The Deafening Sound of Silent Feminists

I got to hear Donahue for about 16 years. He was this quirky little guy that hated his own offending member while he hosted a T.V. show which specialized in male-bashing. And thus it was back in the days of discovery. The sexual revolution kicked off with development of “the Pill” and earlier still the publication of Playboy magazine. Ruebins “Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.” educated us and everybody else chastised us for wanting to get laid. Pat Condell, below, touches on the question. Where are the feminists now? Why not a peep about the misogynistic assholes that live with their foot on their women’s necks. 

Why nothing but silence from the most obnoxious women’s group, NOW, (code pink notwithstanding) around. Do they really want their Muslim daddy to spank them good and hard for not being good little furniture? TEEEHEE!