kicked.  As a matter of fact, it seems that any action taken to defend against this kind of tyranny is seen as offensive.