Lincoln and the Jews

Abraham Lincoln emancipated American blacks with the 13th Amendment. In the same vane, against the common backdrop of a bloody civil war being faught to liberate the slaves. He swept up anti-Semitism in the same stroke that he condemned slavery with. You can’t condemn Jews without condemning the reasoning, nay, the soul of Lincoln. A fine article is linked through the pik below. You will be a better person if you read it.

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An Academy of Dunces


The sad statement made by this video is that this is the best our educational system can do. Those who promote Hamas are either evil miscreants or just ignorant. It has been an accepted belief, at least in my lifetime, that the best defense against tyranny is an educated people.


Blessings upon this fellow. He must be courageous. For truth is best served by courage, and in the case of a religion that kills apostates, it takes a lions heart to speak out.



Palestinians must always avoid walking or standing in front of an open window or doorway. The Jews are constantly patrolling the streets, looking for an opportunity to shoot randomly through windows and doorways.  This little fact was revealed to me by a Muslim relative who got the straight dope from connections at his mosque. Of course this story is unicorn shit. Yes the communication happened, but no I did not snuggle with his line of B.S. He believed, he was a believer, with the wide eyed infatuation of a child hearing Christmas stories.

I was agog. I had not ordered tripe for dinner. But the Muslim host had only tripe to serve. Have you ever had a long conversation with a person who had a paranoid delusional system based around some form of conspiracy? They sound quite sane and in possession of their faculties. But after a few minutes you will find that they have the capacity to connect just about any event or idea to an arcane plot to get them in one way or another. The more holes you punch in their story, the more the conspiracy expands to plug the holes. Soon just about everybody, from the mailman who just dropped the mail in the slot, to the dog catcher crawling under the house to fetch a stray cat, all are in service to “them.”  Forget changing their mind. Your facts may be well founded, your argument a juggernaut of logic,  but you will not prevail. The paranoid scenario is air tight and irrefutable. The foundational belief that “they” and you are all part  of the great conspiracy cover-up, and plot will cover any cracks in their argument. Ask for a shred of hard evidence and the true believer will just shake his head and bemoan  your tragic ignorance. Of course no hard facts will be forthcoming but lets not quibble over minor details.




Pat Condell is in fine form in this video rant. He always impresses with his command of the facts of the issues he covers and his flawless timing in delivery. I was taken with the existential quandary Israel has to face. For reasons that  I have not been able to plumb many bare a grudge against Jews.  Jews have been harassed throughout history in about every nation they have settled in. Their confounding crime still escapes me though. What was the original sin?