The Young Turks is not a Boys Band

Our NATO Allies, and supposed friends, the Turks, presently headed by Erdogan, their P.M. is using our Syrian withdrawal and president Trumps mysterious Turkish blind  spot to further violent campaigns that have been brewing for generations. The Kurds, erstwhile true believers in the American mystique and strong and loyal  allies of the Americans are under Erdagons guns again, as we wave bye bye on our fway out of the area. I do not want to get into current events as much as I want to validate the violent nature of the Turkish history with ethnic diversity. Right now the Armenian Genicide deniars are having a party in congress with the founder of the feast,  Democrat Ilan  Omar shrieking from the rafters that no Armenians, (Christians by the way) were genocided by the Ottomans, or later, the Group who call themselves the “Young Turks”. The moniker “Young Turks” is also the name of a program on MSNB. (Figures the Young Turks were beasts of prodigious cruelty.)

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We owe it to history to raise the worlds awareness of the million + men women and Children tortured, and worked and walked to death. by the Turks.

A Pattern Emerges

I have had a vague awareness that Orthodox Christian persecution is happening in the middle east. The reporting of incidents of church burning and the murder of Christians has been sporadic and just as vague as my awareness.” HMMM?  Wonder why?” Could it be that the Mainstream Media has de-emphasized reporting attacks on Christian churches?

 The article linked to the pic of a burning church is an eye-opener. The situation , underreported by the “move along nothing to see here” attitude toward Christians in peril by Christianity’s old nemesis, the Main Stream Media, has allowed the genocide to foment for years unrecognized and  unaddressed.

Oppressed Christians

Christianity grew and evolved for six centuries before the onslaught of Islam befell the world.  The middle east used to be more densely populated by Christians. Now the remaining Christians are being scoured from the mid-east. The Koran  states that any person in a Muslim dominated area who is not Muslim should be treated as a second class person and that those Muslims who do deal with non-believers should treat them with contempt.


Killing Christians


He came not to condemn this world but to save it. The message nurtured hope and in it’s wisdom helped countless souls find some measure of peace. There is but one act of violence perpetrated by Jesus, when he whipped the money changers from the temple grounds. A radicle message was brought into a world where bloody death was the height of entertainment and the greatest killer wore a laurel wreath in triumphs showered with flower petals and crowds screaming adulation.


This simple religion is threatened with extinction in Africa and the middle east by government coddled Muslims. A long standing insurgence, discussed in the article linked,started in Nigera in 1804.


The Iranian Mole in the White House

A boat overflowing with migrants, which survived a violent storm, arrives in the port of Tripoli March 29, 2009.  Libyan authorities have recovered the bodies of 100 migrants trying to reach Europe who drowned after their boat sank off Libya, officials said on Wednesday.  The ship was one of four migrant boats which had sailed from Libya between Saturday and Sunday, apparently heading to Italy, Libyan officials said.  Picture taken March 29, 2009.  REUTERS/Handout (LIBYA DISASTER SOCIETY IMAGE OF THE DAY TOP PICTURE) - RTXDH96

Christians Thrown Overboard from Refugee Ship

Obama’s  “Girl Friday”, his closest adviser and confidant, is an Iranian expatriate. Admittadly, her family relocated to Great Britain when she was 5 years old, but her political crib is festooned with left wing  connections. Mother, Barbara Bowman, author and progenitor to the Chicago based , Erickson Institute Tom Ayers was on the board of trustees and Father to BIll Ayers, Obamas favorite Weatherman bomb thrower. Mrs. Bowman sported many such left wing credentials. Her professional history is a guide to the Chicago school of socialist thought. Winners such as Bernadine Dorn and Louis Farrakhan spice up the list of aquaintances and influences in her life. 

She is, in fact, a political doppelganger  to Barack Obama, who sports a social registry that includes virtually every old Marxist who ever punched Chicago’s dance card.

Then there is reverend Wright. “How do you spell arrrgh!?”



Sometimes we get the hero we need….rather than the hero we want.. Who will save our saviour?  THe Christians had possession of the middle east  for 600 years when the “Jamal-come- lately”, Mohammed, came along. Definite dibs on shotgun for the Christians  on this particular pilgrimage.  And “Hell followeth after him.”   The hell that follows is a holy land populated with nothing but Muslims. A “Caliphate” so to speak.




Thus Spake…



…and Netanyahu opened his arms to the diaspora of Israel. As the father opens his heart to the wounded, wandering son. Come from the world that despises you, come to Israel, your home, your last redoubt…

Europe, another Weimar Republic? The economic insolvency and commensurate anti-Semitism grow as before.


Whats this? Isis is the Busby Berkley of terror? Drunk in their own glory they are caught in a spiral of topping their last act with something even more snazzy than the last. It is the same gremlin that stalks rock bands after a successful record. The “Oh hell what do I do now?” obsession.



Taxi Drivel


Hammer took a cab yesterday. My  drivers country is falling apart and he is smiling. I suppose because he is over here and Nigeria is over there. Sub Saharan Africa is a bit of a mystery to me. It is the ‘Dark Continent’  ya know. Stories like this are becoming more common. They are a trend that is related to but not the same as the high profile media grabbing ISIS, Al-Qaida, etc. actions. Such anti-Christian bigotry is more a thing of the masses. And the general sensitivity and combustibility of local conflicts between Christian and Islamic populations is increasing.  Some boil and some simmer, but the heat is on all over the globe.




Sometimes, when II am dumfounded over the DOJ investigating the Brown shooting…either our leaders are dangerously delusional…or they are sociopaths bent on manipulating the public to their own nefarious ends.







Missouri National Guard in Ferguson 600x400





    I found this video in an online Israeli newspaper, “7 Israel News”. It is raw,  Awkward, pompous, preachy and precious at once; such vids are worth a look. For their archeological value if nothing else.

Christians have been in conflict with Islam since 1095 when Pope Urban II declared the first crusade. Actually we had trouble with the Muslims well before 1095.Thus the reason for the crusades!  Islam, by declaration, is in conflict with any belief system that is not Islam. (DuuHHhh)  Christianity is  life-affirming and tolerant of others. Islam is death oriented and condemning of others. Christianity as it is presented in the New testament, is a spiritual belief system with certain spiritual mandates, Love thy enemy, turn the other cheek etc.

The Koran, offers a legion of mandates over daily activities. It’s spiritual lessons are tepid and sporadic, taking second billing under how you wipe your butt, who can be screwed and who cannot, butchery, (people and animals) how much of your war booty should be paid to Mohammed (tribute to the boss).  Dress codes, money matters, rules of inheritance, who you can kill with impunity and who you can’t, treatment of sex slaves won in battle etc. etc. are given meticulous attention.  Most of Jesus Christs spiritual insights are considered weaknesses to muslims. Most of Islams spiritual reward and insights are considered SINS by Christians.  Christianity mandates you search inward to conquer your selfish and self-serving beliefs. Islam mandates  conquering the world to satisfy selfish needs, such as aggression, power, control.  and sexual pleasure (for the man).   Under this directive humiliation of others for personal pleasure/social standing enhancement, enslavement in general and rape slaves are all  just rewards of the strict Muslim. Heavy on the sword, light on the love thy neighbor in sharia’s  neighborhood.

So they destroy anything they find that is not Muslim in origin.

Ignorance is their creed: Mohammads mission is the revelation of Gods ‘correction’ of the corrupted gospel of the Christians (who proceed the Islam by 600, (six hundred) years. In comparison the truth is outed. The harmony between Jewish and Christian gospel is  strongly validated by a  shared concordance with the Dead Sea scrolls. Mohammad did the best he could, but his illiteracy  and the vicissitudes of memory. left him with nothing more than  loosely quilted bible and Talmud stories rendered orally.

Again Islam has begun to press for more. Like the forced depopulation of the original Egyptians, (the Copts), from their homeland, the emergence of ISIS and a general inflammation of the middle east. Oh yes, we have been expulsed from the land of the Bedouin. 

The enemy, the Copts, the world knows a religious war has been thrust upon us. But the Unicorn brigade is not sure what to call it.