Free Speech in Trouble

It isn’t a matter of fashion,  it isn’t a problem with aesthetic sensitivities, it is a matter of free speech.  The article linked to is a good bit of reportage, but the point to be made is Islamization is getting a leg up as Democracies inexplicably trash their own values. Freedom of speech, the most fundamental value in the structure of western freedoms is under assault. Following statements by a French senator,  that women in Hjiab looked like “Halloween witches” many in opposition called for sanctions against him.

The very idea of sanctioning someone for expressing their beliefs would never have been raised a few years ago. KLIKDAPIK

Why do westerners allow themselves to be pushed around by Islamists? What happened to the sense of right is right and  wrong is to be confronted without fear. Where has that assurance gone? Why have issues such as religious freedom been reignited?  In the west we have been able to absorb every religion, from the pantheism of Hindi faith to the rejection of all things twentieth century by the Amish, all have been welcomed to the big tent of western civilization.

Why, if most other belief systems have been able to adjust to living in a secular world, do we have problems with Muslim integration into modern western civilization?

Could it be that from birth on, Muslims are fed a steady diet of superiority over other beliefs, that violence is a  legitimate form of punishment, and above all, that there is US and THEM, and we (them) are considered inferior and worthy of being not only known but shown that we are inferior to the Muslim and that the in the final analysis Islam is destined to rule the world. In counseling recent converts to Islam, I very frequently heard non-muslims refered to as pests that need to be eliminated, like cockroaches.

With this as a credo who needs mental illness to fly a plane into a building?

AND HOW MANY SOCIETIES WOULD FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THIS GROUP MOVING IN NEXT DOOR? There is a repulsion, like a drop of detergent in oily water that sends the oil expanding away instantly. The very nature of the two substances seeks to escape the presence of the other.

So it is with good and bad.  It is abusive to require a human being spend most of their life out of the light of the sun. Hijabs are little more than torture devices to a women of the world culture. The culture that expresses itself in color and shape, style and image and all the joy that being a part of the world of provides. .


ASHURA…..Just Like Christmas!


Ashura. It’s just like Christmas but with out the lights, Santa Clause, presents, mistletoe, a message of peace on earth and good will toward men. Hell it’s not even burdened by Jesus hanging around in the shadows.  Now Ashura does celebrate  the martyrdom of Husain, Grandson of Big Mo. Ashura is great entertainment as a spectator sport in that there is a lot of action as men and male children flay, lacerate, fillet, scalp, gouge, cut by knife, shards of glass, all forms of cat ‘o’ nine tails which can be made with items ranging broken glass or sharp metal shards. Loads of family fun, deep bonding as you slice open you’re grandbaby’s scalp to get that measure of blood that qualifies him as a true believer.


See the source image

You don’t want to get your cat ‘o’ nine tails tangled in your hair. It’s just a little embarrassing.

Image result for chioldren on ashuraCharacter building!


The sun appears to rise in the east each morning and then set in the west a few hours hence. Possibly, probably or invariably?  For fourteen hundred years the Muslim east, has been nipping at the heals of eastern Europe.

The Mayor of London is Muslim. Two of the most recklessly hostile, anti American, and anti-Semitic members of our congress are Muslim. Elected as Democrats, they boldly proclaim that they are “Democratic Socialists.” To bad this wasn’t brought to the fore while they campaigned for their jobs. The state of affairs in Europe always find their way across the water and land on our shores in one fashion or another. Pat Condell, featured in his vid below, has a clear vision of Europe’s present challenges.  Give it a look.

Political Refugee

The Ayatollah Khomeini  holed up in France while he lead a movement to destabilize the Iranian government under the “Shaw of Iran”. When the street demonstrations (riots) were at a crescendo, he ousted the Shaw and moved right in. Dragging his Chautauqua tent with him. It was a revival he dragged back into the secular state of Iran. He was going to get the country back on track with a little of that “good ol’ time religion!”

A little hint that things were not going swimmingly between the new regime and America…..they took a group of Americans hostage and held them for 444 days while we looked on, powerless under the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter. When Reagan was inaugurated they were instantly released. An act that showed at least a little insight into the character of Carters replacement.

Now Iran is a Theocracy on a perpetual Jihad and they have been up to no good ever since. As they pour millions into the coffers of any Jihadi group that is willing to do damage to their shared enemy….the west, with the U.S. as the great Satan and Israel marked for death (genocide).

the linked article is from an Iranian expatriate who has seen, from the inside, and outside, both sides of the story. A good insight. Please peruse the linked article KLIKDAPIK !


If you want the troubles of the west studied from a fresh perspective, you can’t get more exotic than the opinion of the Tibetan Godhead, Dali Lama. He says that the migrants now flooding into the west to get a little of that thing called peace, should pull themselves up by the bootstraps after a breather, then return home. The Dali asserts that Europe should be left to the Europeans.

 Even a holy man from the Himalayan highlands who has been reincarnated repeatedly for 1300 years can see that the Muslim influx into Europe can only deteriorate the individual character of the respective countries. He is concerned that the unique cultures that are the beauty of the European nations would be lost if Islam is established as the predominate religion of Europe.

Dalai Lama


IMAM OF PEACE.”…………  MOHAMMED TAWAHIDII  Asks questions that none in the European press have the stones to ask. His vision of the backward Muslim religion of which he is a minister, is clear, without ranker and pc distortion. His life is  in danger. and will be, for the rest of his life. For as splendid as it is to see a Muslim, of any rank, taking the Jihadis to the woodshed, it carries the traditional price of an apostate from Islam,…  his life.  For one who speaks ill of Mohammed and/or the Koran……death. Read the linked article.  It will warm your heart. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX  II!

The In-Sultan of Brunei

The tiny little fellow pictured below is the sultan of Brunei. An individual famous, (infamous) for his sexual exploits and over-the-top orgies, has recently installed Sharia as Brunei’s  legal code. If you are gay you can be stoned to death, thrown off a high place, or hanged.  If you steal a Twinkie you could lose an arm. If you steal another Twinkie you will lose the foot on the opposite side of the body, and if you just can’t help but hobble into the quick shop for another shot at it….well who knows?  If you step out on your husband you get stoned to death. If you step out on your wife you can get…… pats on the back and a few fist bumps for scoring.

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How to Beat Your Wives……..Properly

If you have any female friends who are contemplating conversion to Islam as an answer to any living, spiritual or physical conundrum, insist they peruse the little article linked by the intriguing PIK below. It has always mystified me why American feminists are dead silent about the miserable living situation of the Muslim female in the modern world.

Screenshot of Submission By Ayaan Hirsi & Directed By Theo van Gogh


Those damn Buddhists are at it again? Nah how bout…..Those Hindus are such a bunch of terrorists? NOPE, just doesn’t fit…..These damn Easter sermons are just too volatile! The survivors should be lashed and jailed over tempting Jihadi to blow themselves up in church’s! Thus it is in most rape cases in Muslim land, the victim is to blame by making themselves available for the crime to be committed.  ALLAH MADE ME DO IT! But whats a lonely Jihadi to do? Can’t get laid on earth so he has got to blow himself……up….or he won’t get blown at all.  Heaven, it seems is just the “Bordello of Blood” for Islamists in  a hard way and  looking for love. However, the link below is to a little update on the events surrounding the bombings. Isis is taking credit, the ten day warning that was not heeded, and some words of wisdom from our own Cardinal Sarah on the world overview of terrorism as it relates to the current events.  KLIKDAPIK below.

Getting Stoned in Islam


So you haven’t truly lived until you have seen a woman buried up to the waist, weeping and screaming for mercy as a crowed of men pelt her with rocks of proscribed size. (Really big stones, big enough to end her life in a swift stroke are banned.). The stoning must be as long and painful a process as possible. Cruelty, it seems, is an integral part of Muslim law. Otherwise, if it were allowed, one large stone and one hard swing with said large stone would end the punishment too soon. If a bitch decides to “get a little on the side” that bitch is goanna feel it when we catch her!

Now this is sick isn’t it? And where has it been written, that all social systems, legal codes and traditional beliefs are all equal. Equal in benefit to man and equal in judgment of guilt and punishment. I would like to be the first bigoted fool to proclaim Christianity, based on the fruits of its influence on society, is obviously superior to Islam. And less dangerous to the physical wellbeing of the individual citizen.