IMAM OF PEACE.”…………  MOHAMMED TAWAHIDII  Asks questions that none in the European press have the stones to ask. His vision of the backward Muslim religion of which he is a minister, is clear, without ranker and pc distortion. His life is  in danger. and will be, for the rest of his life. For as splendid as it is to see a Muslim, of any rank, taking the Jihadis to the woodshed, it carries the traditional price of an apostate from Islam,…  his life.  For one who speaks ill of Mohammed and/or the Koran……death. Read the linked article.  It will warm your heart. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX  II!


The In-Sultan of Brunei

The tiny little fellow pictured below is the sultan of Brunei. An individual famous, (infamous) for his sexual exploits and over-the-top orgies, has recently installed Sharia as Brunei’s  legal code. If you are gay you can be stoned to death, thrown off a high place, or hanged.  If you steal a Twinkie you could lose an arm. If you steal another Twinkie you will lose the foot on the opposite side of the body, and if you just can’t help but hobble into the quick shop for another shot at it….well who knows?  If you step out on your husband you get stoned to death. If you step out on your wife you can get…… pats on the back and a few fist bumps for scoring.

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How to Beat Your Wives……..Properly

If you have any female friends who are contemplating conversion to Islam as an answer to any living, spiritual or physical conundrum, insist they peruse the little article linked by the intriguing PIK below. It has always mystified me why American feminists are dead silent about the miserable living situation of the Muslim female in the modern world.

Screenshot of Submission By Ayaan Hirsi & Directed By Theo van Gogh


Those damn Buddhists are at it again? Nah how bout…..Those Hindus are such a bunch of terrorists? NOPE, just doesn’t fit…..These damn Easter sermons are just too volatile! The survivors should be lashed and jailed over tempting Jihadi to blow themselves up in church’s! Thus it is in most rape cases in Muslim land, the victim is to blame by making themselves available for the crime to be committed.  ALLAH MADE ME DO IT! But whats a lonely Jihadi to do? Can’t get laid on earth so he has got to blow himself……up….or he won’t get blown at all.  Heaven, it seems is just the “Bordello of Blood” for Islamists in  a hard way and  looking for love. However, the link below is to a little update on the events surrounding the bombings. Isis is taking credit, the ten day warning that was not heeded, and some words of wisdom from our own Cardinal Sarah on the world overview of terrorism as it relates to the current events.  KLIKDAPIK below.

Getting Stoned in Islam


So you haven’t truly lived until you have seen a woman buried up to the waist, weeping and screaming for mercy as a crowed of men pelt her with rocks of proscribed size. (Really big stones, big enough to end her life in a swift stroke are banned.). The stoning must be as long and painful a process as possible. Cruelty, it seems, is an integral part of Muslim law. Otherwise, if it were allowed, one large stone and one hard swing with said large stone would end the punishment too soon. If a bitch decides to “get a little on the side” that bitch is goanna feel it when we catch her!

Now this is sick isn’t it? And where has it been written, that all social systems, legal codes and traditional beliefs are all equal. Equal in benefit to man and equal in judgment of guilt and punishment. I would like to be the first bigoted fool to proclaim Christianity, based on the fruits of its influence on society, is obviously superior to Islam. And less dangerous to the physical wellbeing of the individual citizen.

Come into My Parlar, said the Spider to the Fly

It is always a plus when you can gain content from a “primary source” . And to learn about the internal workings of a religious society a primary source is an apostate. In that the penalty, under Sharia, for apostasy is death, the sources are few and far between. Salman Rushdie, author of the (Islam Critical)  “Satanic Verses” has been in hiding for the past thirty years because several Fatwas (like a papal bull) have been issued for his death by Muslim Clerics. He was critical of Islam so he dies. Right? The vid below is a straight from the source lesson on indoctrination techniques used to lull the potential convert into believing that Islam is a bright, beautiful, religion of peace.


In a final act of defiance, ISIS is beheading numbers of Yasidi sex slaves as they surrender to coalition troops. Dumping severed heads in trash cans for their conquerors to find. The besieged and defeated ISIS fighters, in rags and showing the wear and tear of a hard drubbing,  remain openly contemptuous of their captors. for more Klikdapik below…….

Fighters of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on the frontlines in the Syrian village of Baghuz, ISIS last holdout in Syria (Photo: DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Nigeria; Muslims murder 85 and set fire to 100 homes in a series of attacks on villagers. It eems that there is a drastic under-reporting of such massacres in sub-Saharan Africa. Attacks as described in the linked article (Klikdapik below) occur on a weekly basis yet never break “above-the-fold” mention in mainstream press. Could this be a case of soft-serve racism? Nonetheless, such incidents deserve reporting regardless of the third-world standing of predominately black African countries.




The impact of Islam’s legal code, sharia,  is evidenced in a region of Indonesia where several individuals have recently been beaten for infidelity. The laws concerning personal behavior and legal consequences beckons to an age 1400 years ago, when a thief could have an arm severed tor stealing, or a woman beaten for appearing in public without her hijab on.

To the sensitivities of the modern mind such barbarous punishments may trigger a gag reflex.  But, as it is with an abusive spouses, forgiveness is seen as an open invitation to another beating. When the status of a gender is preached as inferior,  female genital mutilation and public beatings become commonplace public events.  A flock of Muslim magpies are pictured below.

MOB OF THESE COMING AT YOU AND……remember the television show “The Adams Family”? …….Cousin’ It…… is coming at you in flocks !


Humans of a Lesser God

I have made several postings regarding the horrific state of gender oppression in the Islamic world. It is hard to process the depths of true depravity that is preached by some fundamentalist Muslims. The article linked below cites Islamic scripture in clearly connecting the dots from Koran to actions in reality……..

Big Mo’ found a six year old that tweaked his passion to the point that he told the father of the little tike that he would take her as his wife! After waiting till she (Aisha) was “of age” he took her as his blushing bride when she had ripened to the age of 9 (nine). The 50+ Mo’ consummated the union at that time and she remained with him for nine years until his death.

The Chamberlain Way

Didn’t Britain learn anything since CHamberlain appeased them into the second world war. A basic mindset of the middle eastern mind would see such placation as weakness.

Whenever a Jihadi sees such behavior a little sparkle comes to his/her eyes. They know that they have been given the pass to take more, push for more and gain more power. There is no question about the nature of the relationship to power in countries that have taken them in as migrants. It is stated a multitude of times in the Koran, Hadith, and other Muslim literature that those who are not Muslim are judged inferior by Allah and they should be “made to feel” their subordination. The battle lines are clear to any Muslim. If you are not muslim you are akin to cockroaches, a pest that should be either eliminated or subjugated. Yet it appears that the British don’t even know which direction the front is. They keep knocking out stones from their own ramparts.

In this case they are censuring the content of a comedians routine. Klikdapik for further information.