A Very Special Christmas Card

A Msg. in a bottle? How bout a Msg in a Christmas card. The young lady pictured below found  just such a note in a Christmas card. Should the authors of this card ever be released from captivity I want to go to Vegas with any of them. Their luck would be the stuff of legends! For more just Klikdapik below.

Florence Widdicombe and the Christmas card

China……………………. Dachau born Again ?

Slowly items put together in the USA are finding the shelves due to the aggressive dealmaking emanating from the Oval Office.. But the corner on the market of cheap goods still is Chinese territory.  Why are the goods so cheap?

Well you won’t find too many labour unions in China. Like zero, zed, nil, none, no mas, not one union. You will see a huge work force, paid scraps from their government handlers The wages paid to the Men, Women and Children have been cause for protest by fair wage advocates the world over.. I personally experienced  peeling off $110.00 for a pair of “Doc Martin” sandals that sported the “Made in Thailand” brand. The recipient was my middle daughter who simply would die if a pair of these slave labour flip flops Not only do the workers not have control or even a suggestion of influence over who much they are paid. THE FILM BELOW IS ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF THE UYGHURS WHO,  AS  SPLINTER-GROUP MUSLIMS,  ARE OFFICIALY DESPISED BYTHE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. It appears to have little to do with the price of items in U.S. stores. This assessment is false. The Uyghur’s treatment at a the hands of the Chinese majority is designed to destroy the unity of the Uyghur’s society and brainwash them into the communist party against there own deeply held wishes. The film below is long but very interesting in it’s revelation of Chinese tactics in manipulating large groups of people. So get some popcorn and a bottle of wine and relax.

The Chinese government, maintains an age-old tradition of keeping their cards very close to the vest. The centuries old secret of the source of silk, a secret apparently never breeched by the thousands of Chinese who worked tending the little worms and spinning the silk into thread never said a word. It is a good bet that it was fear and not patriotism that kept the secret. That was a couple thousand years ago. It is a tradition and skill that is still serving them well in the 21st century. As the Chinese government controls the lives of it’s citizens like toy soldiers in the sand.

911 Hong Kong Calling!

The nature of Americas relationship with the world has been illuminated by the people of Hong Kong. Returned to the possession of China in 1997, Hong Kong has enjoyed a rather strange position of independence from mainland China for about a century. Leased from China by Great Britain, the island has developed an identity separate from the Chinese mainland.  The problem lies in the fact that you cannot put the baby back once it’s born. Nor can you peacefully take freedom away after a people have experienced it.

American flags and Trump posters stud the crowds as they call to America for help, warming the heart to see the reflexive call for help when the chips are definitely down. Americas reputation as the strong arm in on the international stage is clearly on the mend since  Professor Obama made certain the world knew that we were guilty. Guilty of what I do not know. I guess guilty of everything for want of any other superpower in the area. Then, with the passing of the Apologizer -In -Chief, the “Ugly American” has come to power. The American military is on the mend from  it’s evisoration under Barak  and those who do not like us step lightly and keep an eye out.

  Always the liberator. Never the conqueror. America holds the standard for the holding the high moral ground in the world. In all things cultural, America is emulated and her power is respected by all freedom loving people of the world.  SO THERE!


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Americans are dying of fentanyl overdosing from sea to shining sea in record numbers. Private, municipal, and Federal computers and  every major online site has been hacked, and  our trade relationship is one of China cornering us and demanding our lunch money…….

The Chinese connection that pipelines illicit drugs through Mexico has had a reputation as a connection for a few decades..  The recent bust of 52000 pounds of fentanyl of Chinese origin is shocking.  But not a surprise. Sometimes it seems that we have  been beguiled into being a conspirator in the execution of our own demise. What are the long term effects of such monumental insults to the integrity of a society. How much drain cleaner can  you pour into a my potato soup  before it can be called an act of attempted murder.   When one nation pillages  another, when is it an act of war?

The conundrum is that short of a blockade, a termination  of the diplomatic relationship, or a declaration of war.  But what can be done when a large and powerful sovereignty is misbehaving?  KLIKDAPIK below for a word about one huge fentanyl bust which is the latest blow thrown in Chinas’ insult to the well – being of our nation.

A display of fentanyl and meth seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Nogales Port of Entry at a press conference in Arizona on Jan. 31, 2019. (Mamta Popat/Arizona Daily Star via AP)

Failure to act is appeasement. Discovery  is not an issue, we have the information and we know the particulars of the hacking and it is an open-and-shut case of electronic espionage. There are some who believe that a world “apology tour” may help our international  interactions. Maybe we should give them enough cash that it needs to loaded onto the transport to (Iran) with a forklift. Ultimately the billions made it into the hands of terrorist groups who look to Iran for patronage. It bears repeating….We gave billions of dollars to fund terrorists. That,  in the final analysis was a the  essence of American diplomacy under Obama. It didn’t work for us but the ball bearing and C-4 market was gleeful to see so many bomb vests subsidized by America.

So what do we do with several tons of fentanyl dumped on us by the Chinese?

It is a good thing that we have elected Trump. He is the right man for the job. He is the most beautiful example of the “ugly American” in the perfect position to champion our interests. Ruff, tough, unembarrassed patriot, and unafraid of incurring the wrath of the world in service to American interests.

It seems that we have hired a president who knows just how hardball our world  is.  And the shift toward the right that the western powers are taking is a good example of American leadership by Alpha-Dog  diplomacy.  .It is good to have a bold man as the leader of your country. They make  it safe so the Unicorn riders won’t have to worry about reality.


How others see the “Muslin Problem’

My sense of right and wrong, bred in me from my American rearing, gives me a consternated pause when I entertain the actions that the Chinese have been accused of in the attached article. I present this bit of grit to reveal a less candypants outlook at the World side problem with Musilm proliferation.

Muslims pray at a mosque during Ramadan in Urumqi, Xinjiang

A group of Muslims reading the bans on beards and burkhas……Hmmmmmmm?

Not every nation has unspoken contracts between citizens banning certain words, beliefs and factual operations. Our cultural understanding of current events has simmered down to a thin tasteless broth of a group of entertainment celebrities and non-news opinion televised kiosks that appear televised several times a day. The teachers union influencing our little tabula Rasa’s from kindergarten to graduation from college is another “in system” corrosive influence to the individual beliefs of the average public school student.

REMEMBER, YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUR OWN. AS A MATTER OF FACT, IN ONE STATE YOU CAN GET CUFFED AND STUFFED FOR WHACKING YOUR PRESCIOUS ONE AND LOOSE POSESSION OF THE FRUIT OF YOUR LOINS, BLOOD OF YOU BLOOD, ARROW SET LOOSE BY YOUR BOW etc. through the ages of man. . The DHS, with no due process and in opposition to the bill of rights will take forceful possession of your child.

Of course these separation of parent and child will not get the air time from the main stream news organizations. As an American you do not carry the weight of non-citizens desperately needed to stave the hemorrhaging  of black voters from the Democrat plantation, (Trumps positive approval has risen from 14% to 29% in recent weeks in black populations)  so VIVA! no fence, VIVA! no ICE,VIVA! no border at all. we (THE DEMOCRATS) NEED REPLACEMENTVOTERS to replace the African Americans realizing they have been nothing more than voting fodder for democratic candidates.

So the oly American response I can offer is  welllllll FUCK THE BEARDS AND DOUBLE FUCK THE BURKAS!!