How others see the “Muslin Problem’

My sense of right and wrong, bred in me from my American rearing, gives me a consternated pause when I entertain the actions that the Chinese have been accused of in the attached article. I present this bit of grit to reveal a less candypants outlook at the World side problem with Musilm proliferation.

Muslims pray at a mosque during Ramadan in Urumqi, Xinjiang

A group of Muslims reading the bans on beards and burkhas……Hmmmmmmm?

Not every nation has unspoken contracts between citizens banning certain words, beliefs and factual operations. Our cultural understanding of current events has simmered down to a thin tasteless broth of a group of entertainment celebrities and non-news opinion televised kiosks that appear televised several times a day. The teachers union influencing our little tabula Rasa’s from kindergarten to graduation from college is another “in system” corrosive influence to the individual beliefs of the average public school student.

REMEMBER, YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUR OWN. AS A MATTER OF FACT, IN ONE STATE YOU CAN GET CUFFED AND STUFFED FOR WHACKING YOUR PRESCIOUS ONE AND LOOSE POSESSION OF THE FRUIT OF YOUR LOINS, BLOOD OF YOU BLOOD, ARROW SET LOOSE BY YOUR BOW etc. through the ages of man. . The DHS, with no due process and in opposition to the bill of rights will take forceful possession of your child.

Of course these separation of parent and child will not get the air time from the main stream news organizations. As an American you do not carry the weight of non-citizens desperately needed to stave the hemorrhaging  of black voters from the Democrat plantation, (Trumps positive approval has risen from 14% to 29% in recent weeks in black populations)  so VIVA! no fence, VIVA! no ICE,VIVA! no border at all. we (THE DEMOCRATS) NEED REPLACEMENTVOTERS to replace the African Americans realizing they have been nothing more than voting fodder for democratic candidates.

So the oly American response I can offer is  welllllll FUCK THE BEARDS AND DOUBLE FUCK THE BURKAS!!


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