No guns, No Problem,…Right?

Gun-free UK: Drive-by shooters spray house with bullets at site of “several anti-terror raids”

Well, well it’s good to be disarmed and safe and snug as a bug.  They got rid of the firearms so no innocent person will be harmed.  Now they have started modifying knives to have no sharp point as a measure of cutting down (pun intended) on increasing knife attacks.

At one time the saying, “The sun never sets on the British Empire” was true. From Uganda to the Falkland Islands the British contact with the third world was made in countless different cultures around the world. A number of desperate populations from different countries and cultures immigrated to Britain.

Now it seems to be a critical mass has been attained that can back and support an aggressive stance by the Muslim transplants .  Stabbings in the land without guns. Now it’s Knives……Knives, vehicle rundowns, bombings, biological and chemical poisenings  are but a few of the alternatives to guns. But guns are just as well… And easily attainable on a thriving black market.

Just a Mexican Stand-off !


The serious looking gentalman pictured below is not the antagonist of this story. He is the hero in the most classic sense. The country, his country, my country is laboring under the weight of mass muders that come as a basic American fad.

School resource officer Blaine Gaskill rushed to stop gunman at Maryland high school

It is refreshing to see an American male act like an American male and shot the son-of-a bitch and save the innocents at his back. Thank you Mr. Gaskil!.




“BAMA  Plans on executive action in changing gun laws.

Texas Governor Challenges Obama on Gun Control: 'Come and Take It'Tex Gov. Gregg Abbot advises Obama on where he can store the gun legislation. “First you should fold it four ways and then !@#$%%^&!  Come and get them!” (The guns that is).

It seems the honeymoon is over. But not to worry too much. Like everything Mr. Obama does he is long on lecture and short on real effect. Executive orders are only applicable to federal employees. The states have naught to fret over, they can just refuse to enforce the edict. And they can all stand, face DC.,  and say nanny, nanny boo-boo !



DAY to day it fell to  the settler  to serve as his own protector and provider.  The closest   constabulary  a couple weeks hard ride. Possession of a working firearm was more vital than owning a horse. Lose a horse you will not ride.Lose a gun and you may not survive very long. Remember, is better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it.




…to harass businesses that are deemed “objectionable” by somebody. Now the crosshairs are on the firearm industry. And again no one will be held accountable. and if we are waiting for the meltdown during cross examination and the obligatory confession as it was with the lions share of Perry Mason episodes; don’t hold your breath There will be no smoking gun nor revelations forthcoming as pilfered documents or new witnesses are revealed.  Oh! there will be coercion and rumors of coercion, collusion bullying.  But nothing you can point at pick up, or count. No evidence. In other words; Can you bust a organization for a shared bias? Can you even prove that such a bias even exists. In a perfect world we could base our judgment on what we know to be true rather than what we can prove to be true. But this is the real world and O.J. got away with murder. And in all probability B.O. will get off as well.  (Pun intended),

That is why, on a person by person basis, character counts. In the final analysis character is always all that counts. All social systems get their marching orders from above. So if a family is dysfunctional look to the parents. If any group is pathological the original sin always comes from the top. Group bias is therefore an example of a trickle-down emotional dysfunction. So you an lay responsibility for the inception if not the sustenance of group bias at Mr. Eric Holder’s feet. If he were a man of sound judgment and character he would be repulsed by such  Star Chamber machinations by DOJ agents.