Just Another Day in Paradise

…..Wars and Rumors of wars gird our land and call to us like a banshee in the distance. The Jews grieve the past destruction of the temple, Tisha B’ Aviv. and Muslims celebrate the end of hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.  After an initial security assessment was made Muslims were allowed  exclusive entry to the mount. . After a second security assessment, a small group of Jewish worshipers were allowed a shortened visit to the site. As this group exited the site Muslims began throwing chairs at them, triggering the violence  between the two groups. KLIKDAPIK for more…….

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 Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli P.M., blamed by the right for the conflict, asserts that he never ordered the site limited for either Jewish or Muslim entry.


The Lions Gate and Squatters Rights?



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Jews have inhabited the Holy city for 3000 years. That is a thousand years before the appearance of Jesus on the scene, 2000 years ago, and then, six and a half centuries later,  Mohammed appeared. Ancient Qur’an manuscript discovered to have been written over erased Bible manuscript  Mo. claiming the other monotheistic religions had it wrong, started his career of being the “Prophet Who Killed”, (a lot ).  It is important, when comparing Christianity to Islam, to keep in mind that where Mo used the sword to either convert or kill, accepted tribute of the booty his gang culled in murderous raids across the Arab peninsula and personally put victims to death. Jesus, who had no gang, never raised either a sword or his hand, won the world with his ideas.Temple Mount: How can Islam claim Jerusalem as its third holiest city? A MOSK STANDS ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT, WHERE THE JEWISH TEMPLE HAS RESIDED A THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE THE COMMON ERA.


The Temple Mount



Jihad terrorism works: Israel removes all security apparatus from al-Aqsa Mosque after violent protestsI am more than a little miffed at the Jews for caving on the metal detectors  at the entrance of the temple mount. especially since they should be building a high, electrified, fence around the temple mount with a full complement of .50 caliber machine guns on each corner .

ISIS, Taliban ,al-Qaeda, etc. have a reputation for destroying monumental structures. They fight, kill or subjugate, (dhimmitude). wherever they conquer. They conscript holy places, lie and lay claim to them as their own.

The unbroken history of Jerusalem and her temple thousand  years before Muhammad raped and plundered is a testament to the authentic claim Israel has to the mount. The mount was foundation to the Jewish temple, since it’s razing by the Persian in 585 B>B> till its sacking by the Romans in 66 to 70 C.E. .The Mohammed thing drawing on a convoluted retelling of the old and new testament didn’t show till around 654 O.E.. In the most simple terms, those of time, the Jews ride shotgun and the Muzz are wannabes. Trespassers