According to the Nigerian House of Representatives, Baroness Cox, member of the House of Lords, sends the message that genocide is taking Nigeria. Thousands have perished in recent years as Fulani Herdsman empty established villages in order to supplant and replace the population with Muslim extremists. KLIKDAPIK for more details………,

In this piece, the lingering question of non-existant mainstream media coverage is again addressed.  What if the victims had been Muslim? Has a holy war been silently declared on Christendom in Sub-Saharan Africa? The attacks on small villages are brash assaults, carried out openly, with extreme acts of violence meant to bring defenseless villagers to their knees in submission. Only with a total freedom of fear of reprisal could such massacres be committed unchecked for years. Since 2015, 6000 Christians have been killed and another 12000 displaced by marauding Islamists.  


Back in 2014 there was a news break concerning a group of Yazidis backed up to a mountain peak, surrounded by ISIS fighters bent on killing them.  It was news for a week or so. Do you know what ultimately happened to the Yazidis?   As they cling to the remnants of a small territory occupied they have for a few thousand years, they are faced with genocide. Considered “devil worshipers” by  the Iraqis, backed, (inconsistently), only by the equally besieged Kurds, they are a ongoing target of opportunity for the antagonistic Muslim populations. And remnants of ISIS are still targeting them for destruction.

Iraqi Yazidis celebrate the Yazidi New Year

Killing Christians


He came not to condemn this world but to save it. The message nurtured hope and in it’s wisdom helped countless souls find some measure of peace. There is but one act of violence perpetrated by Jesus, when he whipped the money changers from the temple grounds. A radicle message was brought into a world where bloody death was the height of entertainment and the greatest killer wore a laurel wreath in triumphs showered with flower petals and crowds screaming adulation.


This simple religion is threatened with extinction in Africa and the middle east by government coddled Muslims. A long standing insurgence, discussed in the article linked,started in Nigera in 1804.