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The Dalis opinion that Trump has no moral principles is a statement that is debatable,  I will leave that shelved for later discussion. The Dali’s vision of Europe’s gradual demise in the game of population displacement does carry a pragmatic  truth that cannot be ignored or refuted. The pattern of Muslim expansion has not changed since the early days of Islamic expansion in the middle east and in particular, the Balkans, back door to Europe.” Enlightened Europe” is not producing enough Europeans to replenish its shrinking populations. Muslim families, however, are large, getting larger, and threatening to overwhelm and eventually replace European populations.

Muslims destroying three ancient Funerary Towers at Palmyra an archeological site that dates two plus millennia ago








In the museum that is Europe, with its spires and flying buttresses ascending to heaven,  there will be no custodians in coming European Caliphate. Lots of minarets will appear, but any painting or sculpture depicting the human body will have to go!



Salmunde Rushide is still “on the Lamb” from the fatwa issued against him by some Imam somewhere. He is guilty of speaking the truth concerning some phrases in the Koran that imply Mohammed believed in Gods other than Allah. The traditional Band-Aid applied to this indiscretion asserts that Satan had Big Mo’ in his grips when the prophet referred to a “moon God” that floated around the mythology of the age.

It appears that Mohammed had less luck in rebuffing Satan’s entreaties than did our boy Jesus. So word has it, that 20/20 hindsight sees a prophet temporarily possessed by demons. WHOOPS!

So Rushdie is still in parts unknown,  an entire religion  set to kill him on sight!  The list of “free speakers” who are dead by Muslim hands or still looking over their shoulder is growing.  Like the Charrlie Hebdo killings, or the very public sidewalk slaying  of film maker Theo Van Gogh,  the response of Islam is not a scathing article in the Times…..it is murder.

So the west appeases, abandons its basic beliefs in freedom of speech and expression, and in some cases the very law of the land is thrown out to serve the troubled needs of this angry religion. We accommodate and Islam demands more. The relationship between the bully and the bullied obvious. As a therapist I have confronted the abused and abuser many times. In virtually every case the abuser is the cannibal and the partner is lunch, spooning out servings of their soul in vain attempts to please. One is in a state of eternal insult and the other has lost their identity in efforts to appease their oppressor.

The mystery lies in the wests willingness to abandon those principles that have defined  it since the Mighty Persian army and navy were slapped around at Thermopylae for a couple of days by much smaller force of Greeks. Of course when asked if they would peacefully acquiesce to becoming part of the Persian empire, they killed the Persian messengers. To this day they are regarded as the first to defend western culture from eastern absorption.

The switch from patriarchy to matriarchy in the character of the western nations has no point of purchase in dealing with the “toxic masculinity” of the Islam. With the arrogance of a spoiled child, the east migrates west and assumes a position of  physical dependency while guilting the provider for their “misunderstanding”.  Condemning all  of racism or “Islamophobia”. Like a grifter working a mark, the need of the feminized west to maintain a “proper” understanding of the migrants terrible situation, is  but a tool for migrants to leverage power, working to their advantage the wests need for political correctness above all considerations.

The message of our forfathers was not a demand for a wet nurse government to “take care of us”. The Constitution, and Billl of Rights support a “Declaration of Independence”, not a declaration of dependence. The core principals of the America have always been built on getting governance out of the way so that men/women can make their own way.

FLACCID.  Doesn’t sound good does it. Take a look at a 26 year old, jobless, empty pockets and draped  on a comfy chair in front of the T.V. Such is the portrait of a successful socialist. KLIKDAPIK below for a good read on western appeasement.


So how do we deal with an overly feminized western culture that is so ready to be paralyzed by her natural shame and lack of a clear definition of self?

Since the abdication of the nuclear family to the guidance of government and governmental agencies (public schools). Since LBJ installed his “Great Society” program of giving cash to women based on the (forced) absence of a male in the household, the American culture has been in a state of gradual decline.


God bless the Bully Boy Brawler we have at the tiller now.



Make My Day Clint!

CBS, NDC,MSNBC,CNN ET AL, have devolved into “Pravda a la water boy” for the Demoncratic party. Popular culture and the outrageous vision of a New world order see the robust culture and dynamic strength of America as a systemic oppressor that must be either hobbled or destroyed. A generation of pampered semiliterate narcissists spoon fed prescreened and cherry-picked news are  writing the story of  our past, present and future. NO challenges have tested their metal. No true deep learning has found purchase in the mind of these brats. They are cast into the world by parents who either ignored them and let them raise themselves, or culled favor with them  so they could be a buddy rather than spiritual guide. Shallow, self consumed and demanding, they strong-arm the world into being what they imagine it should be.

Clint Eastwood, more primal force of nature than mere man, trudges on, carrying the standard for those who remember when America was proud and strong. Clint Eastwood is a voice in the wilderness, calling for us to come home. 


Preachin’ to the Choir!

Displaced women from the Darzab and Qush-Teppa districts wait for assistance in Sheberghan.

A little bit of Judaism, a smidge of Christianity, and a lot of Bedouin tradition crafted and best suited to the 6th century is still the gift offered by Islam

I am a guy. I am liberal on most social issues an rampantly conservative on others and I believe thus it goes with most people.  I believe most peoples behavior is their business as long as they don’t harm or inconvenience others. But I do make hard-nosed judgments about the wellbeing of the culture that raised me. I like the Judeao-Christian values I was taught. I know history therefore I have at my disposal knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.

The bitter fact is that some cultures are superior to others. An uncomfortable fact that has been found in history again and again. Socialism a system tried on many civilizations has failed one hundred percent of the time. Only poverty and civil strife follow the installation of socialism in any group of people. And the flaw was spoken by Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to spend.”  Pay people not to work and the majority won’t work. Pay people less and less to excel and less people will go to the trouble of working for money that will be taken away for other peoples benefit. Monarchy’s make for great recruitment of civil warriors and eventually ….See the source imagegreat capture shots like this one of Saddam. The Marzest inspired forceful redistribution of wealth will fail as long as some want more. As a matter of fact I have never resided in a community in which the greater percentige did’t want more. So one conives to get more goodies and others, seeing his benefit become unhappy and determined to squeeze a little more out of the system so they can get more stuff……and on and on ad infinitum.

Biblical Christianity has many flaws that I cannot ignore. but overall one just has to look at the state of events in the world.

In areas dominated by a Christian culture you have growth, discovery and decency. Now, lets take a look at the middle east. When they aren’t conspiring to bomb various innocent non-combatants at various crowds, they are taking out hits on their arch nemesis within Islam. The Sunnies hate the Shias and vise versa and a lot of ordinance is passed between the two as they blow up their respective church’s, schools, and restaurants. Israel the great nemesis of all Muslims is the place where Muslims in residence in Israel have more protected civil rights than any other Muslims in the middle east.


When does one take the dark spots on the x-ray seriously? When the cancer has metastasized I guess?  When is complacency and/or denial best classed as suicide by self-abandonment? 

Son of prominent imam arrested at New Mexico compound was training children for school shootingsIf you could talk to any Jew who went sheepishly to the “showers” when they knew in their hearts they were going to their doom, there disembodied spirit would moan in remorse that they hadn’t taken a swing at their murderer rather than do everything they could to make their  own murder easier.

Just walk into any waiting room, whether you are waiting for a tire to be repaired or waiting for an MRI, you will walk into a room full of people who will glance at you and then stuff their face back into whatever smartphone or lap top screen they have. From toddler to retirement we are a culture distracted from the real world.

As I grow older I see an erosion of the basic conversational skills and social touch of the average person. An increase in the crudeness of daily conversation and the low threshold for frustration in dealing with disputes is evidence of a culture unaccustomed to interacting with others of its own species.

So the lost culture of screen babies may gravitate to those who say they have a way toward fulfillment, toward happiness. Or they may have been raised birth from in  culture with only madrassas to inform their vision of the world and Sharia to teach right from wrong.

To be sure everyone will be taught by someone. Some will be taught complacency and some will be taught to take advantage of complacency. .Some will become familiar with finding the facts while others will be programmed to the violent dogma of a violent era 1400 years ago. .

“We will win because you love life…..we love death, that is our reward.”  (Osama Bin Laden).           



As basic, foundational values of  America deteriorate,  the self concept of her citizen’s begins to become distorted. Not knowing exactly what you are describing when you say “I’m and American”.  like looking at your image in a carnival mirror,the toxic personality will always see a vision of a distorted self. So it is with a culture that has lost sight of it’s basic values. BELOW, should you choose to venture a look, is an old trailer from a film by Fredrico Fellini, “Satyricon” which shows the distortion of the self image that happens in the decline of a cultureless culture.

Such is the distortion of the human image in pre-war Germany as this still from the movie “Cabaret” illustrates Germanys reaction to a dismal economy and multitude of political opposites all vying for power. A single clear image of what it is to be a good citizen are lost in a world of mercurial reality, where right and wrong are ill-defined. See the source image

And so it goes……not certain of their identity, angry because they look down upon themselves for achieving nothing are compelled to present a twisted façade and demand you accept and validate them.   

See the source imageSexual activities I can neither show or describe here, happen at will at LGBT pride parades as participants pitiably mimic their inner self concept  externally. Such it is with the dis-integration of a culture. When nothing is wrong…then nothing is right.  

Tough Love/True Love

More than one generation has been raised to believe that being a couch potato is a valid career option.

See the source image

Below  is pictured the effect of foot-binding on the body. Small feet  were coveted in ancient China. Royal consorts were not allowed to walk, but had to be carried everywhere by slaves.

Image result for foot binding

A foot that has been “bound”

They never walked. and in a vain an attempt to influence nature, they were crippled.

They estimate an infant learning to walk has average of 300 falls before they can toddle. If you save your child from the possible falls in learning to walk, they may never learn. THUS, in taking the hits in learning to walk, basic babies have their first lessons in patience, courage, tenacity, and achievement. The same unpleasant truth applies to punishment and discipline. Limits must be learned. Because consequences will be learned.

If you expect to be your child’s best friend and forever be liked, you are failing at being a parent. You have become the first and most potent bad influence on your child. Your children will learn to depend on others for their food, shelter, entertainment etc. ad- nausea. You will have raised a child who will physically mature, but never grow up , never have the self-discipline to succseed and never be anything more than an petulant child, wondering why he is such a failure and hating life a lot. The ” ‘Bama-phone” only goes so far.

The spoiling parent is training the next generation and teaching him to seek dependence on others rather than develop life skills that could help them be all they can be. Please don’t trade popularity with your children for their best chance at a full life.You are responsible. You are responsible for your children’s learning life’s lessons and the possibility of a happy productive life. You are also responsible to every poor soul who will have to shoulder your child’s burden when they decide They don’t want to carry their share any more.


Of course, if your children learn only that they have “cool” parents, the only other thing they will learn is what the world looks like from a couch. Such are the homemade bums and spoiled miscreants who, in their narcissistic rage are the shooters spoiling to avenge hurt feelings and become a celebrity.



The Thought Police Are at Your Door


There are a lot of angry millenials out there these days. Walking bruises who are just waiting to have their sensitivities insulted that they might rail,pout and riot to punish the transgression of free speech. or rather “hate speech”. They are products of universities that have invalidated legitimate knowledge to cling to speaking , training , and living a certain set of behavioral rules that eschew education, polite behavior, work, effort (unless it’s to aggrandize their political positions) and open mindedness. They have indeed been programmed.



Gettin’ Frisky


In my life women have been the custodians of the better parts of humanity, restraint, modesty, humility, patience and empathy among many other assets. The obvious power that women have,over men, from the nipple to the, classroom  and their lives set up a conflicting dynamic. The content is rather disturbing. At times, when she is describing her mistreatment, one is put off and angry at the abuse. But then she begins to sound an apologist for the motives of the abusers. Either this is a truly confused person or  a victim of  the “Stockholm syndrome” and has develop an amicable relationship with her captors or, she was well on her way down the road toward indoctrination before captured.UK: Survivor of Muslim rape gangs says rapists would quote Quran to her, believed their actions justified by Islam 

Even bimbet, Bridgett Bardot. from the distant past has an opinion on the Migrant population. She knows, she has been a part of the history of eastern Europe during the great melt-down of world War II,  she  witnessed  all the cultures of Europe in jeopardy of destruction, I admire her , she has backbone.Legendary actress Brigitte Bardot slams Islamization of France







Iron in His Words


These days I am drawn by those who speak with a straight tongue. Czech Pres. Milos Zeman, supports the U.S. view of the mass migration of mid-easterners throughout Europe. In a time when Anti-Semite views are on the rise in Germany as well as other European countries. His assertion that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel and that Israel is a good model for the rest of us to follow are are particularly radical proclamations.

Conflicts based on ethnicity  and religion are old hat to eastern Europe. The term “ethnic cleansing” came into use  during  previous conflicts in the region.  Mass murders and mass graves,  (still occasionally discovered), as well as deliberate mass raping encouraged by the leaders of the Serbian forces have left some critical baggage that present leaders in the region still lug around.